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ref-manual: Added file-redeps QA check to the insane.bbclass.
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Some very rare cases do exist for dynamically loaded modules where
these symlinks are needed instead in the main package.
+ <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>file-redeps:</filename></emphasis>
+ Checks that file-level dependencies identified by the
+ OpenEmbedded build system are satisfied.
+ For example, a shell script might start with the line
+ <filename>#!/bin/bash</filename>.
+ This line would translate to a file dependency on
+ <filename>/bin/bash</filename>.
+ Of the three package managers that the OpenEmbedded build
+ system supports, only RPM directly handles file-level
+ dependencies, resolving them automatically to packages
+ providing the files.
+ However, the lack of that functionality in the other two
+ package managers does not mean the dependencies do not still
+ need resolving.
+ This QA check attempts to ensure that explicitly declared
+ <link linkend='var-RDEPENDS'><filename>RDEPENDS</filename></link>
+ exist to handle any file-level dependency detected in
+ packaged files.
+ </para></listitem>
Checks for
<link linkend='var-FILES'><filename>FILES</filename></link>