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2021-04-13Merge pull request #700 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-dunfellHEADmasterWade Farnsworth10976-4128955/+3872
2021-04-12Merge branch 'dunfell' into masterArsalan H. Awan10976-4128955/+3872
2021-03-24Merge pull request #698 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-rome-ga-202103dunfell-rome-ga-202103dunfellWade Farnsworth2-15/+9
2021-03-24Merge pull request #697 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-e3000-ga-202103dunfell-e3000-ga-202103Wade Farnsworth2-59/+37
2021-03-24release/dunfell-rome-ga-202103: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan2-15/+9
2021-03-24release/dunfell-e3000-ga-202103: add release docs and tagArsalan H. Awan2-59/+37
2021-03-18Merge pull request #696 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-docs-updatesWade Farnsworth7-126/+130
2021-03-18docs: add rome featuresArsalan H. Awan1-102/+102
2021-03-18docs: updates for e3000 & rome for next releaseArsalan H. Awan6-24/+28
2021-03-12Merge pull request #695 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-amdx86-split-machinesArsalan H. Awan6-23/+41
2021-03-10bsp/amdx86: split into separate machines that share the same kernelArsalan H. Awan6-23/+41
2021-03-01Merge pull request #694 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-rome-support-epyc-7002Wade Farnsworth2-1/+5
2021-03-01increase CONFIG_NR_CPUS to support AMD EPYC 7002 Series ProcessorsArsalan H. Awan2-1/+5
2021-02-12Merge pull request #693 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-amd-code-dropWade Farnsworth36-498/+1782
2021-02-12amdx86/wdt: enable sp5100_tco wdt driver for family 17h and rm amd_wdtArsalan H. Awan9-498/+64
2021-02-12amdx86/linux-yocto: patch xgbe, emmc, spi and usb on kernel v5.4.69Arsalan H. Awan28-0/+1718
2021-01-04Merge pull request #692 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-init-revisedWade Farnsworth6441-1524491/+161
2020-12-28docs: add instructions for amdx86 and remove unsupported bspsArsalan H. Awan6-177/+130
2020-12-17bsp/layer: remove LICENSE_PATH as we don't have any additional licensesArsalan H. Awan1-2/+0
2020-12-17amd-common-configurations: remove libav settings as its not supportedArsalan H. Awan1-1/+0
2020-12-17licenses/FLTK: remove this license as we are not using fltk anymoreArsalan H. Awan1-43/+0
2020-12-17amdx86: remove recipes from BBMASK that are not available anymoreArsalan H. Awan1-2/+5
2020-12-17lttng-modules: rm patch that was added for an older kernelArsalan H. Awan2-34/+0
2020-12-17remove e3000 and create a generic amdx86 bsp for all supported machinesArsalan H. Awan24-28/+28
2020-12-14dpdk: upgrade to v18.11.10 as per yocto dunfell branchArsalan H. Awan1-0/+0
2020-12-14e3000/kernel: move to linux-yocto v5.4.69 as per yocto-3.1.4Arsalan H. Awan31-4/+4
2020-12-14meta-amd-bsp: remove unsupported codeArsalan H. Awan6396-1524206/+0
2020-10-05Merge pull request #683 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-layers-cleanupWade Farnsworth3-34/+0
2020-09-28meta-amd-bsp: remove unnecessary filesArsalan H. Awan3-34/+0
2020-09-25Merge pull request #682 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-e3000-rt-kernel-upgradeWade Farnsworth1-0/+6
2020-09-25e3000/linux-yocto-rt: add recipe for the RT kernel v5.4.2Arsalan H. Awan1-0/+6
2020-09-24Merge pull request #681 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfell-nextWade Farnsworth10740-2829103/+20
2020-09-24Merge pull request #680 from ArsalanHAwan/master-merge-warriorWade Farnsworth1851-1110/+328840
2020-09-24e3000/kernel: move to linux-yocto v5.4.2Arsalan H. Awan16-3/+971
2020-09-24bsp/kernel: rm linux-yocto-4.14.71 bits as it is not used by any bspArsalan H. Awan10734-2830048/+0
2020-09-24dpdk: upgrade to v18.11.8 as per yocto dunfell v3.1.2Arsalan H. Awan1-0/+0
2020-09-24distro/poky-amd.conf: set INIT_MANAGER = "systemd"Arsalan H. Awan1-4/+1
2020-09-24docs: set ground for next releaseArsalan H. Awan2-13/+13
2020-09-23Merge branch 'warrior' into masterArsalan H. Awan1851-1110/+328840
2020-05-29Merge pull request #679 from choubeyrahul/dunfellWade Farnsworth1456-7/+225924
2020-05-28linux-yocto_5.4.2 : add 5.4.2 amdgpu patchRahul Kumar1454-0/+225920
2020-05-28Fix amd-spi build failureRahul Kumar1-4/+2
2020-05-28Revert "amd-spi,spirom: disable for now as they dont get built with kernel 5.4"Rahul Kumar1-3/+2
2020-05-21Merge pull request #678 from ArsalanHAwan/dunfellWade Farnsworth1922-1821/+330710
2020-05-21vulkan: inherit features_check as distro_features_check is deprecatedArsalan H. Awan3-3/+3
2020-05-21vulkan: rename to vulkan-loader to fulfill gstreamer dependsArsalan H. Awan5-4/+4
2020-05-21mpv: rm v0.28.2 recipe and use v0.32.0 from yocto dunfellArsalan H. Awan1-73/+0
2020-05-21v1000/kernel: move to linux-yocto v5.4.2Arsalan H. Awan1-1/+1
2020-05-21amd-spi,spirom: disable for now as they dont get built with kernel 5.4Arsalan H. Awan1-2/+3
2020-05-21linux-yocto: add kernel v5.4.2 recipeArsalan H. Awan26-1/+753