AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-24Linux 4.19.106v4.19.106Greg Kroah-Hartman
2020-02-24drm/amdgpu/display: handle multiple numbers of fclks in dcn_calcs.c (v2)Alex Deucher
2020-02-24mlxsw: spectrum_dpipe: Add missing error pathIdo Schimmel
2020-02-24virtio_balloon: prevent pfn array overflowMichael S. Tsirkin
2020-02-24cifs: log warning message (once) if out of disk spaceSteve French
2020-02-24help_next should increase position indexVasily Averin
2020-02-24NFS: Fix memory leaksWenwen Wang
2020-02-24drm/amdgpu/smu10: fix smu10_get_clock_by_type_with_voltageAlex Deucher
2020-02-24drm/amdgpu/smu10: fix smu10_get_clock_by_type_with_latencyAlex Deucher
2020-02-24brd: check and limit max_part parZhiqiang Liu
2020-02-24microblaze: Prevent the overflow of the startShubhrajyoti Datta
2020-02-24iwlwifi: mvm: Fix thermal zone registrationAndrei Otcheretianski
2020-02-24irqchip/gic-v3-its: Reference to its_invall_cmd descriptor when building INVALLZenghui Yu
2020-02-24bcache: explicity type cast in bset_bkey_last()Coly Li
2020-02-24reiserfs: prevent NULL pointer dereference in reiserfs_insert_item()Yunfeng Ye
2020-02-24lib/scatterlist.c: adjust indentation in __sg_alloc_tableNathan Chancellor
2020-02-24ocfs2: fix a NULL pointer dereference when call ocfs2_update_inode_fsync_trans()wangyan
2020-02-24radeon: insert 10ms sleep in dce5_crtc_load_lutDaniel Vetter
2020-02-24trigger_next should increase position indexVasily Averin
2020-02-24ftrace: fpid_next() should increase position indexVasily Averin
2020-02-24drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: prevent oops when no channel method map providedBen Skeggs
2020-02-24irqchip/gic-v3: Only provision redistributors that are enabled in ACPIMarc Zyngier
2020-02-24rbd: work around -Wuninitialized warningArnd Bergmann
2020-02-24ceph: check availability of mds cluster on mount after wait timeoutXiubo Li
2020-02-24bpf: map_seq_next should always increase position indexVasily Averin
2020-02-24cifs: fix NULL dereference in match_prepathRonnie Sahlberg
2020-02-24iwlegacy: ensure loop counter addr does not wrap and cause an infinite loopColin Ian King
2020-02-24hostap: Adjust indentation in prism2_hostapd_add_staNathan Chancellor
2020-02-24ARM: 8951/1: Fix Kexec compilation issue.Vincenzo Frascino
2020-02-24jbd2: make sure ESHUTDOWN to be recorded in the journal superblockzhangyi (F)
2020-02-24jbd2: switch to use jbd2_journal_abort() when failed to submit the commit recordzhangyi (F)
2020-02-24selftests: bpf: Reset global state between reuseport test runsLorenz Bauer
2020-02-24iommu/vt-d: Remove unnecessary WARN_ON_ONCE()Lu Baolu
2020-02-24bcache: cached_dev_free needs to put the sb pageLiang Chen
2020-02-24powerpc/sriov: Remove VF eeh_dev state when disabling SR-IOVOliver O'Halloran
2020-02-24drm/nouveau/mmu: fix comptag memory leakBen Skeggs
2020-02-24ALSA: hda - Add docking station support for Lenovo Thinkpad T420sPeter Gro├če
2020-02-24driver core: platform: fix u32 greater or equal to zero comparisonColin Ian King
2020-02-24s390/ftrace: generate traced function stack frameVasily Gorbik
2020-02-24s390: adjust -mpacked-stack support check for clang 10Vasily Gorbik
2020-02-24x86/decoder: Add TEST opcode to Group3-2Masami Hiramatsu
2020-02-24kbuild: use -S instead of -E for precise cc-option test in KconfigMasahiro Yamada
2020-02-24ALSA: hda/hdmi - add retry logic to parse_intel_hdmi()Kai Vehmanen
2020-02-24irqchip/mbigen: Set driver .suppress_bind_attrs to avoid remove problemsJohn Garry
2020-02-24remoteproc: Initialize rproc_class before useBrandon Maier
2020-02-24module: avoid setting info->name early in case we can fall back to info->mod-...Jessica Yu
2020-02-24btrfs: device stats, log when stats are zeroedAnand Jain
2020-02-24btrfs: safely advance counter when looking up bio csumsDavid Sterba
2020-02-24btrfs: fix possible NULL-pointer dereference in integrity checksJohannes Thumshirn
2020-02-24pwm: Remove set but not set variable 'pwm'yu kuai