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bitbake: cooker, toaster: variable definition trackingdora-toaster
In order to track the file where a configuration variable was defined, this patch bring these changes: * a new feature is defined in CookerFeatures, named BASEDATASTORE_TRACKING. When a UI requests BASEDATASTORE_TRACKING, the base variable definition are tracked when configuration is parsed. * getAllKeysWithFlags now includes variable history in the data dump * will record the operation, file path and line number where the variable was changes * toaster Simple UI will display the file path and line number for Configuration page There is a change in the models to accomodate the recording of variable change history. [YOCTO #5227] (Bitbake rev: 78e58fed82f2a71f052485de0052d7b9cca53ffd) Signed-off-by: Alexandru DAMIAN <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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