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KrogothAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui15 months
MortyAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui15 months
devel/jsmoeller/phasedAdd WIP phased variant of fossology uploaderJan-Simon Moeller13 months
dosocsAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui15 months
dunfellAdded some error capture from fossology-python.Lei Maohui8 months
gatesgarthREADME.md: Updated.Lei Maohui5 months
jethroAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui15 months
masterMake meta-spdxscanner to support hardknott.Lei Maohui4 weeks
pyroAdded MAINTAINERS file.Lei Maohui15 months
zeusUpdate README.Lei Maohui14 months
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2021-04-13Make meta-spdxscanner to support hardknott.HEADmasterLei Maohui1-1/+1
2021-03-24Needn't to create spdx files for recipes that don't supply packages.Lei Maohui1-7/+13
2021-02-24gnulib: Deleted do_spdx because it doesn't supply packages any more.Lei Maohui1-0/+1
2021-02-24Make it can work with fossology-python1.3.0.Lei Maohui1-5/+14
2020-12-03README.md: Updated.gatesgarthLei Maohui1-28/+9
2020-12-03WAIT_TIME: Reduce to 20s.Lei Maohui1-1/+1
2020-12-03scancode-tk: Modified for the following:Lei Maohui2-6/+89
2020-12-03fossdriver-host.bbclass: Deleted for no maintenance for long time.Lei Maohui1-205/+0
2020-12-03fossology-rest: To remove the denpendence of nopackages.bbclass.Lei Maohui1-1/+79
2020-11-30There is no need to modify nopackages.bbclass.Lei Maohui1-14/+0