BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fidorpi-default-providers: Let users overwrite the default providersAndrei Gherzan4 years
krogothbcm2835: Compile examples correct LDFLAGS to avoid HASH errorsAndrei Gherzan3 years
masterraspberrypi*: Define ARMSTUB for all machinesAndrei Gherzan21 hours
mortyREADME: update dependencies Mirza Krak22 months
pyrodocs, readme: Update branch references for pyroPaul Barker19 months
rockoraspberrypi-cm3.conf: Inherit raspberrypi3 not raspberrypi2Andrei Gherzan10 months
sumorpi-base.inc: Build rpi-poe dtb overlayAndrei Gherzan10 months
thudlinux-raspberrypi: Update 4.14.y kernelPaul Barker3 weeks
warrioromxplayer: remove hardcoded tune and arch from MakefileMartin Schuessler4 weeks
warrior-nextraspberrypi*: Define ARMSTUB for all machinesAndrei Gherzan20 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
21 hoursraspberrypi*: Define ARMSTUB for all machinesHEADmasterAndrei Gherzan9-0/+17
21 hoursarmstubs: Error out when ARMSTUBS is not definedAndrei Gherzan1-0/+1
21 hourssdcard_image-rpi: Check for armstub based on machine featureAndrei Gherzan1-1/+1
21 hoursrpi-config: Check for armstub based on machine featureAndrei Gherzan1-1/+1
21 hoursu-boot: Update patches for RPi4Andrei Gherzan15-861/+258
48 hoursrpi-base.inc: Enabling open-source vc4graphics driver for all RPI platformsRiyaz1-1/+1
48 hoursu-boot: Replace custom fork by patchesAndrei Gherzan13-4/+1110
47 hoursrpi-config: Check some config values against "1"Carton1-5/+5
48 hoursbluez5: Fixed typo (RC_URI -> SRC_URI)Carton1-1/+1
2 daysraspberrypi4-64.conf: Remove memory limitationAndrei Gherzan1-1/+1