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profiling schemes along with their applications (as appropriate) to each tool.
+ <ulink url='&YOCTO_DOCS_TOAST_URL;'>Toaster User Manual</ulink>:</emphasis>
+ This manual introduces and describes how to set up and use
+ Toaster, which is a web interface to the Yocto Project's
+ <link linkend='build-system-term'>OpenEmbedded Build System</link>.
+ </para></listitem>
+ <listitem><para><emphasis>
<ulink url=''>
Eclipse IDE Yocto Plug-in</ulink>:</emphasis>
A step-by-step instructional video that
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Within the figure, the " Branch Point" represents the point in the tree
where a supported base kernel is modified from the Linux kernel.
- For example, this could be the branch point for the <filename>linux-yocto-3.4</filename>
+ For example, this could be the branch point for the <filename>linux-yocto-3.19</filename>
Thus, everything further to the right in the structure is based on the
- <filename>linux-yocto-3.4</filename> kernel.
+ <filename>linux-yocto-3.19</filename> kernel.
Branch points to the right in the figure represent where the
- <filename>linux-yocto-3.4</filename> kernel is modified for specific hardware
+ <filename>linux-yocto-3.19</filename> kernel is modified for specific hardware
or types of kernels, such as real-time kernels.
Each leaf thus represents the end-point for a kernel designed to run on a specific
targeted device.
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You can find general Git information on how to push a change upstream in the
- <ulink url=''>Git Community Book</ulink>.
+ <ulink url=''>Git Community Book</ulink>.