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2010-11-30Major shift: All the id_t types have been reworked so that theyPeter Seebach1-6/+6
are generated from text files and templates, making it now (we hope) impossible for the list of strings to get out of sync with the enum.
2010-11-17First pass of some cleanups -- support moving a tracked directory fromPeter Seebach1-2/+4
one device to another, for instance.
2010-08-17Draft one effort at making unlink more robust and fixing an obviousseebs1-0/+3
bug in the speculative-unlink operation. The intent is to mark and then confirm or cancel the delete. This removes the quirk where we tried to stash old database entries, which didn't handle directories anyway; "rmdir non-empty-directory" is a bit too common a case to dismiss as unthinkable.
2010-08-11Enable local variable cacheMark Hatle1-0/+1
Add local variable cache via get_value and set_value. The local cache is setup at constructor time (or soon after). Rewrite the pseudo_setupenv and pseudo_dropenv routines, add a new pseudo_setupenvp and pseudo_dropenvp as well to handle the execve cases. We can now successfully use /usr/bin/env -i env and get pseudo values back!
2010-04-30Cleanup of pdb_historyPeter Seebach1-1/+2
pdb_history was overloaded as a delete function. Separated this out into a query-builder and a pair of functions to use it, which makes it cleaner.
2010-04-26Handle rename(3) across devices.Peter Seebach1-0/+1
When you rename across devices, inode can change. Until now, pseudo had no tools for handling a change in inode, but this is clearly a legitimate case.
2010-04-26Add sanity checkPeter Seebach1-0/+7
It is possible for the database to get out of sync with the filesystem. Detecting this after the fact can be hard. Provide a hook for requesting a check. Also merge in some LD_LIBRARY_PATH fixes.
2010-04-26Updates/improvements for loggingPeter Seebach1-2/+4
Send program name (program_invocation_name from glibc) along with the tag. Along the way, restructure the fds/pids/tags arrays to be an array of client structures in pseudo_server, and add the message type to the set of things logged -- logging that a message was a ping is more useful than appending the text "ping" to it. Add support for type and program to pseudolog. Add deletion to pseudolog. Handle usage message formatting when there's an odd number of known specifiers for pseudolog. Conflicts: ChangeLog.txt pseudo_server.c
2010-03-26Track file open flagsPeter Seebach1-0/+1
This patch adds support for checking whether a file was opened for reading, writing, or both, as well as tracking append flags. It is not very well tested. This is preparation for improved host contamination checking.
2010-03-16initial public releasePeter Seebach1-0/+71