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<!DOCTYPE appendix PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
+[<!ENTITY % poky SYSTEM "../poky.ent"> %poky; ] >
<appendix id='resources'>
<title>Contributing to the Yocto Project</title>
@@ -10,8 +11,8 @@
The Yocto Project team is happy for people to experiment with the Yocto Project.
A number of places exist to find help if you run into difficulties or find bugs.
To find out how to download source code,
- see the "<ulink url=''>Yocto Project Release</ulink>"
- list item in The Yocto Project Development Manual.
+ see the "<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_DEV_URL;#local-yp-release'>Yocto Project Release</ulink>"
+ list item in the Yocto Project Development Manual.
@@ -20,7 +21,7 @@
If you find problems with the Yocto Project, you should report them using the
- Bugzilla application at <ulink url=''></ulink>.
+ Bugzilla application at <ulink url='&YOCTO_BUGZILLA_URL;'></ulink>.
@@ -31,13 +32,13 @@
To subscribe to the Yocto Project mailing lists, click on the following URLs and follow the instructions:
- <ulink url=''></ulink></emphasis>:
+ <ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/yocto-announce'></ulink></emphasis>:
Use this list to receive offical Yocto Project announcements for developments and
to learn about Yocto Project milestones.</para></listitem>
- <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''></ulink></emphasis>:
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/yocto'></ulink></emphasis>:
Use this list to monitor Yocto Project development discussions, ask questions, and
get help.</para></listitem>
- <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''></ulink></emphasis>:
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&YOCTO_LISTS_URL;/listinfo/poky'></ulink></emphasis>:
Use this list to monitor discussions about the Yocto Project build system Poky,
ask questions, and get help.</para></listitem>
@@ -62,15 +63,15 @@
Following is a list of resources you will find helpful:
- <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''>The Yocto Project website</ulink>:
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&YOCTO_HOME_URL;'>The Yocto Project website</ulink>:
</emphasis> The home site for the Yocto Project.</para></listitem>
- <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''>OpenedHand</ulink>:</emphasis>
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&OH_HOME_URL;'>OpenedHand</ulink>:</emphasis>
The company where the Yocto Project build system Poky was first developed.
OpenedHand has since been acquired by Intel Corporation.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''>Intel Corporation</ulink>:</emphasis>
The company who acquired OpenedHand in 2008 and continues development on the
Yocto Project.</para></listitem>
- <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''>OpenEmbedded</ulink>:</emphasis>
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url='&OE_HOME_URL;'>OpenEmbedded</ulink>:</emphasis>
The upstream, generic, embedded distribution the Yocto Project build system (Poky) derives
from and to which it contributes.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para><emphasis><ulink url=''>
@@ -95,8 +96,8 @@
You can submit changes to the project either by creating and sending pull requests,
or by submitting patches through email.
For information on how to do both, see the
- "<ulink url=''>How to Submit a Change</ulink>"
- section in The Yocto Project Development Manual.
+ "<ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_DEV_URL;#how-to-submit-a-change'>How to Submit a Change</ulink>"
+ section in the Yocto Project Development Manual.