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2011-06-20arm: omap3: beagle: Ensure msecure is mux'd to be able to set the RTCdvhart/yocto/standard/beagleboardAlexander Holler
2011-06-20board-omap3beagle: allow for building without wl1271Darren Hart
2011-06-20board-omap3beagle: whitespace cleanupDarren Hart
2011-06-20BeagleBoard: Adjust USER button pin for xMKoen Kooi
2011-06-20omap3: allow 1GHz mpuratesKoen Kooi
2011-06-20xM audio fix from AshokRobert Nelson
2011-06-20beagleboard: hack in support from xM rev CKoen Kooi
2011-06-20Bluetooth: btwilink driverPavan Savoy
2011-06-20drivers:misc:ti-st: change protocol parse logicPavan Savoy
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: Update Kconfig and Makefile for wl128x FM driver.Manjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: Kconfig & Makefile for wl128x driverManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: FM driver TX sourcesManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: FM driver RX sourcesManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: FM Driver Common sourcesManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: FM Driver V4L2 sourcesManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20drivers:media:radio: wl128x: FM Driver common header fileManjunatha Halli
2011-06-20wl12xx: Unset bssid filter, ssid and bssid from firmware on disassocJuuso Oikarinen
2011-06-20wl1271: set wl->vif only if add_interface succeeded.Eliad Peller
2011-06-20wl1271: 11n Support, functionality and configuration abilityShahar Levi
2011-06-20wl1271: 11n Support, ACX CommandsShahar Levi
2011-06-20wl1271: 11n Support, Add DefinitionsShahar Levi
2011-06-20wl12xx: Read MAC address from NVS file on HW startupArik Nemtsov
2011-06-20OMAP: Enable Magic SysRq on serial console ttyOxThomas Weber
2011-06-20omap3: Add basic support for 720MHz partSanjeev Premi
2011-06-20OMAP3: beagle xm: enable upto 1GHz OPPNishanth Menon
2011-06-20omap3|4: opp: make omapx_opp_init non-staticNishanth Menon
2011-06-20OMAP3: Add voltage dependency table for VDD1.Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP3: Introduce voltage domain info in the hwmod structures.Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP3: Update cpufreq driver to use the new set_rate APIThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP3: Introduce custom set rate and get rate APIs for scalable devicesThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Disable smartreflex across DVFSThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce device scaleThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce dependent voltage domain support.Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Voltage layer changes to support DVFS.Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce device specific set rate and get rate in omap_device structureThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce API to register a device with a voltagedomainThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce API in the OPP layer to find the opp entry corresponding to a...Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: Introduce a user list for each voltage domain instance in the voltage d...Thara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: PM: CPUFREQ: Fix conditional compilationSilesh C V
2011-06-20OMAP3 PM: CPUFreq driver for OMAP3Rajendra Nayak
2011-06-20OMAP: CPUfreq: ensure policy is fully initializedKevin Hilman
2011-06-20OMAP: CPUfreq: ensure driver initializes after cpufreq framework and governorsPeter 'p2' De Schrijver
2011-06-20OMAP3: PM: Adding T2 enabling of smartreflexThara Gopinath
2011-06-20OMAP: DSS2: Add DSS2 support for OveroSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20OMAP: DSS2: check for both cpu type and revision, rather than just revisionSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20ARM: OMAP: automatically set musb mode in platform data based on CONFIG optionsSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20RTC: add support for backup battery rechargeSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20ARM: OMAP2: mmc-twl4030: move clock input selection prior to vcc testSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20OMAP: DSS2: add bootarg for selecting svideo or composite for tv outputSteve Sakoman
2011-06-20OMAP: DSS2: Add support for LG Philips LB035Q02 panelSteve Sakoman