AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
16 hoursRevert "HACK: Test hashserv on autobuilder"master-nextRichard Purdie1-3/+0
16 hoursHACK: Test hashserv on autobuilderRichard Purdie1-0/+3
16 hoursbitbake: bitbake: Rework hash equivalenceJoshua Watt9-311/+875
16 hourspython3-dbus: update to 1.2.12Oleksandr Kravchuk1-4/+4
16 hourslibepoxy: Disable x11 when not building for x11Andrew F. Davis via Openembedded-core1-1/+1
16 hourslibunwind: apply configure over-ride to both big and little endian ARMAndre McCurdy1-0/+1
16 hoursinitscripts: enable init script for big endian ARMAndre McCurdy2-0/+1
16 hourslibwebp: apply ARM specific config options to big endian ARMAndre McCurdy1-1/+4
16 hoursffmpeg: add PACKAGECONFIG controls for alsa and zlib (enable by default)Andre McCurdy1-3/+5
16 hoursbusybox: rcS and rcK should not be writeable by everyoneAndre McCurdy1-2/+2
16 hoursbase-files: drop legacy empty file /etc/default/usbdAndre McCurdy2-2/+0
16 hoursclasses/reproducible_build: Move SDE deploy to another directoryJoshua Watt1-2/+6
16 hoursRemove SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_SERVERJoshua Watt3-12/+3
16 hourssstatesig: Update server URIJoshua Watt1-1/+1
16 hoursbitbake: runqueue/siggen: Optimise hash equiv queriesHEADmasterRichard Purdie2-0/+11
16 hoursbitbake: Revert "bitbake: cooker: Ensure bbappends are found in stable order"Martin Jansa1-1/+0
16 hoursgrub: remove diffutils and freetype runtime dependenciesYi Zhao2-2/+2
16 handle empty DEBUG_PREFIX_MAPMikko Rapeli1-1/+4
16 hoursopenssl: Upgrade 1.1.1c -> 1.1.1dAdrian Bunk3-82/+2
16 don't extend file for file dependencyChangqing Li2-1/+3
16 hourscurl: update to 7.66.0Oleksandr Kravchuk1-2/+2
16 hourssystemd: upgrade to 243Scott Murray21-361/+507
16 hoursnativesdk.bbclass: Clear out LIBCEXTENSION and ABIEXTENSIONKhem Raj1-0/+2
16 hoursicecc: blacklist pixmanTim Blechmann1-0/+3
16 hourspopulate_sdk_base.bbclass: nativesdk-glibc-locale is required on musl tooKhem Raj1-1/+1
16 hoursglibc: Move DISTRO_FEATURE specific do_install code for target recipe onlyKhem Raj1-19/+20
16 hoursexpat: update to 2.2.8Oleksandr Kravchuk1-2/+2
16 hoursoeqa/selftest/imagefeatures: dump the JSON if it can't be parsedRoss Burton1-1/+2
16 hoursoeqa/selftest/wic: improve assert messages in test_fixed_sizeRoss Burton1-2/+4
16 hoursmusl: Update to latest masterKhem Raj1-1/+1
16 hoursadwaita-icon-theme: fix rare install raceRoss Burton1-4/+8
16 hoursperf: fix build on kernels which don't have ${S}/tools/include/linux/bits.hMartin Jansa1-2/+2
16 hoursmeta: add missing descriptions and homepage in bspMaxime Roussin-BĂ©langer5-0/+20
16 hoursbusybox-inittab: minor formatting tweaksAndre McCurdy1-9/+10
16 hoursbusybox: drop inittab from SRC_URI ( now moved to busybox-inittab )Andre McCurdy1-1/+0
16 hoursbusybox: drop unused mount.busybox and umount.busybox wrappersAndre McCurdy3-8/+0
16 hoursfont-util: update to 1.3.2Oleksandr Kravchuk1-2/+2
16 hourslttng-modules: Add missing SRCREV_FORMATDaniel Gomez1-0/+1
16 hoursglibc-testsuite: SkipRecipe if libc is not glibcNathan Rossi1-0/+7
16 hoursiptables: add systemd helper unit to load/restore rulesJack Mitchell3-1/+29
16 hourstune-cortexa57-cortexa53: add tunes for ARM Cortex-A53-Cortex-A57Limeng1-0/+18
16 hoursconf/multilib.conf: Add ovmf to NON_MULTILIB_RECIPESRobert Yang1-1/+1
16 hoursrunqemu: decouple gtk and gl optionsAlexander Kanavin2-8/+15
16 hourscogl: Do not depend PN-dev on empty PNKhem Raj1-0/+2
16 hourspython3-pygobject: update to 3.34.0Oleksandr Kravchuk1-2/+2
16 hoursvalgrind: disable 256 ptests for aarch64Randy MacLeod3-0/+254
16 hoursvalgrind: ptest improvements to run-ptest and moreRandy MacLeod2-18/+47
16 hoursvalgrind: make a few more ptests passRandy MacLeod2-1/+44
16 hoursvalgrind: enable ~500 more ptestsRandy MacLeod1-10/+15
16 hoursqemu: Security Advisory - qemu - CVE-2019-15890Li Zhou2-0/+49