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2015-01-22configure: handle nonexistent prefixPeter Seebach1-1/+6
The (cd $prefix; pwd) only works when the prefix already exists. Check for prefix existing before doing that.
2015-01-14Make --without-passwd-fallback workPeter Seebach1-1/+5
This is derived in significant part from contributions to oe-core by Peter A. Bigot. I reworked the path routine a bit to use an already duplicated string instead of allocating copies of parts of it. The first issue was just that there was a missing antimagic() around some of the path operations. The second is that we wanted to have a way to provide a fallback password file which isn't the host's, but which can be used in the case where the target filesystem hasn't got a password yet, for bootstrapping purposes. (So there's a minimal password file that just has root, basically.) Also, I noticed a design flaw, which is that if you ended up calling pseudo_pwd_lck_open() twice in a row, the second time through, pseudo would first check whether it had a path name for the file (it does), and thus not allocate one, then call the close routine (which frees it and nulls the pointer), then open a new one... and not have a file name, so the next attempt to close it wouldn't unlink the file. This shouldn't ever come up in real code, but it was bugging me. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
2014-07-10don't pass -L/usr/libSeebs1-0/+6
The sqlite flags don't need to be present if they don't have meaningful values. I think.
2014-04-24Make configure handle xattr guessing (or specifying)Peter Seebach1-6/+45
Clean-up: Allow specification of environment hints for subports scripts, such as whether xattr support is available. Also make configure guess at a bit width if none is specified. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
2014-04-21Automatic dependency checking for wrappersPeter Seebach1-0/+3
Ports can provide pseudo_wrappers.c or portdefs.h, and individual functions have implementations. These dependencies aren't known until post-configure. Make the Makefile include two sub-Makefiles which can be updated by makewrappers. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
2014-01-22Don't automatically fall back to /etc/passwd.Peter Seebach1-0/+11
In some cases, we'd rather pseudo fail than fall back to using /etc/passwd or /etc/group. Make the determination of what to fall back to when neither PSEUDO_PASSWD nor a chroot directory contains passwd/group files controllable by a configure-time flag, controlled by --with-passwd-fallback= or --without-passwd-fallback.
2013-02-16allow pseudo to force asynchronous behaviorPeter Seebach1-0/+19
The openembedded build, at least with RPM or SMART, is heavily affected by the cost of calling fsync or fdatasync on package databases all the time. Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if we could suppress that without making dozens of highly intrusive and risky changes into RPM, various database packages, and so on? Yes, yes it would. If only there were a program which could intercept system calls and change their behavior! Enter --enable-force-async. There are now wrappers for fsync, fdatasync, and a few related functions. If --enable-force-async is set, these wrappers instantly return 0, even if PSEUDO_DISABLED is set. And with any luck, bitbake will now perform a bit better. Credit for this insight goes to Richard Purdie. I've reimplemented this to add the configure option, and make the fsync suppression work even when PSEUDO_DISABLED is set.
2013-02-16Use in-memory database for filesPeter Seebach1-0/+32
It turns out that file databases don't get very large, and that sqlite3 can be quite fast with an in-memory database. It also turns out that dumping the database to disk on exit (or during idle times) is pretty cheap compared to constant updates. So: We add "--enable-memory-db", which defaults to on if you have sqlite 3.7 or later, and off for 3.6 (because 3.6 has horrible performance with in-memory db on some hosts we tried).
2013-01-30Add sqlite-lib setting.pseudo-1.4.2PSEUDO_1_4_2Peter Seebach1-3/+14
There's a few circumstances where sqlite's libdir isn't the same as the directory name we want to use for libpseudo.so, so make it a separate setting. This may obviate the need for --with-static-sqlite. Signed-off-by: seebs <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
2012-11-02Makefile.in/configure: Use $(LIB), not hardcoded lib, for sqlitePeter Seebach1-2/+8
It turns out that the -L usage mostly doesn't matter (usually something else has requested the right directory, or it's the default), but the explicit path to libsqlite3.a hardcoded "lib", and on some systems it should be something else, such as "lib64". Solution: Use $(LIB) for that directory. Note that this may not resolve things if, say, you're doing MIPS n32 on a target where that lives in /usr/lib32, but I think in that case you'd be specifying $libdir, so it should still work out. Also added --with-static-sqlite=/path as an option in case people need to further outsmart this. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
2012-07-24CleanupPeter Seebach1-3/+1
Clean up a couple of (harmless, but unsightly) bits of cruft left from a failed attempt at implementing the ARCH_FLAGS support.
2012-07-20Don't try to learn all the architecture-specific flagsPeter Seebach1-64/+76
Pseudo should never have been the one picking -m32/-m64. That should be coming from the build system in some way. Deprecate --arch, add --cflags.
2012-04-10First pass at smarter handling of multilib compile optionsPeter Seebach1-1/+21
Long story short: ARM doesn't use -m32 and -m64, so make those a little more dependent. We'll probably rework this completely "soon" as we mess with more targets and x32 becomes an issue.
2012-04-09Improve RPATH logicPeter Seebach1-2/+14
The existing behavior was to set rpath to whatever was specified explicitly with --with-rpath, or to set a default if the opt_rpath variable was unset and we reached a --with-sqlite. This turns out to be incorrect in the case where a static sqlite is being used. You can force the issue with --without-rpath, but it's probably better to make the inference smarter. This also allows the slight cleanup of setting opt_rpath to '' to begin with, because we're no longer depending on the distinction between empty and unset.
2012-03-27Allow static sqlitePeter Seebach1-0/+7
Some systems prefer to avoid messing with LD_LIBRARY_PATH as much, and instead link sqlite statically.
2012-03-27Configuration cleanup for OE-core:Peter Seebach1-4/+9
In OE-Core we need to be able to configure for both 32-bit and 64-bit libpseudo libraries. In order to avoid some complex manipulations, we adjust the configure and Makefile to facilitate this. Upstream-Status: Submitted Signed-off-by: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@windriver.com>
2011-05-02configure: Ignore unknown argumentsColin Walters1-1/+1
This is what GNU configure does, for valid reasons. My build wrapper unconditionally passes --enable-maintainer-mode.
2011-05-02Accept --libdirColin Walters1-1/+15
The way multilib works on at least Fedora is that --libdir=$prefix/lib64 is passed to configure. The source build system should not attempt to guess at architecture or take other configure flags (like --bits); instead it should default to whatever the given $(CC) does. This patch preserves the ability to specify --bits however.
2010-09-15In the WR Linux build system, we build host tools (including pseudo)Peter Seebach1-1/+15
in one place, but then often reuse them in other project directories. As a result, the --with-sqlite path is no longer the right path to use for RPATH later in the program's life. In the past, we were using chrpath to change the path to something more suitable, but this doesn't work if the new path is longer. Instead, allow an explicit --with-rpath setting which our build system can use. The logic is: * If you don't specify --with-sqlite or --with-rpath, you get no -Wl,-R * If you specify an empty path in --with-rpath, or --without-rpath, you get no -Wl,-R * If you specify --with-rpath with a non-empty path, you get -Wl,-R<path> * If you specify --with-sqlite, but not --with-rpath, you get -Wl,-R$(SQLITE)/lib
2010-07-30Configure script now checks for sqlite3 version.Konrad Scherer1-0/+16
CQ: WIND000225366 Pseudo requires functionality in sqlite3 only available in version 3.6.x. The configure script now checks if sqlite headers are installed and checks that the version is at least 3.6.x.
2010-03-16initial public releasePeter Seebach1-0/+71