AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysnet: mvpp2: Add ENOMEM error check in mvpp2 to avoid kernel panicv5.10/standard/cn-sdkv5.4/octeonHariom Dixit
4 daysocteontx2-pf: Don't allocate BPIDs to LBK interfaceGeetha sowjanya
4 daysPCI: add misc character device for BAR4 mem accessSatananda Burla
4 daysocteontx2-bphy-netdev: Fix rfoe ptp clock cleanupBaha Mesleh
4 daysocteontx2-dpi: configure writing DMA result to an offset of the eventSibaranjan Pattnayak
4 daysdrivers: firmware: octeontx2: 9X platform support for memtestPiyush Malgujar
4 daysocteontx2-af: Fix devlink unregisterRatheesh Kannoth
4 daysdriver: edac: octeontx: Check SoC versionVasyl Gomonovych
4 daysPCI: marvell-cnxk-ep: Change BAR4 memory allocationRadha Mohan Chintakuntla
4 daysocteontx2-af: SMQ flush needs scheduling config presentNithin Dabilpuram
4 daysocteontx2-af: add ctx ilen to cpt lf alloc mailboxSrujana Challa
4 daysocteontx2: crypto: fix microcode version string printSrujana Challa
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2: add ctx_val workaroundSrujana Challa
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2: fix rsa verifySrujana Challa
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2: fix dma unmap issue with ahashSrujana Challa
4 daysdriver: edac: octeontx: Use MC handle instead raw handleVasyl Gomonovych
4 daysocteontx2-pf: Fix potential memory leak in otx2_init_tc()Ziyang Xuan
4 daysocteontx2-pf: Detach LF resources on probe cleanupBharat Bhushan
4 daysocteontx2-af: Fix issue with IPv6 ext match for RSSKiran Kumar K
4 daysdrivers: octeontx2-pcicons: cleanup console de-initializationRick Farrington
4 daysdrivers: firmware: octeontx2: Add additional length variablePiyush Malgujar
4 daysocteontx2-af: cn10k: mcs: Fix a resource leak in the probe and remove functionsChristophe JAILLET
4 daysdrivers: marvell: otx2-sdei-ghes: Unify bert records layoutVasyl Gomonovych
4 daysocteontx2-af: Add mbox to alloc/free BPIDsGeetha sowjanya
4 daysocteontx2-af: Dynamically allocate bpids for CPT and LBKGeetha sowjanya
4 daysRevert "net: macsec: update SCI upon MAC address change."Sabrina Dubroca
4 daysethernet: marvell: octeontx2 Fix resource not freed after mallocManank Patel
4 daysnet/macsec: Move some code for sharing with various drivers that implements o...Lior Nahmanson
4 daysnet: macsec: Add missing documentation for 'gro_cells'Lee Jones
4 daysdriver: edac: octeontx: Align records layout with firmwareVasyl Gomonovych
4 daysocteontx2-af: cn10k: mcs: Fix copy and paste bug in mcs_bbe_intr_handler()Dan Carpenter
4 daysocteontx2-af: mcs: Config parser to skip 8B headerGeetha sowjanya
4 daysocteontx2-bphy-netdev: Fix issue of using incorrect netdev privNaveen Mamindlapalli
4 daysPCI: fix typo in Makefile for Marvell CNXK EP driverRadha Mohan Chintakuntla
4 daysPCI: rename octeontx2-pem-ep driverRadha Mohan Chintakuntla
4 daysocteontx2-sdp: remove firwmare ready status setSatananda Burla
4 daysocteontx2-bphy-netdev: fix link carrier state update for cnf10kBaha Mesleh
4 daysdriver: soc: marvell: phy7121p MACsecNarendra Hadke
4 daysdrivers: soc: sw_up: Erase data config during clone operationWitold Sadowski
4 daysdrivers: soc: sw_up: Allow to skip clone checkWitold Sadowski
4 daysdrivers:spi:cadence-xspi: Verify clock before operationWitold Sadowski
4 daysfwlog: fix invalid pointers and copy size in wraparound caseAaro Koskinen
4 daysocteontx2-af: update CPT inbound inline IPsec mailboxSrujana Challa
4 daysocteontx2-af: Add devlink option to adjust mcam high prio zone entriesNaveen Mamindlapalli
4 daysocteontx2-af: fix arguments passed to XAQ aura deinitShijith Thotton
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2: sync with upstream kernelSrujana Challa
4 dayscrypto: drivers - move from strlcpy with unused retval to strscpyWolfram Sang
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2 - prevent underflow in get_cores_bmap()Dan Carpenter
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2 - use swap() to make code cleanerchiminghao
4 dayscrypto: octeontx2 - Use swap() instead of swap_engines()Jiapeng Chong