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Updates/improvements for logging
Send program name (program_invocation_name from glibc) along with the tag. Along the way, restructure the fds/pids/tags arrays to be an array of client structures in pseudo_server, and add the message type to the set of things logged -- logging that a message was a ping is more useful than appending the text "ping" to it. Add support for type and program to pseudolog. Add deletion to pseudolog. Handle usage message formatting when there's an odd number of known specifiers for pseudolog. Conflicts: ChangeLog.txt pseudo_server.c
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
.B pseudolog
-.RB [ \-DPv ]
+.RB [ \-UPv ]
.B \-E
.I timeformat
@@ -37,13 +37,21 @@
.B pseudolog \-h
+.B pseudolog \-D
+.RB [ \-Pv ]
+.B \-E
+.I timeformat
.I pseudolog
-utility displays log entries created by the
+utility displays, creates, or deletes log entries associated with the
.I pseudo
-daemon, or creates log entries. Creation of log entries is useful only to
+daemon. Creation of log entries is useful only to
create timestamps or notes; for instance, you could create a log entry before
beginning a process, so there would be a timestamp for the beginning of
that process. There are a number of special options used to match or create
@@ -60,11 +68,7 @@ The following other options are supported:
Print a usage message and exit.
.TP 8
.B \-D
-Restrict query output to distinct rows. Rows will have members defined by
-.B \-F
-(format) option. If all members are the same between two rows, only one
-is displayed. Applies only to queries.
+Delete rows selected by the query. This is not reversible.
.TP 8
.BI \-E \ timeformat
Specify a format string (for
@@ -97,6 +101,13 @@ should be used as the
value, overriding any environment setting.
.TP 8
+.B \-U
+Restrict query output to unique rows. Rows will have members defined by
+.B \-F
+(format) option. If all members are the same between two rows, only one
+is displayed. Applies only to queries.
+.TP 8
.B \-v
Increase verbosity (debug level). Not useful except when debugging pseudo.
@@ -261,6 +272,12 @@ usually means that there was no entry in the
.I pseudo
.TP 8
+.B R
+Program. This is the program name (as retrieved by glibc's
+.I program_invocation_name
+variable), which has the full path if and only if the program
+was invoked by full path name.
+.TP 8
.B s
Timestamp. The format of this field is controlled by the
.B \-E
@@ -291,6 +308,13 @@ logged. It is, of course, a text field.
.TP 8
.B u
UID. The user ID associated with an entry.
+.TP 8
+.B y
+Type. This is usually "op" for operations, or "ping" for the ping
+messages clients send to confirm server availability. Other types
+should rarely occur, but include "ack" and "nak" for server
+responses (which are never logged), and "halt" for shutdown messages
+(currently not logged).
The following examples illustrate some of the likely usage patterns for