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authorPeter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>2014-04-16 13:57:50 -0500
committerPeter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>2014-04-21 18:12:22 -0500
commitd4c7177bb87aad975852715c6956426b5595bb78 (patch)
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Initial draft xattr support
Initial, incomplete, support for extended attributes. Extended attributes are implemented fairly naively, using a second table in the file database using the primary file table's id as a foreign key. The ON DELETE CASCADE behavior requires sqlite 3.6.19 or later with foreign key and trigger support compiled in. To reduce round-trips, the client does not check for existing attributes, but rather, sends three distinct set messages; OP_SET_XATTR, OP_CREATE_XATTR, OP_REPLACE_XATTR. A SET message always succeeds, a CREATE fails if the attribute already exists, and a REPLACE fails if the attribute does not already exist. The /* flags */ feature of makewrappers is used to correct path names appropriately, so all functions are already working with complete paths, and can always use functions that work on links; if they were supposed to dereference, the path fixup code got that. The xattr support is enabled, for now, conditional on whether getfattr --help succeeds. Not yet implemented: Translation for system.posix_acl_access, which is used by "cp -a" (or "cp --preserve-all") on some systems to try to copy modes. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
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diff --git a/pseudo_server.h b/pseudo_server.h
index 5c595ea..06598e7 100644
--- a/pseudo_server.h
+++ b/pseudo_server.h
@@ -18,6 +18,6 @@
extern int pseudo_server_start(int);
-extern int pseudo_server_response(pseudo_msg_t *msg, const char *program, const char *tag);
+extern int pseudo_server_response(pseudo_msg_t *msg, const char *program, const char *tag, char **response_path, size_t *response_len);
extern int pseudo_server_timeout;
extern int opt_l;