AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-09-21Fix mercurial fetcher in fetch21.1_M4.rc3Julian Pidancet1-1/+1
2011-09-21hob: fix opening of image output dir on image build completionJoshua Lock2-4/+7
2011-09-21ui/crumbs/runningbuild: fix log messages right-click menuJoshua Lock1-1/+1
2011-09-21libpng: Add RPROVIDES for backwards compatibiliy with previous libpng packagingRichard Purdie1-1/+2
2011-09-21debian.bbclass: Fix hardcoded "lib" referenceRichard Purdie1-3/+3
2011-09-21Update python dependencies to be simply to "python"Mark Hatle3-1/+25
2011-09-21libpng: avoid dangling link in libpng packageDongxiao Xu1-4/+2
2011-09-21oprofileui: Change avahi to avahi-ui dependsSaul Wold1-1/+1
2011-09-21Fix alsa-utils package dependenciesDaniel Lazzari1-2/+5
2011-09-21multilib_global.bbclass: Fix non-multilib package providesMark Hatle1-5/+22
2011-09-21busybox: Enhance to add dynamic per-file providesMark Hatle2-1/+33
2011-09-21Add a run-time dependency that eglibc support GNU_HASHMark Hatle3-3/+4
2011-09-21Fix RPM dependenciesMark Hatle1-1/+1
2011-09-21multilib: install MULTILIB_IMAGE_INSTALLDongxiao Xu2-14/+32
2011-09-21rpm: add multilib prefix for archs under deploy/rpmDongxiao Xu2-1/+8
2011-09-21avahi: Refactor recipe to move UI to avahi-uiSaul Wold3-42/+87
2011-09-21distrodata: fix distro_check codeSaul Wold2-6/+21
2011-09-21zypper: git repo moved to githubAnders Darander1-1/+1
2011-09-21sat-solver: git repo moved to githubAnders Darander1-1/+1
2011-09-21libzypp: git repo moved to githubAnders Darander1-1/+1
2011-09-21deb packages support: switch from /var/dpkg to /var/lib/dpkgDexuan Cui10-27/+27
2011-09-21scripts/combo-layer: fix still overzealous regex in default hook scriptPaul Eggleton1-1/+1
2011-09-20hob: enable package only builds even if an image has been builtJoshua Lock1-0/+1
2011-09-20hob: fix build again when building packages onlyJoshua Lock2-12/+12
2011-09-20ui/crumbs/hobprefs: re-enable reloading of data after prefs changesJoshua Lock1-1/+1
2011-09-20fetch2/git: fix subpath destination directoryPaul Eggleton1-1/+3
2011-09-20fetch2/git: be more carefull in _contains_ref when checking git log outputMartin Jansa1-1/+4
2011-09-20fetch2/git: fix logger.debugMartin Jansa1-1/+1
2011-09-20fetch2/wget: make checkstatus() quieterJoshua Lock1-3/+4
2011-09-20freetype: disable bzip2 compressed font supportPaul Eggleton1-2/+2
2011-09-20libgnome-keyring: add libgcrypt to DEPENDSPaul Eggleton1-2/+2
2011-09-20libgcrypt: add libcap to DEPENDSPaul Eggleton2-2/+2
2011-09-20taskdata: fix string formatting of an error messageChristopher Larson1-1/+1 Fix key expansion issues in showVersionsRichard Purdie1-1/+6
2011-09-19sanity.bbclass: add a sanity check for KDE 4.x konsole in TERMCMDPaul Eggleton1-0/+6
2011-09-19lib/oe/ declare konsole from KDE 4.x as unsupportedPaul Eggleton1-0/+27
2011-09-19texinfo: several changes to build without zlib and ncurses headers on hostJoshua Lock4-12/+105
2011-09-19base.bbclass: add crosssdk items to INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE exclude listSaul Wold1-1/+1 Fix logging vs logger typoRichard Purdie1-1/+1
2011-09-16sanity: disable mirrors for connectivity checkJoshua Lock1-2/+6
2011-09-16bugzilla.bbclass: add a class to report build problems to bugzillaDmitry Eremin-Solenikov1-0/+186
2011-09-16icecc.bbclass: replace with updated versionDmitry Eremin-Solenikov1-246/+144
2011-09-16icecc-create-env: a tool to create icecc toolchain tarballsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov2-0/+132
2011-09-16image/package.bbclass: Revise multilib support for DEBIAN_NAME.Lianhao Lu2-13/+6
2011-09-16Misc: Added MLPREFIX to final pkg names in case of DEBIAN_NAMES.Lianhao Lu6-10/+10
2011-09-16debian/_ipk.bbclass: Added multilib support for package_name_hook()Lianhao Lu3-1/+6
2011-09-16package.bbclass: fix spurious 'installed but not shipped' warningTom Zanussi1-1/+4
2011-09-16qemu: Fix reversed BGR values on ARM Versatile emulationRichard Purdie2-1/+32
2011-09-16Prevent IMAGE_FEATURES from contaminating initrdDarren Hart1-0/+3
2011-09-16Set an explicit path for the initrd scriptsDarren Hart6-4/+10