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This is a merge of several commits from a tree which turned out to
be out of sync in a very inconvenient way. Changes include: * Some whitespace fixes, also move the pseudo_variables definition into pseudo_util.c since it's not used anywhere else. * Further improvements in the fork() support: We now recognize both positive and negative forms of PSEUDO_DISABLED, so we can distinguish between "it was removed from the environment by env -i" (restore the old value) and "it was intentionally turned off" (the new value wins). * clone(2) support. This is a little primitive, and programs might still fail horribly due to clone's semantics, but at least it's there and passes easy test cases. Plus a big patch from Mark Hatle: Cleanup fork/clone and PSEUDO_DISABLED guts/fork.c: * cleanup function and make it more robust * be sure to call pseudo_setupenv prior to pseudo_client_reset to match exec behavior pseudo_wrappers.c: * fix mismatched type in execl_to_v call via typecast * Simplify fork call via single call to wrap_fork() * be sure to save pseudo_disabled * be sure to call pseudo_setupenv prior to pseudo_client_reset to match exec behavior tests: * Add a test of whether pseudo can be disabled/enabled on a fork. Signed-off-by: Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@windriver.com>
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@@ -400,6 +400,16 @@ in the
.I var/pseudo
directory, while clients log to standard error.
.TP 8
+If this variable is set to a value that doesn't look like f, F, n, N, or
+a numeric zero, the
+.I pseudo
+client library does not modify the behavior of called functions, though it
+continues to intercept them and block signals while processing them. This
+variable is reevaluated on every call to
+.IR fork(2) ,\ clone(2)
+or related functions.
+.TP 8
If this variable is set, the
.I pseudo