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authorTing Liu <ting.liu@nxp.com>2016-05-18 11:01:40 +0800
committerOtavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>2016-08-12 11:41:02 -0300
commitae8494e2fc3baae0a513e46709acdabf25c8cda0 (patch)
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flib: update to 08e2aeb
Changelog: 09e4606 fix MBMS Type 0 PDU error path halt condition ee097e6 ensure MBMS Type 0 header CRC calculation finishes before comparation f9dccdd fix MBMS payload CRC calculation 105e520 fix MBMS header CRC calculation bbab28b fix PDCP warnings for User Plane descriptor fcad69f fix PDCP SNOW f8 + AES CMAC decapsulation 2a0e960 define no_printf() when pr_debug() unavailable and !RTA_DEBUG 74f5e94 Reversed parameters in cnstr_shdsc_authenc b8512ee Fix cpu_to_xx32 not defined macros c3389a2 Fix endianness related macros ed721cb Eliminate compile warnings b365b64 IPSEC transport mode missing defines ed8ed13 silence PDCP descriptor creation functions compilation warnings 921906e add endianness support for protocol descriptors 9b23809 fix PATCH_LOAD endianness eaa3f8e fix endianness detection in RTA 24035e8 fix swapping for algorithm descriptors 724cbe2 improve pr_* print macros fe1ff5e IPsec new mode - make descriptor swapping user-configurable 8ca6cd2 IPsec (non-protocol) - fix implicit arithmetic conversion 9f18649 convert alginfo->algmode from uint32_t to uint16_t 2110f9b fix 64-bit values swapping / endianness e2e2dbf add AEAD-like descriptor 8983561 add algorithm mode support a718fc1 IPsec legacy mode - don't require an MDHA split key for authentication 42fa298 IPsec new mode - update authdata kernel-doc 4a5c07d IPsec new mode - don't require an MDHA split key for authentication 6e7ef07 add Derived Key Protocol (DKP) support 19bd624 add MSG_CHKSUM SEQFIFOSTORE output data type df037d1 IPsec - add more defines for PDB fields e417316 PROTOCOL - add IPsec NULL authentication 74a4acf IPsec legacy mode - fix zero-length key(s) cases b903014 PROTOCOL - fix GCM16 and GMAC modes for IPsec e454154 IPsec - fix compilation error 5c6f9ad fix spurious regression tests failures 8711bd6 remove PATCH_*_NON_LOCAL macros 32be2d0 IPsec - fix PDB endianness a219517 Merge branch 'sdk-v1.7.x' f0a6d0b add SPDX license identifier a9b0e1d rename iv_flags to b0_flags 5c4f8e6 pdcp: fix snow f8 & aes-cmac decap descriptor on ERA4 e89b84d IPsec new mode - add shared desc. lengths for NULL enc / auth 3d25504 fix default case for PDCP U-Plane descriptors b9fb949 silence unused variable warning in set_move_offset() f71cb8b update PROGRAM_FINALIZE to return error when appropriate 854fb89 kernel-doc templates - misc fixes, updates 54e1735 fix signed/unsigned comparation in rta_inline_query 07c18e9 fix MBMS descriptor creation 21e8632 replace OP_ALG_{ENCRYPT|DECRYPT} with DIR_{ENC|DEC} in API e55885a IPsec legacy mode - allow upper layer to enable byte swapping 1e2e4df remove unused defines LDST_BYTE and LDST_WORD 734a4bc remove checkpatch warning in __rta_dma_data() 3581006 IPsec new mode - add shared descriptors lengths da38d98 let user decide whether keys should be inlined or not 42b5d62 add extended pointer size support in flib/desc/algo.h e4a00fd add functions for computing MDHA split key (pad) length 26406be update cnstr_* API to return descriptor buffer size 9a0aebf fix compilation errors in flib/desc/algo.h 784ad8e fix bool type usage in AIOP (#2) f90ea6b fix bool type usage in AIOP 87dfe2a update RTA API to explicitly provide a struct program pointer f8a0513 don't use macros that expand to two parameters a9cfef2 fix standalone usage of flib/desc.h 6cacd56 fix HMAC descriptor key length 7b699ed fix PDCP NULL & encryption only descriptors b64c476 add new command MATHI 13b5e7d fix bits / masks that are not shifted 1d30937 add BIT macro for defining single-bit fields e92aed4 remove redundant MATH operators definitions b2634b0 change parameters to corresponding enum types 4910fa5 add ICV checking operation for HMAC descriptor ffaa509 remove unneeded CLASS attributes for algorithm descriptors 1e36f44 remove unused length parameter in SEQFIFO(LOAD|STORE) with VLF 9df3447 allow block cipher shared descriptor to read the IV from the input 31ff79f fix HMAC & block cipher descriptor sharing type 437ddee enable HMAC algorithm truncated output b91afdf remove cipher parameter for block cipher descriptor 85ab8ea refactor helper macros for finding out descriptor length 0d53d47 sync (#2) with changes