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authorBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2021-03-12 15:35:33 -0500
committerBruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>2021-03-16 09:26:49 -0400
commit5ee98852fb8e5f7b27980f1bdae69d4702cc3ed6 (patch)
parenta92e3ff714907a96ff32cbf88b28c49cacfcda36 (diff)
runc: update to latest -rc93
Bumping the runc version to incorporate the following commits: 2ae56653 Move fuzzers upstream 053e15c0 tests/checkpoint: show full log lazy pages cpt e618a6d5 curl: add --retry 5 4b98e4a7 MAINTAINERS: update Aleksa's email 8a3484b7 libcontainer/factory*: adjust the file mode 71ca6432 fix integration tests README.md 916654ff libcontainer: fix LinuxFactory comments c3ffd2ef Do not convert blkio weight value using blkio->io conversion scheme 38b2dd39 runc exec: report possible OOM kill 5d0ffbf9 runc start/run: report OOM 7e137b90 libct/cg/fs2/hugetlb: use fscommon.GetValueByKey 9fa65f66 libct/cg/fscommon: add GetValueByKey c54c3f85 libcontainer/notify_linux_v2: use fscommon.ReadFile 494f900e libct/cg/fscommon: rename/facelift GetCgroupParamKeyValue 1880d2fc libct/cg/fs/memory: handle EBUSY 27fd3fc3 libct/cg/fs: setMemoryAndSwap: refactor 3cced523 libct/cg/fs/memory: optimize Set 65c2d3c2 tests/int/update: add test case for PR #592 53d3b552 Update README.md for libcontainer 6c5ed0db Fix memory stats for cache in fs2 af521ed5 libct/cgroups/systemd: don't set limits in Apply fa52df94 libcontainer: fix the file mode of the device d0cbef57 Makefile: rm go 1.13 workaround 4019f08d make validate: rm go vet f9c21133 make lint: use golangci-lint 671bb978 Makefile: remove ci target 95940855 script/validate-gofmt: rm 91f0ae18 ci/gha: bump go 1.16-rc1 -> 1.16.x 5b14a261 README: add gha badges f3f563bc apparmor: try attr/apparmor/exec before attr/exec 41670e21 tests/int: rework/simplify setup and teardown d73b4443 ci: enable -race from matrix b7744547 libct/int: fix a data race c34a9b10 tests/int/hooks.bats: don't use DEBIAN_BUNDLE e40a369e tests/int/list.bats: don't use $BUSYBOX_BUNDLE 985546b4 tests/int: BATS_TMPDIR -> BATS_RUN_TMPDIR 85d5fea4 tests/int: stop reusing HELLO_BUNDLE for alt root 76532fac tests/int/events: rm unneeded eval 49766140 tests/int: use wait_for_container where appropriate 4d6ffa39 tests/int/helpers: reimplement wait_for_container e7052dcd tests/int/spec.bats: don't use HELLO_BUNDLE 0cfc2e32 tests/int: rm teardown_running_container_inroot 78f0e4b2 tests/int: rm wait_for_container_inroot 64d5702f tests/int: don't depend on BUSYBOX_BUNDLE var efb8552b tests/int: add device access test 81707abd ebpf: fix device access check c3428722 libct/config: fix a data race 51ec5db1 ci: add i386 unit test run b142a70e libct/seccomp/patchpbf/test: fix for 32-bit 2831fb55 cgroup2: devices: handle eBPF skipping more correctly d1007b08 cgroupv1 freezer: thaw to increase freeze chances Signed-off-by: Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@gmail.com>
2 files changed, 7 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-containers/runc/files/0001-Makefile-respect-GOBUILDFLAGS-for-runc-and-remove-re.patch b/recipes-containers/runc/files/0001-Makefile-respect-GOBUILDFLAGS-for-runc-and-remove-re.patch
index 527f3c2..163501a 100644
--- a/recipes-containers/runc/files/0001-Makefile-respect-GOBUILDFLAGS-for-runc-and-remove-re.patch
+++ b/recipes-containers/runc/files/0001-Makefile-respect-GOBUILDFLAGS-for-runc-and-remove-re.patch
@@ -13,16 +13,16 @@ Index: git/src/import/Makefile
--- git.orig/src/import/Makefile
+++ git/src/import/Makefile
-@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
- GO_BUILDMODE := "-buildmode=pie"
+@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
+ endif
--GO_BUILD := $(GO) build -trimpath $(MOD_VENDOR) $(GO_BUILDMODE) $(EXTRA_FLAGS) -tags "$(BUILDTAGS)" \
+-GO_BUILD := $(GO) build -trimpath $(GO_BUILDMODE) $(EXTRA_FLAGS) -tags "$(BUILDTAGS)" \
++GO_BUILD := $(GO) build $(GOBUILDFLAGS) -trimpath $(GO_BUILDMODE) $(EXTRA_FLAGS) -tags "$(BUILDTAGS)" \
-ldflags "-X main.gitCommit=$(COMMIT) -X main.version=$(VERSION) $(EXTRA_LDFLAGS)"
- GO_BUILD_STATIC := CGO_ENABLED=1 $(GO) build -trimpath $(MOD_VENDOR) $(EXTRA_FLAGS) -tags "$(BUILDTAGS) netgo osusergo" \
+ GO_BUILD_STATIC := CGO_ENABLED=1 $(GO) build -trimpath $(EXTRA_FLAGS) -tags "$(BUILDTAGS) netgo osusergo" \
-ldflags "-w -extldflags -static -X main.gitCommit=$(COMMIT) -X main.version=$(VERSION) $(EXTRA_LDFLAGS)"
-@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@
+@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@
$(GO_BUILD_STATIC) -o runc .
diff --git a/recipes-containers/runc/runc-opencontainers_git.bb b/recipes-containers/runc/runc-opencontainers_git.bb
index 1478018..8148887 100644
--- a/recipes-containers/runc/runc-opencontainers_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-containers/runc/runc-opencontainers_git.bb
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
include runc.inc
-SRCREV = "b4cb54c2ea78b90f9d8284316aeaeff876f61dfc"
+SRCREV = "249bca0a1316129dcd5bd38b5d75572274181cb5"
SRC_URI = " \
git://github.com/opencontainers/runc;branch=master \
file://0001-Makefile-respect-GOBUILDFLAGS-for-runc-and-remove-re.patch \