AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
19 hourslib/oe/package_manager/sdk: Ensure do_populate_sdk_ext and do_populate_sdk re...HEADmasterRichard Purdie4-4/+13
19 hoursbash: 4.4 -> 4.4.12Huang Qiyu2-60/+24
19 hoursopenssh: Disable wtmp when using musl libcPaul Barker1-0/+3
19 hourslibevent: fix 32bit linux regress testMingli Yu2-0/+49
19 hoursgrub: Fix device mapper dependencyRobert Joslyn1-1/+1
19 hourscommon-licenses: Add BSD-1-ClauseAndré Draszik1-0/+9
19 hoursadwaita-icon-theme: 3.26.0 -> 3.26.1Huang Qiyu1-2/+2
19 hoursoe-pkgdata-util: Add support for RPROVIDESAmanda Brindle1-61/+93
19 hoursoe-pkgdata-util: Refactor functions for consistencyAmanda Brindle1-59/+48
19 hoursgo-dep: Add native and nativesdk variantsOtavio Salvador1-0/+2
19 hoursu-boot: Upgrade to 2018.01 releaseMarek Vasut6-72/+1
19 hoursconnman: Implement subnet route in sessionJian Liang5-0/+281
19 hoursconnman: Fix a crash using wispr over TLSJian Liang2-0/+42
19 hoursconnman: fix nat-postrouting not update issueJian Liang2-0/+113
19 hoursmesa: Upgrade 17.3.2 -> 17.3.3 releaseOtavio Salvador2-2/+2
19 hoursperl: add Config_git.PL to -libTim Orling1-0/+1
19 hourspopulate_sdk_ext: Set cleandirs correctlyRichard Purdie1-1/+1
2 dayspython: fix RDEPENDS on several recipes, due to non-existent packagesAlejandro Hernandez18-29/+37
2 dayspython3: Fix native compilation of gdbm module and manifestAlejandro Hernandez2-3/+14
2 dayspython*-manifest.json: add dependencies, runpyTim Orling2-5/+49
2 dayspython3: Restructure python3 packaging and replace it with autopackagingAlejandro Hernandez8-1590/+1675
2 dayspython2 fix trailing whitespace in jsonTim Orling1-1/+1
2 dayspython: Restructure python packaging and replace it with autopackagingAlejandro Hernandez9-1288/+1528
4 daysmultilib.bbclass: deltask populate_sdk and populate_sdk_extRobert Yang1-0/+2
4 daysgrub/grub-efi: fix conflictHongxu Jia3-13/+18
4 daystiff: 4.0.8 -> 4.0.9Huang Qiyu7-527/+2
4 daysicu: 60.1 -> 60.2Huang Qiyu1-2/+2
4 daysiproute2: 4.13.0 -> 4.14.1Changhyeok Bae3-7/+7
4 dayscmake: use Ninja by defaultRoss Burton1-1/+1
4 dayscmake: allow the generator to be changedRoss Burton1-2/+18
4 daysmeson.bbclass: add MESON_LINK_ARGS to vardepsMartin Kelly1-1/+1
4 daysmeson.bbclass: include C{, XX}FLAGS in cross argsMartin Kelly1-4/+6
4 daysmeson.bbclass: compile with --buildtype plainMartin Kelly1-0/+1
4 dayscmake: upgrade 3.9.5 -> 3.10.1Otavio Salvador7-77/+231
4 dayslinux-firmware: package ibt-17-16-1 firmwareLiwei Song1-0/+4
4 dayslinux-firmware: package iwlwifi-9000 series fimwareLiwei Song1-0/+4
4 dayskernel: Use KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE in do_bundle_initramfsThomas Perrot1-1/+1
4 daysusbutils: 008 -> 009Huang Qiyu1-2/+2
4 daystrace-cmd: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.2Huang Qiyu1-2/+2
4 dayssystemtap: 3.1 -> 3.2Huang Qiyu1-2/+2
4 daysbusybox: drop obsolete CONFIG_FEATURE_SYSTEMD reference from musl.cfgAndre McCurdy1-1/+0
4 daysglib-2.0: fix EXTRA_OECONF append for PTESTMartin Hundebøll1-1/+1
4 daysv86d: use snapshot.debian.orgRoss Burton1-1/+1
4 daysglib: improve gettext enabling/disablingRoss Burton1-0/+4
4 dayskernel: drop unnecessary True options from calls to getVarAndre McCurdy7-14/+14
4 daysscripts/oe-depends-dot: add it to handle dot filesRobert Yang1-0/+121
4 daysi2c-tools: upgrade to 4.0Maxin John5-81/+150
4 dayspkgconf: upgrade to 1.4.0Maxin B. John3-277/+3
4 dayslinux-firmware: add packaging for QCOM firmware for APQ8016 and APQ8096Nicolas Dechesne1-0/+19
4 dayswget: improve reproducibilityHongxu Jia3-0/+65