BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
achaudhary/combine_ready_callsbitbake: toaster: combine ready functionsAmit Kumar Chaudhary8 months
achaudhary/errors_warning_on_builddashboardbitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/errors_warnings_ondashboard_v2bitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/errors_warnings_ondashboard_v3bitbake: toaster: remove obsolete name attribute from divAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/errors_warnings_ondashboard_v4bitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/errors_warnings_ondashboard_v6bitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/masterbitbake: toaster: implement package summary pageDavid Reyna10 months
achaudhary/test_new_processbitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
achaudhary/v5_rebased_on_pokymasterbitbake: toaster: add errors and warnings listingAmit Kumar Chaudhary9 months
adamian/20140513-toastertestingbitbake: toaster: add commands to process email review requestAlexandru DAMIAN2 weeks
adamian/20140723-master-next-refactoredtoasterui: fixing event.data clashAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/20140805-refactormodelstoatergui: update pages to match project modelsAlexandru DAMIAN3 months
adamian/20140812_layerindexwebadding updated field for certain modelsAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/20140812_toastertoaster: update checksettings command for auto-detectionAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/20140812_toasterconftoaster: add toaster layer configuration fileAlexandru DAMIAN3 months
adamian/20140820-refactortoaster: update checksettings command for auto-detectionAlexandru DAMIAN3 months
adamian/20140910_projectpagetoaster: fix Project page in order to trigger buildsAlexandru DAMIAN3 months
adamian/20140916_projectpagetoaster: fix Project page in order to trigger buildsAlexandru DAMIAN2 months
adamian/20140918_add_rest_apiadding updated field for certain modelsAlexandru DAMIAN2 months
adamian/20140922_projectpagetoaster: fix Project page in order to trigger buildsAlexandru DAMIAN2 months
adamian/20140925_projectpagetoaster: fix Project page in order to trigger buildsAlexandru DAMIAN2 months
adamian/20141112-submissiontoastergui: fix XSS injection points in projects pageAlexandru DAMIAN2 weeks
adamian/20141120-submissiontoaster: do not show target if target name is emptyBelen Barros Pena8 days
adamian/20141127-submission-bbtoaster: remove the word 'project' from layers and machineBelen Barros Pena19 hours
adamian/ab-markup-1builders page: navigation menu and readability changesAlexandru DAMIAN4 weeks
adamian/bitbake-develwip: refactor modelsAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/bitbake-fixes-build-enhancementstoasterui: fixing event.data clashAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/devel-improvbitbake: toasterui: performance improvementsAlexandru DAMIAN3 weeks
adamian/developmentwip: bitbake: toaster: project main pageAlexandru DAMIAN5 months
adamian/install_testtoaster: use modified validators for git url fieldsAlexandru DAMIAN7 weeks
adamian/layerindex-web-add_rest_apiadding CORS policy for the APIAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adamian/layerindex_add_rest_apiadding CORS policy for the APIAlexandru DAMIAN4 months
adinux/testversion 4Andrei Dinu19 months
adinux/test1Height of the information window adjustedAndrei Dinu19 months
adinux/working-bastilleBastille - workingAndrei Dinu18 months
adinuxbastilleBastille working - partiallyAndrei Dinu18 months
aehernan/masteru-boot-fw-utils: install config fileMaxin B. John5 months
ajlennon/sqlite3sqlite3: Add support for column metadata APIAlex J Lennon13 months
akuster/dizzy-nextqemu: disable the build for mipsRobert Yang3 days
