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authorAníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org>2019-10-29 18:40:19 -0600
committerNicolas Dechesne <nicolas.dechesne@linaro.org>2019-11-28 10:42:05 +0100
commite777c1b719588f9eded410480e8281435724238d (patch)
parent909db701bd21b7077f0f7054a757eba56fe1912c (diff)
recipes-kernel/linux: DB845c Linux 5.2 bump to rev 13e8268d9b5c
13e8268d9b5c arm64: defconfig: Enable WiFi for db845c 3082acd2bc01 ath10k: qmi: Sleep for a while before assigning MSA memory 82d49f2c5b19 ath10k: Fix HOST capability QMI incompatibility ad2e9a6c7f36 arm64: dts: qcom: db845c: Enable ath10k 8bit host-cap quirk 98cf0f483abd remoteproc: qcom: q6v5-mss: Support loading non-split images 484d1d5d9d18 soc: qcom: mdt_loader: Support loading non-split images 5cfcfb9c476e arm64: dts: qcom: db845c: Move remoteproc firmware to sdm84 de68927cd31f arch/arm64/configs/defconfig: Enable CONFIG_MFD_WCD934X 9642c16bacea ASoC: qcom: sdm845: add hdmi audio support for db845c 98ea98d751ec ASoC: qcom: sdm845: add support to DB845c and Lenovo Yoga 4653c718edbb ASoC: qcom: dt-bindings: Add compatible for DB845c and Lenovo Yoga 5ca36422190f pinctrl: qcom-wcd934x: Add support to wcd934x pinctrl driver. 4e251a9664f8 dt-bindings: pinctrl: qcom-wcd934x: Add bindings for gpio bf5638bc9954 mfd: wcd934x: add support to wcd9340/wcd9341 codec 758a58c541bc ASoC: dt-bindings: add dt bindings for WCD9340/WCD9341 audio codec b047c589778c Revert "iommu: arm-smmu: handoff" bd9eaac30314 Revert "iommu: arm-smmu: Don't blindly use first SMR to calculate mask" 46dafd86d048 arm64: sdm845: add adsp and cdsp fastrpc nodes 04bbe715ad14 arm64: dts: db845c: add support to analog audio f80eb28de89a defconfig: audio defconfig changes a7d35a83ce20 fixup! ASoC: wcd934x: add audio routings 7919cd35c394 fixup! ASoC: codecs: add wsa881x amplifier support 5e357355de65 fixup! soundwire: qcom: add support for SoundWire controller 9f7013bb37b1 fixup! soundwire: core: add device tree support for slave devices 9c5eb995ce1f HACK: soundwire: bus: check pm runtime enabled before err 012cdea8b8c1 soundwire: stream: check defer msg before freeing it bfbb28fe30fb HACK: soundwire: bus: hack to not setup slave interrupts 0cc3c8b7da84 HACK: soundwire: stream: do not program bits and sample size for pdm 777fce80af01 ASoC: core: Return -ENOTSUPP from set_channel_map() if no operation provided b0f25679fc71 ASoC: qdsp6: q6afe-dai: Add missing Slimbus0 audio route 6d9d448423df regmap: fix bulk writes on paged registers dc90500217ac slimbus: ngd: add v2.1.0 compatible 0e4e16d8efb0 soundwire: bus: split handling of Device0 events ab3be528f340 ASoC: wcd9335: convert to correct paging in regmap config 2884acd8a1f5 net: qrtr: Stop rx_worker before freeing node 34a494115a0c rpmsg: glink: Fix channel memory leak 5e5805f39ec9 rpmsg: glink: Free pending deferred work on remove 0d58b93c522e rpmsg: glink: Don't send pending rx_done during remove 41ae3b2b0cf2 rpmsg: glink: Fix rpmsg_register_device err handling 5ae937b15764 rpmsg: glink: Put an extra reference during cleanup fd22c6313c0b rpmsg: glink: Fix use after free in open_ack TIMEOUT case d638730f3719 rpmsg: glink: Fix reuse intents memory leak issue e33e3c7379c8 misc: fastrpc: revert max init file size back to 2MB d685e0befa3f misc: fastrpc: handle interrupted contexts 0511cb0c9da2 misc: fastrpc: do not interrupt kernel calls d82bf28bbe56 misc: fastrpc: fix memory leak from miscdev->name cdb1d00c4d3d misc: fastrpc: add mmap/unmap support 07c804665552 misc: fastrpc: free dma buf scatter list 04b9d973a33c misc: fastrpc: fix double refcounting on dmabuf 3bfdbaafe75c misc: fastrpc: remove unused definition 057e406cb71a misc: fastrpc: Don't reference rpmsg_device after remove 96b9a170572f misc: fastrpc: Reference count channel context ae0e10376566 soc: qcom: socinfo: add missing soc_id sysfs entry 34270008e1c8 soc: qcom: socinfo: add sdm845 and sda845 soc ids 6d2c56467e33 soc: qcom: socinfo: Expose image information 0586cfbcea53 soc: qcom: socinfo: Expose custom attributes b1af4f45f0a8 soc: qcom: Add socinfo driver fe50a13506ce base: soc: Export soc_device_register/unregister APIs d92b421b76df base: soc: Add serial_number attribute to soc Signed-off-by: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon@linaro.org> (cherry picked from commit d90ce1f1a4d7d2e1950528b945d4b86e71d26168)
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-linaro-qcomlt_5.2.bb b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-linaro-qcomlt_5.2.bb
index e49a463..41d6fe0 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-linaro-qcomlt_5.2.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-linaro-qcomlt_5.2.bb
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ require recipes-kernel/linux/linux-qcom-bootimg.inc
LOCALVERSION ?= "-linaro-lt-qcom"
SRCBRANCH ?= "release/db845c/qcomlt-5.2"
-SRCREV ?= "b062b8936709168c9159849e83bfd2f60d95afd6"
+SRCREV ?= "13e8268d9b5cf3980b6e2766bf00439001c363fd"