path: root/meta-ivi-bsp/conf/machine
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2017-04-18vexpressa9: remove "console=tty"Yong-iL Joh1-1/+1
- if running qemu with nographic option, console=tty cause to block to boot Signed-off-by: Yong-iL Joh <yong-il.joh@windriver.com>
2017-04-11vexpressa9.conf: put all kernel modules by defaultYong-iL Joh1-0/+3
Signed-off-by: Yong-iL Joh <yong-il.joh@windriver.com>
2017-04-11vexpressa9: update to work with poky 2.2Yong-iL Joh1-26/+15
- update machine configuration - change kernel config file - set dtb file for kernel Signed-off-by: Yong-iL Joh <yong-il.joh@windriver.com>
2013-10-01vexpressa9: Use kernel version 3.10Florin Sarbu1-1/+2
Change the kernel image type to zImage instead of uImage. Add proper LOADADDR for the vexpressa9 kernel. Rework the runqemu script used for vexpressa9 machine to pick up the kernel and .sdimg from the new location. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-08-23vexpressa9.conf: Remove machine specific kernel variable.Florin Sarbu1-1/+0
We control the kernel version for meta-ivi from the distro specific config file poky-ivi-systemd.conf rather than have it machine specific. Signed-off-by: Florin Sarbu <florin.sarbu@windriver.com>
2013-08-09vexpressa9.conf: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_jpeg now set distro wideHolger Behrens1-3/+0
Signed-off-by: Holger Behrens <holger.behrens@windriver.com>
2013-08-09meta-ivi-bsp: layer createdHolger Behrens1-0/+40
Signed-off-by: Holger Behrens <holger.behrens@windriver.com>