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authorBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2021-04-12 15:14:05 -0400
committerBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2021-04-12 15:15:39 -0400
commitcbec1240f96456fc1d2c616af4c150b454e7939a (patch)
parentff18ca2317ff118f39e9f3e8ddfd4533eea55152 (diff)
crun: bump to latest
As part of this update to crun, we now much run autogen.sh before running configure. Otherwise, these are incremental changes and comprise the following commits: 9effaeb On exec, honor additional_gids from the process spec, not the container definition c25a2db tests: add explicit python3-pip dependency e67a756 NEWS: tag 0.19 18c0274 gitignore: update 471a7b8 libocispec: update from upstream f642968 tests: fix check for cgroup v2 3e7fa1d linux: always remount bind mounts 78aeac9 linux: ignore unknown capabilities f11d742 Add linuxdevicecgroup to maintain parity with runc spec 9aa382b cgroup: skip parsing empty file d9c9fd0 container: initialize tmp_err 00371ae src: initialize statx struct 2e88d19 src: initialize first_arg 5e4efb7 seccomp: always NUL terminate lowercase_arch 7812572 tests: add test for seccomp listener f80e98d init: add check for seccomp listener 5d9010b init: fix check for nargs 5a627f4 seccomp: support notify listener c3361c1 status: use function to convert from yajl errors 873b62d container: use new error function for hooks JSON 14083ab error: new function to convert from yajl errors 6e19235 linux: pass own pid to container process 8fd3320 contrib: new tool to test seccomp notifications 8722858 crun: always use absolute path for the bundle ae9ea92 container: improve OOM error message 919aac9 utils: receive fd detect closed connection a52e480 cgroup: new function to detect OOM 2e37d2a sync-libocispec 75ad96b Let autogen.sh generate m4 14c260f libcrun_warn if newuidmap/newgidmap invoke fails 5598401 README.md: drop pids limit comparison 9ea6857 github: add fuzzing test 0fd03ba tests: add container image for fuzzing libcrun bbd5c7d fuzzer: reap child processes c7350ef tests: add more fuzzing tests 816f95b fuzzer: merge two tests effa508 linux: cleanup zombie on errors b32f1eb linux: release only on error 5ca72f5 status: attempt open again on interrupts 9b5d4c1 Added static analysis Adding clang compilation Fixing comparison of integers of different signs 3b199ef Update GNUmakefile dcd1a34 linux: label the tmpfs for masked directories edf7f15 seccomp: check if the action supports errnoRet bc222b6 seccomp: fail if no default action specified 0c5b920 seccomp: honor default errno value 92c0afe yajl: support static link of containers/yajl f3d920d src: fix unitialized variable 7d89a02 src: add error check 765971c status: fix memory leak on error 31274d8 utils: fix check for fd 62d1c4d tests: add test to feed honggfuzz ab75091 ebpf: return the program instead of NULL 8b16552 src: check if seccomp is defined f721efb container: fix error ownership 4472e35 container: allow config from memory 6b369b8 container: fix memory leak 0fede0f container: initialize variable 2b6c0b6 container: fix dereference of def->linux if NULL 1dd9b5b container: check for def->process before deref 1b1a691 fix: cross-compiling for Android b25cb2d tests: add device access test 86251b0 ebpf: handle access(dev_name, F_OK) call correctly e2d79dc fix: access violate if ret < -2 4f35406 cgroup: read controllers from /proc/self/cgroup Signed-off-by: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-containers/crun/crun_git.bb b/recipes-containers/crun/crun_git.bb
index 18d0c72..107e08b 100644
--- a/recipes-containers/crun/crun_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-containers/crun/crun_git.bb
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ LICENSE = "GPLv2"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=b234ee4d69f5fce4486a80fdaf4a4263"
PRIORITY = "optional"
-SRCREV_crun = "858ff2f605983ed420b09fd716c9c8e0cee5c174"
-SRCREV_libocispec = "ece5f6aede6488396f9c84bc985df09f95204e1d"
+SRCREV_crun = "f302dd8c02c6fddd2c50d1685d82b7a19aae8afe"
+SRCREV_libocispec = "c9b8b9524814550a489aa6d38b2dec95633ffa15"
SRCREV_ispec = "79b036d80240ae530a8de15e1d21c7ab9292c693"
SRCREV_rspec = "7413a7f753e1bd9a6a9c6dc7f96f55888cbbd476"
@@ -22,12 +22,16 @@ inherit autotools-brokensep pkgconfig
-DEPENDS = "yajl libcap go-md2man-native"
+DEPENDS = "yajl libcap go-md2man-native m4-native"
# TODO: is there a packageconfig to turn this off ?
DEPENDS += "libseccomp"
DEPENDS += "systemd"
DEPENDS += "oci-image-spec oci-runtime-spec"
+do_configure_prepend () {
+ ./autogen.sh
do_install() {
oe_runmake 'DESTDIR=${D}' install