AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-05Linux 4.19.40v4.19.40Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-05-05ath10k: Drop WARN_ON()s that always trigger during system resumeRafael J. Wysocki
2019-05-05ALSA: line6: use dynamic buffersGreg Kroah-Hartman
2019-05-05KVM: nVMX: Fix size checks in vmx_set_nested_stateJim Mattson
2019-05-05KVM: x86: Whitelist port 0x7e for pre-incrementing %ripSean Christopherson
2019-05-05net/tls: fix copy to fragments in reencryptJakub Kicinski
2019-05-05net/tls: don't copy negative amounts of data in reencryptJakub Kicinski
2019-05-05bnxt_en: Fix uninitialized variable usage in bnxt_rx_pkt().Michael Chan
2019-05-05bnxt_en: Free short FW command HWRM memory in error path in bnxt_init_one()Vasundhara Volam
2019-05-05bnxt_en: Improve multicast address setup logic.Michael Chan
2019-05-05packet: validate msg_namelen in send directlyWillem de Bruijn
2019-05-05selftests: fib_rule_tests: print the result and return 1 if any tests failedHangbin Liu
2019-05-05sctp: avoid running the sctp state machine recursivelyXin Long
2019-05-05rxrpc: Fix net namespace cleanupDavid Howells
2019-05-05net/tls: avoid NULL pointer deref on nskb->sk in fallbackJakub Kicinski
2019-05-05net: phy: marvell: Fix buffer overrun with stats countersAndrew Lunn
2019-05-05net: dsa: bcm_sf2: fix buffer overflow doing set_rxnfcDan Carpenter
2019-05-05l2tp: use rcu_dereference_sk_user_data() in l2tp_udp_encap_recv()Eric Dumazet
2019-05-05l2ip: fix possible use-after-freeEric Dumazet
2019-05-05ipv6: invert flowlabel sharing check in process and user modeWillem de Bruijn
2019-05-05ipv6/flowlabel: wait rcu grace period before put_pid()Eric Dumazet
2019-05-05ipv6: fix races in ip6_dst_destroy()Eric Dumazet
2019-05-05ipv6: A few fixes on dereferencing rt->fromMartin KaFai Lau
2019-05-05ipv4: ip_do_fragment: Preserve skb_iif during fragmentationShmulik Ladkani
2019-05-04Linux 4.19.39v4.19.39Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-05-04leds: trigger: netdev: use memcpy in device_name_storeRasmus Villemoes
2019-05-04leds: pca9532: fix a potential NULL pointer dereferenceKangjie Lu
2019-05-04ptrace: take into account saved_sigmask in PTRACE{GET,SET}SIGMASKAndrei Vagin
2019-05-04iommu/amd: Reserve exclusion range in iova-domainJoerg Roedel
2019-05-04kconfig/[mn]conf: handle backspace (^H) keyChangbin Du
2019-05-04perf machine: Update kernel map address and re-order properlyWei Li
2019-05-04nvme-multipath: relax ANA state checkMartin George
2019-05-04gpio: of: Fix of_gpiochip_add() error pathGeert Uytterhoeven
2019-05-04libata: fix using DMA buffers on stackraymond pang
2019-05-04x86/mm: Don't exceed the valid physical address spaceRalph Campbell
2019-05-04scsi: zfcp: reduce flood of fcrscn1 trace records on multi-element RSCNSteffen Maier
2019-05-04ceph: fix use-after-free on symlink traversalAl Viro
2019-05-04usb: u132-hcd: fix resource leakMukesh Ojha
2019-05-04x86/realmode: Don't leak the trampoline kernel addressMatteo Croce
2019-05-04leds: trigger: netdev: fix refcnt leak on interface renameRafał Miłecki
2019-05-04usb: usb251xb: fix to avoid potential NULL pointer dereferenceAditya Pakki
2019-05-04scsi: qla4xxx: fix a potential NULL pointer dereferenceKangjie Lu
2019-05-04scsi: aacraid: Insure we don't access PCIe space during AER/EEHDave Carroll
2019-05-04scsi: mpt3sas: Fix kernel panic during expander resetSreekanth Reddy
2019-05-04ARM: davinci: fix build failure with allnoconfigSekhar Nori
2019-05-04drm/meson: Uninstall IRQ handlerJean-Philippe Brucker
2019-05-04drm/meson: Fix invalid pointer in meson_drv_unbind()Jean-Philippe Brucker
2019-05-04gpio: aspeed: fix a potential NULL pointer dereferenceKangjie Lu
2019-05-04drm: Fix drm_release() and device unplugNoralf Trønnes
2019-05-04net: ethernet: ti: fix possible object reference leakWen Yang