BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfelltpm-tools: fix build issueArmin Kuster3 weeks
dunfell-nextapparmor: fix QA warning with systemd enabledArmin Kuster9 months
gatesgarthima-policy-hashed: add CGROUP2_SUPER_MAGIC fsmagicMing Liu5 months
hardknotttpm-tools: fix build issueArmin Kuster3 weeks
masterclamav: fix branch name and updateArmin Kuster48 hours
master-nextkas: Convert to new override syntaxArmin Kuster26 hours
master-wiplayer.con: add DISTROOVERIDE for hardeningArmin Kuster11 months
rust-wippython3-suricata-update: update to 1.2.1Armin Kuster4 months
testtestingArmin Kuster3 months
zeusclamav: add INSTALL_CLAMAV_CVD flag to do_installCharlie Davies10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 hoursclamav: fix branch name and updateHEADmasterArmin Kuster4-10/+10
48 hourskrill: Add new pkgArmin Kuster3-0/+380
48 hoursgitlab-ci.yml: streamline builds matrixArmin Kuster5-74/+0
48 hourspackagegroup-core-security.bb: fix suricat-ptest inclusionArmin Kuster1-2/+1
48 hourscrowdsec: add pkgArmin Kuster1-0/+42
48 hoursadd meta-rustArmin Kuster1-0/+6
48 hourssuricata: Drop 4.1.x its EOLArmin Kuster11-1556/+0
48 hourssuricata.inc: exclude ppc in rust versionArmin Kuster1-0/+2
14 daysDo not use clang toolchain in Parsec recipesAnton Antonov2-4/+1
2021-07-10tpm-tools: fix build issueArmin Kuster1-6/+6