akuster/qemuppc64qemuppc64: add qemu changes to scriptsArmin Kuster3 days
alexp/oe-selftestoe-selftest: added ybsp scriptAlexandru Palalau7 months
alexp/oe-selftest_finaloe-selftest: added ybsp scriptAlexandru Palalau7 months
alexp/oeqa-testsmodification of skeletonAlexandru Palalau15 months
alexp/oeqa-tests1lib/oeqa/runtime: add new scp testAlexandru Palalau15 months
alexp/ybsp2meta-selftest: added .json file needed by yocto-bsp testAlexandru Palalau12 months
alimon/PRSlayerindex/models.py: Change DateField to DateTimeField in RecipeAníbal Limón2 weeks
alimon/fetcher-distrodatafetch2/wget.py: latest_versionstring clean improvments minorAníbal Limón12 hours
alimon/fetcher-latest_versionstringMerge branch 'alimon/fetcher-latest_versionstring' of ssh://git.yoctoproject....Aníbal Limón12 hours
alimon/licenseglibc-locale: Added LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for avoid warnings in licenseAníbal Limón4 weeks
andreap/toaster-testsVerify the quality of the data collectedAndreea Proca12 months
andreeap/dora-tt1bitbake: toaster: Add initial testsAndreea Proca12 months
andreeap/error-report-webREADME: add required version for django-nvd3Andreea Proca9 months
andreeap/masterpoky: Update Version post releaseRichard Purdie13 months
andreeap/master-tt1bitbake: toaster: Add initial testsAndreea Proca12 months
andreeap/orm-testsbitbake: toaster: Add ORM tests and script to run themAndreea Proca9 months
andreeap/report-web4report-web: Django web interface for report toolAndreea Proca17 months
andreeap/report-web6report-web: Django web interface for report toolAndreea Proca13 months
andreeap/toaster-failratetoaster: add a script to compute the data collection rateAndreea Proca8 months
andreeap/toaster-testsbitbake: toaster: Add initial testsAndreea Proca10 months
andreeap/webhob-tests-2609bitbake: webhob: Add initial testsAndreea Proca14 months
andreeap/webhob-tests1bitbake: webhob: Add initial testsAndreea Proca14 months
asolcan/eclipse-testseclipse-plugin: Add initial testsAda Solcan7 months
bbarrosp/YB6327Fix help text in packages 'Reverse runtime dependencies' tabBelen Barros Pena2 months
bbarrosp/YB6328Add missing task descriptionsBelen Barros Pena2 months
bbarrosp/YB6537Change no results pagesyocto3 months
bbarrosp/YB6538-front-endMarkup cleaning in search-details.html templateBelen Barros4 months
bbarrosp/YB6539Fix the alignment of dropdown menusyocto3 months
bbarrosp/all-pagesbitbake: toaster: add no results state to all layers pageBelen Barros Pena2 weeks
bbarrosp/all-pages-v2bitbake: toaster: do not show target if target name is emptyBelen Barros Pena10 days
bbarrosp/django-adminFirst go to the Django admin interfaceBelen Barros Pena3 weeks
bbarrosp/errors-front-endAdd a 'show older errors' optionBelen Barros Pena7 weeks
bbarrosp/front-endbitbake: toaster: Fixes to the build dashboardBelen Barros Pena8 months
bbarrosp/front-end-fixesShow failed tasks in the build dashboardBelen Barros Pena9 weeks
bbarrosp/labelsbitbake: toaster: remove the word 'project' from layers and machineBelen Barros Pena22 hours
bbarrosp/latest-buildsbitbake: toaster: make 'latest builds' section consistent across pagesBelen Barros Pena4 days
bbarrosp/new-build-buttonChanges to new build button layoutBelen Barros Pena14 days
bbarrosp/new-build-button2Tiny refinements to the new build button dialogBelen Barros Pena10 days
bbarrosp/new-projecttoaster: naming and description changesBelen Barros Pena22 hours
bbarrosp/no-image-filesbitbake: toaster: Fix spacing and layout in no image files notificationBelen Barros6 months
bbarrosp/padding-fixbitbake: toaster: fix padding of build notificationsBelen Barros Pena3 days
bbarrosp/paginator-fixCentering pagination when table rows are less than 10Belen Barros Pena3 months
bbarrosp/show-rows-optionsAmend show rows optionsBelen Barros3 months
