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Merge in ports work
This is a spiffied-up rebase of a bunch of intermediate changes, presented as a whole because it is, surprisingly, less confusing that way. The basic idea is to separate the guts code into categories ranging from generic stuff that can be the same everywhere and specific variants. The big scary one is the Darwin support, which actually seems to run okay on 64-bit OS X 10.6. (No other variants were tested.) The other example given is support for the old clone() syscall on RHEL 4, which affects some wrlinux use cases. There's a few minor cleanup bits here, such as a function with inconsistent calling conventions, but nothing really exciting.
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directory, while clients log to standard error.
.TP 8
-If this variable is set to a value that doesn't look like f, F, n, N, or
+If this variable is set to a value that doesn't look like f, F, n, N, s, S, or
a numeric zero, the
.I pseudo
client library does not modify the behavior of called functions, though it
continues to intercept them and block signals while processing them. This
variable is reevaluated on every call to
.IR fork(2) ,\ clone(2)
-or related functions.
+or related functions. If the value starts with a lowercase or uppercase s,
+the pseudo client disables all server spawning and communications, but still
+operates locally. This means that no filesystem mode or permissions changes
+are actually recorded or reported, but functions like
+.I chown()
+will still report success, even though nothing happens. This function is
+intended for debugging of issues which are complicated by the server's
.TP 8
If this variable is set, the