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allow pseudo to force asynchronous behavior
The openembedded build, at least with RPM or SMART, is heavily affected by the cost of calling fsync or fdatasync on package databases all the time. Gosh, wouldn't it be nice if we could suppress that without making dozens of highly intrusive and risky changes into RPM, various database packages, and so on? Yes, yes it would. If only there were a program which could intercept system calls and change their behavior! Enter --enable-force-async. There are now wrappers for fsync, fdatasync, and a few related functions. If --enable-force-async is set, these wrappers instantly return 0, even if PSEUDO_DISABLED is set. And with any luck, bitbake will now perform a bit better. Credit for this insight goes to Richard Purdie. I've reimplemented this to add the configure option, and make the fsync suppression work even when PSEUDO_DISABLED is set.
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