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2011-01-28matchbox: Convert all the matchbox components' repo from svn to git including:Zhai Edwin1-3/+5
matchbox-wm matchbox-panel-2 matchbox-terminal matchbox-config-gtk matchbox-stroke matchbox-desktop matchbox-keyboard matchbox-themes-extra libfakekey settings-daemon Also remove some old recipes. Signed-off-by: Zhai Edwin <edwin.zhai@intel.com>
2011-01-06recpies: use SRCPV instead of SRCREV for PVYu Ke1-1/+1
SRCPV is intended being used by PV, some recipes still use SRCREV for PV, which is not correct. This patch fix all the misusage. Signed-off-by: Yu Ke <ke.yu@intel.com>
For these recipes the dependencies listed in RDEPENDS and RRECOMMENDS only apply to ${PN} Signed-off-by: Koen Kooi <koen@dominion.thruhere.net> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <rpurdie@linux.intel.com>
2010-11-22Meta: Recipe ReogranizationSaul Wold28-0/+2918
This is the next stage of recipe reorganization, in this stage many recipes where moved to a new meta-demoapps layer since this is more appropriate for demo usage then the core. Additional some recipes were moved to meta-extras to indicate they may be depercated at a future time. A number of recipes were modified since dependencies need to be corrected. Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <Saul.Wold@intel.com>