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ref-manual: Updates to "Kernel Build Changes" in the 1.8 migration section.
Updated this according to some changes Richard and Paul wanted to see make it into the 1.8 release. Reported-by: Paul Eggleton <> (From yocto-docs rev: f571e35169818355fea2a20715df3e8f7405134f) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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Functionality replaced by <filename>gst-player</filename>.
- This recipe is now available in
+ This recipe is now available in
<filename>meta-gnome</filename> and is no longer needed.
- This recipe is now available in
+ This recipe is now available in
<filename>meta-gnome</filename> and is no longer needed.
@@ -2117,12 +2117,24 @@
In theory, migration paths have been provided for most common
usages in kernel recipes but this might not work in all cases.
In particular, users need to ensure that
- <filename>${S}</filename> (source files) and
+ <filename>${S}</filename> (source files) and
<filename>${B}</filename> (build artifacts) are used
correctly in functions such as
+ <link linkend='ref-tasks-configure'><filename>do_configure</filename></link>
+ and
<link linkend='ref-tasks-install'><filename>do_install</filename></link>.
+ For kernel recipes that do not inherit from
+ <filename>kernel-yocto</filename> or include
+ <filename></filename>, you might wish to
+ refer to the <filename></filename> file in the
+ <filename>meta-oe</filename> layer for the kinds of changes you
+ need to make.
+ For reference, here is the
+ <ulink url=''>commit</ulink>
+ where the <filename></filename> file in
+ <filename>meta-oe</filename> was updated.
Recipes that rely on the kernel source code and do not inherit
the module classes might need to add explicit dependencies on