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Miscellaneous fixes:
* Add lckpwdf/ulckpwdf to guts/README * Remove arguments from function pointer arguments. While in theory the compar function pointer has always taken "const struct dirent **", some systems (many) have declared it instead as taking "const void *". For now, just omit the types; a pointer to function taking unknown arguments is a compatible type, and we never call the functions, we just pass them to something else. * Handle readlinkat() on systems without *at functions * Fix pseudo_etc_file (spotted by "fortify") When O_CREAT can be a flag, 0600 mode is needed. While we're at it, remove a bogus dummy open. * Fix mkdtemp() Was returning the address of the internal buffer rather than the user-provided buffer. Also fixed a typo in an error message. * Don't call fgetgrent_r() with a null FILE *. * A couple of other typo-type fixes.
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