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2007-01-03Commit missing libsync.pc.inHEADmasterChris Lord1-0/+12
2006-12-23Rename 'sync'->'synctool'Chris Lord2-4/+9
2006-12-22 * Lord8-37/+207
* src/ library-ise libsync * src/ * src/sync-test.c: Add a small test app for sync between eds and google cal * src/sync_group.c: (sync_group_class_init), (sync_group_set_namespace), (sync_group_get_item1), (sync_group_get_item2), (sync_group_get_namespace): Move the dodgy required gconf call to the get_default_env function, make sure the environment (and thus threads) are initialised before trying to create a new group. * src/sync_main.c: (main): Remove the dodgy gconf call, is now in libsync * src/sync_syncml_item.c: (sync_syncml_item_get_member): Explicitly enable and disable all syncable types
2006-12-19 * data/ Lord4-49/+88
Replace the error label with an error text-view * src/sync_collection.c: (sync_collection_conflict_cb), (sync_collection_finished_cb), (sync_collection_failed_cb), (sync_collection_get_groups), (sync_collection_start): Make SyncCollection work serially * src/sync_main.c: (sync_item_activated_cb), (main): Enable all three SyncML sync-types, now that they execute serially
2006-12-19Fix SyncCollection conflict signal (hopefully), reinstate evolution2 Chris Lord4-18/+17
syncing (still probably mostly broken, but works with google calendar)
2006-12-19 * src/sync_gcal_item.[ch], src/ Lord10-70/+232
Add a Google Calendar sync item * src/sync_group.[ch], src/sync_collection.[ch]: Add extra debugging, add a failure condition for *_start functions * src/sync_main.[ch]: Fix some crashers, add a Google Calendar target, change SyncML target to use the file plug-in instead of evolution
2006-12-04Check in some unfinished work from summer (SyncML server item, various Chris Lord7-26/+249
2006-08-19Fix missing sentinel in g_strconcat and update to build with latest Chris Lord2-3/+15
Opensync svn.
2006-08-03- Write a class that allows simultaneous synchronisation of multiple SyncGroup'sChris Lord12-276/+646
- Don't extend GInitiallyUnknown in SyncItem, change methods slightly to allow SyncItem's to be placed in multiple SyncGroup's - Use SyncCollection instead of SyncGroup for synchronisation, synchronise contacts, events and tasks simultaneously when doing a SyncML synchronisation
2006-08-02- Add error reporting to SyncGroup in the 'failed' signalChris Lord6-23/+82
- Append the type to the name of the SyncML item, but not to its gconf settings, to avoid massive amounts of gconf data for the same SyncML server syncing with different types.
2006-08-01- Don't incorrectly free groups/engines (fixes segfaults on errors)Chris Lord11-44/+412
- Hook up signals in glade instead of program code - Add callbacks for conflict resolution and synchronisation cancelling - Add support for SyncML (client) - Various minor fixes/tweaks
2006-07-27- Minor tweaks to UIChris Lord14-389/+1815
- Refactor into an OpenSync convenience library and the application - Fix various bugs, add progress indicator
2006-07-24- Rename pokysync->syncChris Lord7-64/+129
- Clean backup data before backing up
2006-06-16Finalize/free engine in an idle function, rather than in the callbackChris Lord2-3/+19
2006-06-16Initial check-inChris Lord15-0/+2432
2006-06-16Add directory for sync appChris Lord0-0/+0
2004-12-02Initial importMatthew Allum0-0/+0