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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 daysbuild-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionHEADmastergatesgarthRichard Purdie1-1/+1
4 daysoeqa: Add sync call to command executionRichard Purdie3-16/+15
4 daysqemu: change TLBs number to 64 in 34Kf mips cpu modelVictor Kamensky2-0/+60
4 daysRevert "qemu: add 34Kf-64tlb fictitious cpu type"Victor Kamensky2-119/+0
4 daysRevert "qemumips: use 34Kf-64tlb CPU emulation"Victor Kamensky1-1/+1
4 daysclasses/buildhistory: also save recipe info for native recipesPaul Eggleton1-4/+4
4 daysclasses/buildhistory: record SRC_URIPaul Eggleton1-0/+3
4 dayspackagegroup-core-tools-debug: Disable for rv32/glibc as wellKhem Raj1-1/+1
4 daysboost-build-native: fix upstream version checkAlexander Kanavin1-0/+2
4 dayspython3: fix upstream version checkAlexander Kanavin1-0/+1
4 daysncurses: only include upstream releases in version checkAlexander Kanavin1-1/+1
4 dayslib/oe/rootfs: introduce IMAGE_LOG_CHECK_EXCLUDESKonrad Weihmann1-0/+2
4 daysmesa: Fix build on 32bit arches supporting 64bit time_t onlyKhem Raj2-0/+32
4 daysboost: Fix build on 32-bit arches with 64bit time_t onlyKhem Raj2-0/+55
4 daysgrub2: fix CVE-2020-10713Lee Chee Yang2-0/+74
6 dayssiteinfo: Recognize bigendian sh3be and sh4beMartin Jansa1-0/+2
6 dayssiteinfo: Recognize 32bit PPC LEMartin Jansa1-0/+3
6 don't append _be to ARMPKGARCH for tune-thunderx_beMartin Jansa1-1/+1
6 dayslinux-firmware: add Amlogic VDEC firmware packageNeil Armstrong1-0/+8
6 removeMartin Jansa1-4/+0
6 don't print useless infoChangqing Li1-1/+1
6 dayscups: use /run instead /var/run in systemd's unit fileChen Qi1-0/+1
6 use nf suffix also for TUNE_PKGARCHMartin Jansa1-2/+2
6 add t suffix for thumb to PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS_tune-ep9312Martin Jansa1-2/+1
6 fix typo in mipsisa64r6-nfMartin Jansa1-1/+1
6 dayswaf: add ${B} to do_configure[cleandirs]Ross Burton1-0/+1
6 dayswaf: don't assume the waf intepretter is goodRoss Burton1-4/+9
6 don't append _be to ARMPKGARCH for tune-aarch64_beMartin Jansa1-1/+1
6 remove duplicated mips64el-o32 from PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS_tune-m...Martin Jansa1-1/+1
6 fix typoMartin Jansa1-1/+1
7 daysLicense-Update: gdk-pixbuf: Fix LICENSE.Akira Shibakawa1-1/+1
7 daysLicense-Update: kmod: Add a missing file to LIC_FILES_CHKSUM.Akira Shibakawa1-0/+1
7 daysLicense-Update: attr: Add a missing file to LIC_FILES_CHKSUM.Akira Shibakawa1-0/+1
7 dayslayer.conf: fix sanity error for PATH variable in extensible SDK workflowSourabh Banerjee1-1/+3
7 Correct TUNE_FEATURESMartin Jansa1-1/+1
7 dayslayer.conf: Switch to gatesgarth only in preparation for releaseRichard Purdie1-1/+1
7 dayswatchdog: use /run instead of /var/run in systemd service fileChen Qi2-0/+31
7 dayslibproxy: fix CVE-2020-25219Lee Chee Yang2-0/+62
7 dayskea: add init scriptsakuster5-1/+174
7 daysbusybox: add rev and pgrepakuster3-0/+4
7 daysdhcpcd: add PACKAGECONFIG for ntp/chrony/ypbind hooksYi Zhao1-0/+8
7 daysautotools.bbclass: Order CONFIG_SHELL before CACHED_CONFIGUREVARSKhem Raj1-1/+1
7 daysclasses: Fixed the problem of undefined variables when compiling meta-toolchain.zangrc1-1/+1
7 daysexternalsrc: No single-task lock if S != BDouglas Royds1-1/+1
11 daysIMAGE_LOCALES_ARCHIVE: add option to prevent locale archive creationMichael Thalmeier2-7/+11
11 daysuninative: Fix typo in error messageNaoki Hayama1-1/+1
11 Correct TUNE_FEATURES_tune-cortexa65Peter Kjellerstedt1-1/+1
11 daystune-cortexa32: fix cortexa32 tuneJon Mason1-1/+1
11 daysclasses/waf: Add build and install argumentsJoshua Watt1-2/+7
13 daysoeqa/selftest/runtime_test: Exclude gpg directory from pseudo databaseRichard Purdie1-0/+1