bbarrosp/silly-ui-fixesSilly UI fixesBelen Barros2 weeks
besquive/fix-yesdireglibc: Fix to egrep 'yes$' instead 'yes' at configureBenjamin Esquivel3 months
besquive/masteru-boot-fw-utils: install config fileMaxin B. John5 months
bitbake_as_toolchainmeta-newsdk: Use uninative during the sdk setup setscenesRandy Witt10 days
blloyd/devshellRemoved trailing whitespace added with last commitblloyd13 months
blloyd/gdb_assistReduces dependency list to -dbg instead of -devblloyd13 months
blloyd/gdb_assist_v2Enhancements to let multi-threaded debugging function correctly on devicesblloyd13 months
bogdanm/b3575bitbake client/server: better client access controlBogdan Marinescu21 months
bogdanm/b3575_2ndbitbake client/server: move command line parsing on the client sideBogdan Marinescu21 months
bogdanm/b3812working on filtering UI eventsBogdan Marinescu19 months
bogdanm/b3868bitbake.conf: add security flagsBogdan Marinescu18 months
bogdanm/b3868_2ndbitbake.conf: add security flagsBogdan Marinescu18 months
bogdanm/multiclientbitbake client/server: first version with multiple clientsBogdan Marinescu21 months
bogdanm/multiclient_rebasedMerge branch 'master' into multiclientBogdan Marinescu19 months
buck-securityFix links so that they use correct domain name.mulhern13 months
calinx/api_frontend_2307bitbake: webhob: Syncronize Builds model to REST contractCiprian Pratia16 months
calinx/build_search_2907bitbake: webhob: add search for build modelCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/calin_1707bitbake: webhob: save build layer informationCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/django_api_2207bitbake: webhob: Setup API for build modelCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/dsi_workbitbake: make DSI work for older versions of DjangoCalin Dragomir17 months
calinx/js_setupbitbake: webhob: Initialized front-end projectCiprian Pratia17 months
calinx/new_poky_workbitbake: webhob: gather buildstats for each executed taskCalin Dragomir17 months
calinx/ordering_2407bitbake: webhob: validate inputs for build apiCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/ordering_2507bitbake: webhob: validate inputs for build apiCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/ordering_2507_2bitbake: webhob: validate inputs for build apiCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/ordering_fix_3007bitbake: webhob: fix ordering issueCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/poky_workbitbake: test buildstats eventCalin Dragomir17 months
calinx/search_ordering_fix_3007bitbake: webhob: fix ordering issueCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/tasks_api_2507bitbake: webhob: generic view for multiple modelsCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/upd_reviewswebhob: fix foreign keys fields namingCalin Dragomir17 months
calinx/webhob_2507bitbake: webhob: improve validation code flowCalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/webhob_2607bitbake: webhob: add more models to webhob APICalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/webhob_layers_1607bitbake: webhob: mark private methods inside DSICalin Dragomir16 months
calinx/webhob_poky_08072013bitbake: webhob: view a table with all buildsCalin Dragomir17 months
calinx/webhob_poky_09072013bitbake: webhob: gather buildstats for each executed taskCalin Dragomir17 months
chonglu/adtinstalleradt_installer: not download repo pageChong Lu5 months
chonglu/aptapt: fix for CVE-2014-0478Chong Lu2 months
chonglu/bisonwebkit-gtk: ANGLE doesn't build with bison 3Chong Lu11 days
chonglu/byaccbyacc: Update to 20140422 versionChong Lu6 months
chonglu/curlcurl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2014-3620Chong Lu3 weeks
chonglu/dbusupstream_tracking.inc: update entries for dbusChong Lu4 days
chonglu/dbus-testdbus-test: fix incorrect checksumChong Lu5 months
