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- The *at() function implementations are gratuitously complicated,
I believe because they predate the auto-canonicalization that came
with the rewritten pseudo wrappers.
+* Memory allocation/deallocation issues.
+ - there's a number of places where results from pseudo_get_value() are
+ strdup'd, then the originals freed, which makes no sense.
+ - there's at least one unchecked realloc() to do with the fd table.
+* Benchmarking/performance work.
+ - It'd be nice to get some kind of measurement of how much time is
+ going to which parts of pseudo (database access, filesystem access,
+ IPC overhead, logic, client processing, and so on).
+ - Maybe some work on finding ways to make profiling work, since I was
+ having issues getting good profiling data.
+ - Some moderately-canonical benchmarks would be nice to have for evaluating
+ the costs of various common use cases.