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ref-manual: Added new build-deps QA check to insane.bbclass.
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Currently, this test triggers too many false positives and
thus is not normally enabled.
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>build-deps:</filename></emphasis>
+ Determines if a build-time dependency that is specified through
+ <link linkend='var-DEPENDS'><filename>DEPENDS</filename></link>,
+ explicit
+ <link linkend='var-RDEPENDS'><filename>RDEPENDS</filename></link>,
+ or task-level dependencies exists to match any runtime
+ dependency.
+ This determination is particularly useful to discover where
+ runtime dependencies are detected and added during packaging.
+ At this point in the build it is too late to ensure that
+ the dependency is built, and thus you can end up with an
+ error when the package is installed into the image during the
+ <link linkend='ref-tasks-rootfs'><filename>do_rootfs</filename></link>
+ task because the auto-detected dependency was not satisfied.
+ An example of this would be where the
+ <link linkend='ref-classes-update-rc.d'><filename>update-rc.d</filename></link>
+ class automatically adds a dependency on the
+ <filename>initscripts-functions</filename> package to packages
+ that install an <filename>initscript</filename> that refers to
+ <filename>/etc/init.d/functions</filename>.
+ The recipe should really have an explicit
+ <filename>RDEPENDS</filename> for the package in question on
+ <filename>initscripts-functions</filename> so that the
+ OpenEmbedded build system is able to ensure that the
+ <filename>initscripts</filename> recipe is actually built and
+ thus the <filename>initscripts-functions</filename> package is
+ made available.
+ </para></listitem>
Checks the
<link linkend='ref-tasks-compile'><filename>do_compile</filename></link>