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Add support for intercepting execve()
This allows us to track execution, although the tracking for it requires some additional thought -- the basic assumption is that we don't want to canonicalize names into the chroot() directory, but since all the filename canonicalization assumes that we want this, that will take some sneaking. It's a little useful as is, though, so I'm running with it.
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@@ -185,7 +185,10 @@ such as "r+" to indicate read/write access. Note that specifying
.B \&a
as an access mode will include non-append writes, as the "a" mode
implies write and append both. This feature is slightly experimental
-and may not correctly identify the access type of every access.
+and may not correctly identify the access type of every access. The
+.B x
+may be specified to indicate execute access.
.TP 8
.B c
Client ID (the PID of a client).