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2020-12-22ultra96: Using BOARD level hiearchy for ultra96 overridesJaewon Lee3-3/+5
2020-08-11README.md: Update maintainers listSai Hari Chandana Kalluri1-5/+1
2020-08-11layer.conf: Set layer compat to dunfell & gatesgarthSai Hari Chandana Kalluri1-1/+1
2020-05-18python3-pynq.bb: Update PYNQ to 2.5.1Peter Ogden6-15/+121
2020-04-09libcma: Fix SRC_URI definitionMark Hatle1-1/+1
2019-12-09pynq-ultra96-*: Add Ultra96 specific pynq example demo:Sai Hari Chandana Kalluri6-0/+3835
2019-12-09meta-xilinx-pynq: Add layer to support PYNQManjukumar Matha15-0/+409