chonglu/diffstatdiffstat: update to version 1.59Chong Lu4 months
chonglu/docdocbook-xsl-stylesheets: add perl to RDEPENDSChong Lu4 weeks
chonglu/ethtoolethtool: fix ptest execution failureChong Lu6 months
chonglu/expectexpect: fix shared object file cannot be openedChong Lu3 months
chonglu/flexflex: Update to 2.5.39 versionChong Lu6 months
chonglu/gconfgconf: fix multilib conflict - org.gnome.GConf.serviceChong Lu5 weeks
chonglu/gstgst-plugin-bluetooth: remove systemd service fileChong Lu4 weeks
chonglu/guileguile: Update to 2.0.11 versionChong Lu6 months
chonglu/i2c-toolsi2c-tools: create i2c-tools-misc package for perl scriptsChong Lu3 months
chonglu/insanebbinsane.bbclass: add condition for build-depsChong Lu4 weeks
chonglu/kexec-toolskexec-tools: Refine kdump device_tree sortChong Lu6 months
chonglu/kmodkmod: fix debuginfo is missing in shared libraryChong Lu5 weeks
chonglu/libpcrelibpcre: Upgrade to 8.36Chong Lu7 weeks
chonglu/librsvglibrsvg: disable Bsymbolic if it is not supported on some hostsChong Lu3 months
chonglu/libtoollibtool: fix different files in sysroot of sdkChong Lu5 months
chonglu/libunwindperf: add libunwind supportChong Lu3 months
chonglu/libxml2libxml2: fix python path and add libxml2-pythonRobert Yang4 weeks
chonglu/lttnglttng-tools: fix ptest execution failureChong Lu3 months
chonglu/nfs-utilsnfs-utils: Do not pass CFLAGS to gcc while buildingChong Lu6 months
chonglu/nssnss: Upgrade to 3.17.2Chong Lu2 weeks
chonglu/oelintoelint.bbclass: Check for ${PN} or ${P} usageChong Lu4 months
chonglu/oprofileoprofile: Determine the root home directory dynamicallyChong Lu6 months
chonglu/perfperf: fix issue about package splittingChong Lu3 months
chonglu/perlperl: remove unneeded patches in ptest directoryChong Lu2 months
chonglu/piglitpiglit: enable ptest supportChong Lu3 months
chonglu/ptestdbus: fix ptest issueChong Lu4 months
chonglu/qacheckclasses/insane: Show QA check nameChong Lu5 months
chonglu/quiltquilt: Update to 0.63 versionChong Lu6 months
chonglu/sedsed: enable ptest supportChong Lu6 months
chonglu/smartpython-smartpm: Add checking for "rpm-ignoresize" optionChong Lu7 weeks
chonglu/stracestrace: add libunwind dependencyChong Lu2 weeks
chonglu/syslinuxsyslinux-native: fix parallel building issueChong Lu6 months
chonglu/systemdsystemd: add bash to RDEPENDSChong Lu5 weeks
chonglu/tartar: set acpaths to avoid "Argument list too long" errorChong Lu8 months
chonglu/tclbyacc: Upgrade to 20141006Chong Lu2 weeks
chonglu/updatepkgbyacc: Upgrade to 20140715Chong Lu8 weeks
chonglu/verifyhomepagescripts/contrib/verify-homepage.py: add a script to verify HOMEPAGEChong Lu5 months
chonglu/xinetdxinetd: add systemd unit fileChong Lu6 weeks
ciorga/PU2iproute2: upgrade to 3.17.0Cristian Iorga11 days
ciorga/YB4172builder-minimal: new user script to setup Build Appliance MiniCristian Iorga5 months
ciorga/YB5322poky: enable a global fallback DNSCristian Iorga10 months
ciorga/YB6707curl: add ptest supportCristian Iorga16 hours
ciprianx/FE_phase1bitbake: webhob: Initialized front-end projectCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/default_order_bybitbake: webhob: Add default order by optionCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/fix_commit_togglebitbake: webhob: Add Column Toggle featureCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_dashboard_and_tasks_0808bitbake: webhob: Minor bugfixing to pagination and grid optionsCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_dashboard_init_3107bitbake: webhob: Create file structure for dashboardCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_dashboard_prequisites_3107bitbake: webhob: Correct route templatesCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_fix_model_2907bitbake: webhob: Fix call to backendCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_search_grid_2607bitbake: webhob: Update fixtures to handle search featureCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/js_setupbitbake: webhob: Initialized front-end projectCiprian Pratia17 months
