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@@ -1064,18 +1064,18 @@ That's it. Configure and build.
is the <filename>linux-yocto_git.bbappend</filename> file in the
<filename>meta-mymachine/recipes-kernel/linux</filename> directory
and the <filename>emenlow.conf</filename> configuration file in the
- <filename>meta-mymachine/conf/machine</filename> directory.
- Note that "linux-yocto" is the kernel specified in the <filename>mymachine.conf</filename>
- configuration file.</para></listitem>.
+ <filename>meta-mymachine/conf/machine</filename> directory as well as the
+ <filename>layer.conf</filename> file in the parent <filename>conf</filename> directory.
+ </para></listitem>.
<listitem><para>Rename the <filename>emenlow.conf</filename> file to <filename>mymachine.conf</filename>
- and fix or remove any configurations.</para></listitem>
+ and fix or remove any configurations.
+ You need to be sure that "mymachine" replaces "emenlow".
+ Note also that "linux-yocto" is the kernel specified in the configuration file.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Make sure the Yocto Project build process knows about the new BSP
layer by adding the layer to the <filename>bblayers.conf</filename> configuration
file located in the Yocto Project build tree at <filename>build/conf/bblayers.conf</filename>.
Adding the layer allows Bitbake to find the new layer.
- You also need to edit the <filename>layer.conf</filename> file located in the
- <filename>meta-mymachine/conf</filename> directory such that "mymachine" replaces
- "emenlow".</para></listitem>
+ </para></listitem>
@@ -1096,7 +1096,7 @@ That's it. Configure and build.
- Now create a branch in the local clone and push it to the bare clone:
+ Now be sure you are in the local clone and create a branch and push it to the bare clone:
<literallayout class='monospaced'>
$ git checkout -b yocto/standard/mymachine origin/yocto/standard/base
$ git push origin yocto/standard/mymachine:yocto/standard/mymachine