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2010-07-23MIPS64 TLS PLT relocs don't appear to be handled in the rtldcross_prelink_r185Mark Hatle2-0/+6
2010-07-22Remove generated files...Mark Hatle13-35670/+10
2010-07-22Simplify dso.c maintenanceMark Hatle6-1900/+29
2010-07-22Sync to upstream r185Mark Hatle2-32/+48
2010-07-22Merge branch 'master' into cross_prelinkMark Hatle5-37/+83
2010-07-22Add initial README.crosscross_prelink_r184Mark Hatle1-0/+17
2010-07-22Fix dwarf symbol table when prelinking on MIPSMark Hatle2-0/+11
2010-07-22Fix MIPS debug info prelinkingAndrew Stubbs2-0/+5
2010-07-22Merge to upstream r184Mark Hatle2-14/+75
2010-07-22Merge commit 'ac2eeba55196424954b58cf540c44e42bc2774dc' into cross_prelinkMark Hatle18-197/+673
2010-07-22Resolve R_MIPS_TLS_DTPMOD32/64 relocationscross_prelink_r174Mark Hatle2-2/+21
2010-07-22Fix buffer overrun in load_ld_so_confMark Hatle2-2/+9
2010-07-22Add local hash calculationsMark Hatle6-30/+167
2010-07-22Add missing pid initialisationMark Hatle2-1/+7
2010-07-22Merge to r174 -- cleanupMark Hatle7-7/+14
2010-07-22Merge branch 'prelink_r174' into cross_prelinkMark Hatle53-591/+2043
2010-07-22Fix MSB shift in prelink adjusting debug infocross_prelink_20061201Joseph S dot Myers2-2/+7
2010-07-22fsync files before closingMark Hatle8-5/+45
2010-07-22Fix arm TLS_TPOFF32 handlingMark Hatle2-1/+6
2010-07-22Add sparc64 fixesMark Hatle2-3/+56
2010-07-22SPARC64 prelink TLS and current kernels supportJoseph S dot Myers1-5/+121
2010-07-22Add MIPS64 prelinking and other associated itemsMark Hatle24-170/+833
2010-07-22Fix the width of the data transferMark Hatle2-2/+7
2010-07-22Additional MIPS prelinker supportMark Hatle7-14/+173
2010-07-22Correct chroot/sysroot file canonicalizingMark Hatle7-282/+118
2010-07-22Cleanup of prelink(8) man pageMark Hatle2-96/+115
2010-07-22Update load_dsos to avoid canonicalizing host filenames within the sysrootMark Hatle4-17/+27
2010-07-22Add configurable version and bug urlMark Hatle7-11/+55
2010-07-22Cleanup wrap_statMark Hatle3-22/+23
2010-07-22Determine machine type and add assert on buffer overflowMark Hatle3-10/+51
2010-07-22Add function to determine if it's PIEMark Hatle2-46/+80
2010-07-22Merge to r150Mark Hatle4-3/+29
2010-07-22Add an error message if execve failsMark Hatle2-0/+6
2010-07-22Add PRELINK_PROG and PRELINK_RTLD_PROGMark Hatle5-14/+57
2010-07-22Add switch to disable selinux when linkingMark Hatle3-6/+22
2010-07-22Import from: prelink-mips-n32.patchMark Hatle3-2/+17
2010-07-22Reuse PT_NULL program headersRichard Sandiford2-138/+154
2010-07-22Update ld-libs.c for the newer version of prelinkMark Hatle2-68/+125
2010-07-22Update elf.h to latest versionMark Hatle2-2/+29
2010-07-22Merge branch 'prelink_20061201' into cross_prelinkMark Hatle223-0/+89569
2010-07-14 * src/prelink.h (copy_fd_to_file): New prototype.jakub5-37/+83
2010-04-13 * testsuite/reloc8.sh: Don't use -Wl,-z,nocopyreloc onjakub3-2/+6
2010-04-13 * src/dwarf2.c (DEBUG_TYPES): Define.jakub3-123/+254
2010-04-13 * src/prelink.h (send_file): New prototype.jakub6-18/+95
2010-01-06 * src/arch-s390.c (s390_prelink_conflict_rela) <case R_390_PC32DBL>:jakub2-2/+7
2010-01-05 * src/arch-s390.c (s390_prelink_rela, s390_apply_rela,jakub2-15/+109
2009-12-16 * testsuite/reloc2.sh: Don't assume textrel works if getenforcejakub5-4/+32
2009-11-03 * src/arch-x86_64.c (x86_64_reloc_size): Handle R_X86_64_IRELATIVE.jakub7-34/+156
2009-10-19 * src/conflict.c (prelink_build_conflicts): Use >= not > tojakub2-1/+5
2009-10-19 * m4/libelf.m4: Resync with version of code in aclocal.m4.jakub2-1/+6