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bitbake: bitbake-user-manual-hello.xml: Edits to the "Hello World" Appendix.
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This appendix demonstrates, in tutorial form, Hello
World within the context of BitBake.
- The tutorial describes how to create a new Project
+ The tutorial describes how to create a new project
and the applicable metadata files necessary to allow
BitBake to build it.
@@ -95,26 +95,6 @@
You should now be able to enter the <filename>bitbake</filename>
command from the command line while working from any directory.
- <para>
- For a more permanent solution, assuming you are running the BASH
- shell, edit <filename>~/.bashrc</filename> and add the following to the end
- of that file:
- <literallayout class='monospaced'>
- PATH=&lt;path-to-bitbake-executable&gt;:$PATH
- </literallayout>
- </para>
- <para>
- If you're a Vim user, you will find useful
- Vim configuration contributions in the
- <filename>contrib/vim</filename> directory.
- Copy the files from that directory to your
- <filename>/home/yourusername/.vim</filename>
- directory.
- If that directory does not exist, create it, and then
- restart Vim.
- </para>
<section id='the-hello-world-example'>
@@ -503,14 +483,22 @@ ERROR: Unable to parse base: ParseError in configuration INHERITs: Could not inh
BitBake finds the <filename>printhello</filename> recipe and
successfully runs the task.
- Rerunning the task without removing the <filename>tmp</filename>
- directory will not result in a BitBake run that prints the
- same console output.
- BitBake uses its Setscene process and determines that
- nothing needs to be re-run.
- If you delete the <filename>tmp</filename> directory and
- then re-run the build, the printed output appears
- at the console.
+ After the first execution, re-running
+ <filename>bitbake printhello</filename> again will not
+ result in a BitBake run that prints the same console
+ output.
+ The reason for this is that the first time the
+ <filename></filename> recipe's
+ <filename>do_build</filename> task executes
+ successfully, BitBake writes a stamp file for the task.
+ Thus, the next time you attempt to run the task
+ using that same <filename>bitbake</filename> command,
+ BitBake notices the stamp and therefore determines
+ that the task does not need to be re-run.
+ If you delete the <filename>tmp</filename> directory
+ or run <filename>bitbake -c clean printhello</filename>
+ and then re-run the build, the "Hello, World!" message will
+ be printed again.