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authorInaky Perez-Gonzalez <>2012-03-01 09:44:34 +0000
committerRichard Purdie <>2012-03-01 16:35:53 +0000
commit7bb36e5da0d28404d7b272135045cdb5cb160472 (patch)
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site.conf.sample: Fix broken SOCKS proxy setup and configuration
SOCKS proxy specification with git was using conflicting methods and thus was failing when mixed SOCKS needs were in place (requiring no proxy for some hosts and proxy for the rest) - GIT_PROXY_COMMAND is an environment variable GIT uses to OVERRIDE all proxy configuration in ~/.gitconfig or any other gitconfig. By using it to configure, it was breaking havoc on site git configuration or the one generated by bitbake in tmp/. Renamed to OE_GIT_PROXY_COMMAND in meta/conf/site.conf.sample (with a doc tidbit on the name chosen), meta/classes/base.bbclass. - The gitconfig generated by bitbake was wrong. There was a typo error (gitproxy vs gitProxy), thus all lines were being ignored. Fixed in meta/classes/base.bbclass. - The gitconfig generated was being placed in ${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/usr/etc/gitconfig; git was looking for it in ${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/etc/gitconfig. Fixed that in meta/classes/base.bbclass, at the same time creating a GIT_CONFIG_PATH variable, since it is also referenced in generate_git_config() and have all instances refer to that. (From OE-Core rev: e579eb7f33462258c8e82a0936d970593614840d) Signed-off-by: Inaky Perez-Gonzalez <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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diff --git a/meta-yocto/conf/site.conf.sample b/meta-yocto/conf/site.conf.sample
index d438298e84..68d1da91a9 100644
--- a/meta-yocto/conf/site.conf.sample
+++ b/meta-yocto/conf/site.conf.sample
@@ -22,17 +22,25 @@ SCONF_VERSION = "1"
#export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND = "${COREBASE}/scripts/oe-git-proxy-command"
-# GIT_PROXY_IGNORE_* lines define hosts which do not require a proxy to access
+# Set to yes to have a gitconfig generated for handling proxies; you
+# might not want this if you have all that set in your global git
+# configuration. If you don't enable it, the rest of the entries
+# (_PROXY_IGNORE, etc) don't really work that well
+# Space separate list of hosts to ignore for GIT proxy
# If SOCKS is available run the following command to comple a simple transport
# gcc scripts/oe-git-proxy-socks.c -o oe-git-proxy-socks
# and then share that binary somewhere in PATH, then use the following settings
-#export GIT_PROXY_COMMAND = "${COREBASE}/scripts/oe-git-proxy-socks-command"
+# GIT_PROXY_COMMAND is used by git to override all proxy settings from
+# configuration files, so we prefix OE_ to avoid breaking havoc on the
+# generated (or local) gitconfig's.
+#OE_GIT_PROXY_COMMAND = "${COREBASE}/scripts/oe-git-proxy-socks-command"
# Uncomment this to use a shared download directory