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documentation/README: Updates to explain development
I added information that describes the relationship between poky/documentation and yocto-docs/documentation. For developers, they need to know to work from the yocto-docs Git repository and not to rely on the poky/documentation Git repository, which can lag behind the other one. (From yocto-docs rev: 0cbc781d3e9544c9920fdaf4548d882dd79b3d6c) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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-This is the location for the Yocto Project documentation. Documentation
-consists of six manuals (see below).
+This is the directory that contains the Yocto Project documentation. The Yocto
+Project source repositories at have two
+instances of the "documentation" directory. You should understand each of
+these instances.
+ poky/documentation - The directory within the poky Git repository containing
+ the set of Yocto Project manuals. When you clone the
+ poky Git repository, the documentation directory
+ contains the manuals. The state of the manuals in this
+ directory is guaranteed to reflect the latest Yocto
+ Project release. The manuals at the tip of this
+ directory will also likely contain most manual
+ development changes.
+ yocto-docs/documentation - The Git repository for the Yocto Project manuals.
+ This repository is where manual development
+ occurs. If you plan on contributing back to the
+ Yocto Project documentation, you should set up
+ a local Git repository based on this upstream
+ repository as follows:
+ git clone git://
+ Changes and patches are first pushed to the
+ yocto-docs Git repository. Later, they make it
+ into the poky Git repository found at
+ git://
Manual Organization