AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-08meta/romley: Add rt supportkishore/meta-romleyKishore Bodke
2011-11-02meta/common-pc-64: remove igbTom Zanussi
2011-11-02meta/crownbay: use power/intel featureTom Zanussi
2011-11-02meta/sugarbay: use power/intel featureTom Zanussi
2011-11-02meta: add power featureTom Zanussi
2011-10-09fri2: cleanup bsp configtzanussi/bsp-cleanup-v4Tom Zanussi
2011-10-09sugarbay: cleanup bsp configTom Zanussi
2011-10-07fishriver: cleanup bsp configTom Zanussi
2011-10-06jasperforest: cleanup bsp configtzanussi/bsp-cleanup-v3Tom Zanussi
2011-10-06emenlow: cleanup bsp configTom Zanussi
2011-10-06crownbay: cleanup bsp configTom Zanussi
2011-10-06meta: add vesafb featureTom Zanussi
2011-10-06features/drm-psb: add related config optionsTom Zanussi
2011-10-04meta/fri2: enable booting from isoTom Zanussi
2011-10-04meta/fishriver: enable booting from isoTom Zanussi
2011-10-04meta/emenlow: enable booting from isoTom Zanussi
2011-10-04meta/crownbay: enable booting from isoTom Zanussi
2011-09-26meta/common-pc-64: enable live booting for common-pc-64Jingdong Lu
2011-09-26meta/common-pc: enable live booting for common-pcJingdong Lu
2011-09-26meta/atom-pc: enable live booting for atom-pcJingdong Lu
2011-09-26meta: update boot live config and move it to cfg/Jingdong Lu
2011-09-26eg20t: update config optionsTom Zanussi
2011-09-21meta: kconfig warning cleanupBruce Ashfield
2011-09-19meta: add blktrace featureTom Zanussi
2011-09-10meta: create seperate feature for 10/100 LAN supportRahul Saxena
2011-09-10meta: Remove 10/100 LAN support.Rahul Saxena
2011-09-05meta: re-enable utrace feature for linux-yoctoTom Zanussi
2011-09-03meta: re-enable systemtap feature for linux-yoctoTom Zanussi
2011-09-02meta: update kver to v3.0.4Bruce Ashfield
2011-09-02meta: remove unused eg20t configuration fragmentsBruce Ashfield
2011-09-02meta: remove duplicate statementSaxena, Rahul
2011-09-02meta: remove configuration warningsBruce Ashfield
2011-09-02meta/qemuppc: board description fixesBruce Ashfield
2011-08-24meta: bumping kver to 3.0.3Bruce Ashfield
2011-08-24meta/common-pc: add CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD=y to configurationBruce Ashfield
2011-08-24meta/atom-pc: update boot live cfgBruce Ashfield
2011-08-23meta/beagleboard: adding CONFIG_USB_MUSB_OMAP2PLUS=yBruce Ashfield
2011-08-22meta: add APM Emulation option to beagleboardLiming Wang
2011-08-17bsp/fri2: use EMGD featureTom Zanussi
2011-08-17bsp/fri2: merge emgd branchTom Zanussi
2011-08-15meta/crownbay: enable hpetTom Zanussi
2011-08-11routerstationpro: remove CONFIG_PREEMPT* definitionsDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: sugarbay preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: common-pc[-64] preempt-rt no branch fixDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: jasperforest preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: fri2 preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: fishriver preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: emenlow preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: crownbay preempt-rt supportDarren Hart
2011-08-11meta/rt: arm-versatile-926ejs preempt-rt supportDarren Hart