ciprianx/order_bybitbake: webhob: Adjust fixture to work like REST ContractCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/toggle_columnsbitbake: webhob: Add column toggle functionality to grid optionsCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/toggle_columns2bitbake: webhob: Add column toggle functionality to grid optionsCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/webhobui_1807bitbake: webhob: First phase of creating the grid modulesCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/webhobui_2_1807bitbake: webhob: Syncronize Builds model to REST contractCiprian Pratia16 months
ciprianx/webhobui_3_1807bitbake: webhob: Syncronize Builds model to REST contractCiprian Pratia16 months
cmuscax/fenrusmeta-fenrus: first commitConstantin Musca20 months
cmuscax/gcc_enhan2local.conf.sample: add build confConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/gcc_enhan3tune-ppc603e: add BASE_LIBConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/gcc_enhan4tune-ppc603e: add BASE_LIBConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/gcc_enhan5tune-ppc603e: add BASE_LIBConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/netbaseclassextend.py: use explode_dep_versions2 in order to preserve versions tooConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/nitra2meta-nitra: first commitConstantin Musca21 months
cmuscax/prs_fixprs: change PRSERV_HOST formatConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/pseudopseudo: fix sqlite path and package missing filesConstantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/pus24jpeg: upgrade to 9Constantin Musca22 months
cmuscax/srcrevlog_srcrev.bbclass: add bbclass for logging SRCREVsConstantin Musca21 months
configurationRefactor_2configs: move RunConfiguration load code from cookerAlexandru DAMIAN18 months
cornel/beaglebonetarget_patchoeqa/controllers/beaglebonetarget.py: add conditions to rootfs creationCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/beaglebonetarget_patch2oeqa/controllers/beaglebonetarget.py: fix conditions for files copied to /bootCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/bstats4Repair deprecated calls to bb.mkdirhier()Cornel Stoicescu15 months
cornel/hwautoscripts/hwauto-remote-image.py: It's alive!Corneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/hwauto_finalhwauto-remote-image: add dynamical image_fstype and fix kernel name generationCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/hwauto_projectionoeqa/utils/commands.py: add support for postconfig optionCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/lock_imageoeqa/controllers/masterimage.py: add support for locking targetCorneliu Stoicescu4 months
cornel/oe-selftestselftest/bbtests.py: Fixed regex and added bitbake output to test_warnings_er...Corneliu Stoicescu8 months
cornel/oe-selftest-docselftest/sstate.py: add docstringsCorneliu Stoicescu8 months
cornel/oe-selftest-refactorbitbake: bitbake-user-manual-hello.xml: Edits to the "Hello World" Appendix.Scott Rifenbark7 months
cornel/oe-selftest2oe-selftest: Modified tests from sstate.pyCorneliu Stoicescu11 months
cornel/oe-selftest3oe-selftest: force some values in local.conf for _sstatetests_noauto.pyCorneliu Stoicescu9 months
cornel/oe-selftest4oe-selftest: Fix test_sstate_cache_management_script*Corneliu Stoicescu9 months
cornel/oe-selftest5oe-selftest: Fixed "test_rm_old_image" that was outdatedCorneliu Stoicescu9 months
cornel/ptest_parserWorking versionCorneliu Stoicescu4 months
cornel/sdkmanifestoeqa/sdk/buildsudoku.py: add setUpModule method to run only when gtk+ in inst...Corneliu Stoicescu3 months
