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Make --without-passwd-fallback work
This is derived in significant part from contributions to oe-core by Peter A. Bigot. I reworked the path routine a bit to use an already duplicated string instead of allocating copies of parts of it. The first issue was just that there was a missing antimagic() around some of the path operations. The second is that we wanted to have a way to provide a fallback password file which isn't the host's, but which can be used in the case where the target filesystem hasn't got a password yet, for bootstrapping purposes. (So there's a minimal password file that just has root, basically.) Also, I noticed a design flaw, which is that if you ended up calling pseudo_pwd_lck_open() twice in a row, the second time through, pseudo would first check whether it had a path name for the file (it does), and thus not allocate one, then call the close routine (which frees it and nulls the pointer), then open a new one... and not have a file name, so the next attempt to close it wouldn't unlink the file. This shouldn't ever come up in real code, but it was bugging me. Signed-off-by: Peter Seebach <peter.seebach@windriver.com>
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+ * (seebs) Merge pabigot's fix for a missing antimagic() in
+ etc_file code.
+ * (seebs) Make configure reject a "prefix" of the current
+ directory. It fails in strange ways and is easy to detect.
+ * (seebs) handle colon-separated lists in PSEUDO_PASSWD.
+ Derived in part from contribution from pabigot.
+ * (seebs) change allocation order in password file locking.
* (seebs) First try at handling trailing slashes in path names
correctly. (Which is to say, a trailing slash on a file name