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@@ -75,14 +75,32 @@ Intel x86 based PCs and devices (genericx86)
The genericx86 MACHINE is tested on the following platforms:
- o Asus EeePC 901
- o Acer Aspire One
- o Toshiba NB305
- o Intel Embedded Development Board 1-N450 (Black Sand)
-and is likely to work on many unlisted Atom based devices. The MACHINE type
-supports ethernet, wifi, sound, and i915 graphics by default in addition to
-common PC input devices, busses, and so on.
+Intel Xeon/Core i-Series:
+ + Intel Romley Server: Sandy Bridge Xeon processor, C600 PCH (Patsburg), (Canoe Pass CRB)
+ + Intel Romley Server: Ivy Bridge Xeon processor, C600 PCH (Patsburg), (Intel SDP S2R3)
+ + Intel Crystal Forest Server: Sandy Bridge Xeon processor, DH89xx PCH (Cave Creek), (Stargo CRB)
+ + Intel Chief River Mobile: Ivy Bridge Mobile processor, QM77 PCH (Panther Point-M), (Emerald Lake II CRB, Sabino Canyon CRB)
+ + Intel Huron River Mobile: Sandy Bridge processor, QM67 PCH (Cougar Point), (Emerald Lake CRB, EVOC EC7-1817LNAR board)
+ + Intel Calpella Platform: Core i7 processor, QM57 PCH (Ibex Peak-M), (Red Fort CRB, Emerson MATXM CORE-411-B)
+ + Intel Nehalem/Westmere-EP Server: Xeon 56xx/55xx processors, 5520 chipset, ICH10R IOH (82801), (Hanlan Creek CRB)
+ + Intel Nehalem Workstation: Xeon 56xx/55xx processors, System SC5650SCWS (Greencity CRB)
+ + Intel Picket Post Server: Xeon 56xx/55xx processors (Jasper Forest), 3420 chipset (Ibex Peak), (Osage CRB)
+ + Intel Storage Platform: Sandy Bridge Xeon processor, C600 PCH (Patsburg), (Oak Creek Canyon CRB)
+ + Intel Shark Bay Client Platform: Haswell processor, LynxPoint PCH, (Walnut Canyon CRB, Lava Canyon CRB, Basking Ridge CRB, Flathead Creek CRB)
+ + Intel Shark Bay Ultrabook Platform: Haswell ULT processor, Lynx Point-LP PCH, (WhiteTip Mountain 1 CRB)
+Intel Atom platforms:
+ + Intel embedded Menlow: Intel Atom Z510/530 CPU, System Controller Hub US15W (Portwell NANO-8044)
+ + Intel Luna Pier: Intel Atom N4xx/D5xx series CPU (aka: Pineview-D & -M), 82801HM I/O Hub (ICH8M), (Advantech AIMB-212, Moon Creek CRB)
+ + Intel Queens Bay platform: Intel Atom E6xx CPU (aka: Tunnel Creek), Topcliff EG20T I/O Hub (Emerson NITX-315, Crown Bay CRB, Minnow Board)
+ + Intel Fish River Island platform: Intel Atom E6xx CPU (aka: Tunnel Creek), Topcliff EG20T I/O Hub (Kontron KM2M806)
+ + Intel Cedar Trail platform: Intel Atom N2000 & D2000 series CPU (aka: Cedarview), NM10 Express Chipset (Norco kit BIS-6630, Cedar Rock CRB)
+and is likely to work on many unlisted Atom/Core/Xeon based devices. The MACHINE
+type supports ethernet, wifi, sound, and Intel/vesa graphics by default in
+addition to common PC input devices, busses, and so on. Note that it does not
+included the binary-only graphic drivers used on some Atom platforms, for
+accelerated graphics on these machines please refer to meta-intel.
Depending on the device, it can boot from a traditional hard-disk, a USB device,
or over the network. Writing generated images to physical media is