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Reduce race condition for unlinks.
If multiple clients are active at once, the following could occur: * Client #1 unlinks file A * Client #2 creates file B, which reuses A's inode * Client #2 sends request to server * Client #1 sends request to server * Processing client #2's request creates a mismatch warning for file A/B. * Processing client #1's request creates a mismatch warning too. Note that this can happen even if Client #2 sends its request later, as there's no intrinsic guarantee of the order in which requests are processed; any SINGLE client is presumably executing operations in order, but multiple clients aren't. Fixing this in rmdir, unlink, and rename.
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diff --git a/makewrappers b/makewrappers
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--- a/makewrappers
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@@ -273,6 +273,7 @@ EOF
pseudo_debug(4, "called: $name\n");
if (pseudo_getlock()) {
errno = EBUSY;
+ sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, &saved, NULL);
$(write_return $default_value);