in AIOP / MC byte-swapping macros d5d3f4f fix checkpatch warnings / errors f0a3806 move __MOVE* defines in implementation file 847289d use enumerations where appropriate 659b330 use bool type where appropriate 16261f9 remove BYTES_* defines d7115de remove doxygen project file 4335bca remove unused NRM and JDK FIFOSTORE encryption flags 5792dca do not define pr_* print macros when in AIOP / MC fcf552c change RTA library core to return error codes on error paths a908cb8 rename {low|high}_32b to {lower|higher}_32_bits 8af3219 remove WITH and SIZE macros 8256645 convert doc from Doxygen to kernel-doc 3e79ab0 fix RTA integration overview diagram (svg) 2bb26e9 update README with SEC Era details 86625bb fix ZUC-E + SNOW f9 decapsulation 2888b05 fix PDCP Control Plane AES-CTR + SNOW f9 decapsulation 49ee4fa WiMAX: wait to update the header on encap era4 23a856c WiMAX: invalidate prefetch buffer on encap (era5+) eb57b56 fix WiFi for SEC ERA > 5 adb7aa4 sync with changes in AIOP byte-swapping macros 64ba916 IPsec new mode - user to provide Optional IP Header pointer d8aa416 fix invalid offset in PDCP MOVE commands 53df752 add WCDMA RLC protocol descriptors 1ca26fa remove nonsensical comment for MBMS descriptor creation function 340591d fix byte *_SWAP macros used on AIOP platform b39e808 remove inclusion of headers using relative paths 723dcf5 MBMS processing should be done only on devices with SEC ERA >= 5 6cb9793 MOVE - fix (#2) support for selecting offset in MATH Regs using AUX field 1eceae0 MOVE - fix support for selecting offset in MATH Regs using AUX field 72472a2 PROTOCOL - include flib/rta.h before flib/desc/common.h cb48dc0 add MBMS statistics retrieval function 6383501 fix MBMS statistics writeback 35f2df3 refactoring - split protoshared.h into per-protocol files b83f392 PROTOCOL - remove zero-length array from IPsec decap PDB b135304 rename ENDIAN_DATA macro to COPY_DATA f302613 change pr_debug to pr_err where appropriate 9efe096 change typeof to __typeof__ 7a3a934 add IPsec ESP Tunnel new mode descriptors e1a270e PROTOCOL - refine support for IPsec ESP Tunnel new mode e7c4ab5 beautify MBMS descriptor creation functions 84dea25 add PATCH_RAW and PATCH_RAW_NON_LOCAL support f6e7f27 fix IFB in MBMS Type 1 & 3 descriptors c2e6fe7 unit tests - use O0 compiler flag instead of O3 90a501b remove compiler warnings from descriptors 5eff78f add MBMS SYNC protocol processing support b462b0c remove compiler warnings from RTA library core 28380d0 SEQ IN PTR - don't generate pointer field when SOP is used 6a658ae add byte swapping support 52d6545 be consistent with header double inclusion protection f0e5daa fix PDCP Control Plane AES-CTR + SNOW f9 decapsulation for SEC ERA >=6 ee6bf3b add IPsec ESP Tunnel new mode descriptor generation stubs 2904ba2 enable SEC Era 8 support 6dc05f2 PROTOCOL - add support for IPsec ESP Tunnel new mode 2f53587 PROTOCOL - add support for LTE PDCP Control Plane mixed 28d9638 Job descriptor - no support for RSLS / RSI in Era 8 e56b75c NFIFO - add support for SEC Era 8 d67675d enable SEC Era 7 support 3a23ed5 HEADER - add support for Era 7 3bb1ef4 PROTOCOL - add support for SEC Era 7 dbcb9ca MATH - add support for SEC Era 7 0438dc7 PKHA_OPERATION - add support for SEC Era 7 38220f0 ALG_OPERATION - no support for certain algos on Era 7 be91092 add new commands MOVEB and MOVEDW 8d7926f MOVE - add support for SEC Era 7 8fb9f9c FIFOSTORE - no support for AFHA S-box on Era 7 53104fc STORE - add support for SEC Era 7 7684508 NFIFO - no support for AFHA S-box on Era 7 6a2f8ab KEY - add support for SEC Era 7 c39364d PROTOCOL - add ODF and DFV HMO bits for IPsec protocol bd9f4ce fix PDCP Control Plane with ZUC encryption & NULL integrity Signed-off-by: Ting Liu <ting.liu@nxp.com>
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diff --git a/recipes-dpaa/flib/flib_git.bb b/recipes-dpaa/flib/flib_git.bb
index 3818ccf8..4f435ba9 100644
--- a/recipes-dpaa/flib/flib_git.bb
+++ b/recipes-dpaa/flib/flib_git.bb
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ SECTION = "flib"
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=75d2f6a74299640c05ae6c69ed7a4ad6"
-SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/flib.git;nobranch=1"
-SRCREV = "91bbb134df1cd8b65c7c19db9bec9f00d1435377"
+SRC_URI = "git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/flib.git;branch=sdk-v2.0.x"
+SRCREV = "08e2aeb7d5c72ebbef30277ab4e73ab147c4c0c7"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"