cornel/targetcontrol_patchoeqa/controllers/edgeroutertarget.py: enable dynamical determination of rootf...Corneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/targetcontrollerstarget controllers stuffCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/tctl_and_scriptfixxCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/tctl_and_script_2controllers/edgeroutertarget.py: enable dynamical determination of rootfs typeCorneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/tctl_and_script_3scripts/test-remote-image: Add script for running runtime tests on remotely b...Corneliu Stoicescu6 months
cornel/temp_branchscripts/oe-selftest: add command-line parsing and optionsCorneliu Stoicescu4 months
cornel/temp_testimagescripts/test-remote-image: add --skip-download optionCorneliu Stoicescu5 months
cornel/testopia_xmlrpcFixed some comments and help text. Added some TODOs. Removed [done]Corneliu Stoicescu7 months
cornel/testsdk_bulkoeqa: Add automated sdk testsCorneliu Stoicescu4 months
cornel/testsdk_finaloeqa/sdk/buildsudoku.py: add setUpModule method to run only when gtk+ in inst...Corneliu Stoicescu3 months
cornel/testsdk_tempadd manifest file to meta-toolchainCorneliu Stoicescu3 months
cvoicu/cooker-sanitycheck-cachecooker: add sanity check for cache before parsing/loading cacheCristiana Voicu8 months
dreyna/build_datepicker_6040bitbake: toaster: build date range selectionsDavid Reyna8 months
dreyna/project-config-varsprojectconf.htmlbitbake: toaster: project configuration variables pageDavid Reyna2 months
dreyna/recipes_loadtime_6137bitbake: toaster: reduce redundant foreign key lookupsDavid Reyna6 months
dvhart/genericx86genericx86: Create a x86-common.inc base for the x86 BSPsDarren Hart15 months
dvhart/genericx86v2genericx86: Create a genericx86-common.inc base for the x86 BSPsDarren Hart15 months
dvhart/i2c-toolsi2c-tools: Add i2c-tools to the coreDarren Hart6 months
dvhart/intel-tune-ng-v3generixx86: Use require instead of includeDarren Hart10 months
dvhart/mkefidiskmkefidisk.sh: Reduce output and add verbose flagDarren Hart4 months
dvhart/scriptsddimage: Support Mac OSDarren Hart6 months
dvhart/x86-tune-ng-v2yocto-bsp: Add core2 and corei7 tune choice to x86_64Darren Hart10 months
eflanagan/BOMsummary: Changes from 1.4-1.5Elizabeth Flanagan14 months
eflanagan/clanton-abCreateSourceTarballs: More missing semicolonsBeth Flanagan13 months
eflanagan/distro_aliasdistrodata.bbclass: OVERRIDES for -meta-base and TARGET_ARCHBeth Flanagan7 months
eflanagan/dorapoky.conf: Flip distro to 1.5.1Beth Flanagan12 months
eflanagan/dylanpoky.conf: Flip DISTRO_VERSION for 1.4.3Beth Flanagan12 months
eflanagan/dylan-nextbuild-appliance-image.bb: bump SRCREVBeth Flanagan7 months
eflanagan/license_manifestrebase1Elizabeth Flanagan2 years
eflanagan/meta-lavalampmeta-lavalamp: mini layer for viewing autobuilder resultsElizabeth Flanagan2 years
eflanagan/release-webchanged yocto to distroElizabeth Flanagan3 months
eflanagan/spdxSPDX:real-time license scanning and SPDX output.liangcao15 months
eflanagan/spdx-litelicense.bbclass: Preliminary spdx-lite manifestsElizabeth Flanagan3 months
emac/add_pv_to_recipesdocbook-sgml-dtd-4.5-native.bb: Add real PV inside the recipeEmilia Ciobanu16 months
emac/add_pv_to_recipes_v3update-rc.d: fix recipe name and add GIT revision to PV variableEmilia Ciobanu16 months
emac/build_appliance_image_testbuild-appliance-image: add PV variable into recipeEmilia Ciobanu16 months
emac/distrodata_git_svn_version_report_patterndistrodata.bbaclass: change in git and svn package reportingEmilia Ciobanu17 months
emac/docbook-sgml-dtd-name-fixdocbook-sgml-dtd-4.1-native: fix recipe nameEmilia Ciobanu16 months
emac/docbook-sgml-dtd-native_pvdocbook-sgml-dtd-3.1-native.bb: Add real PV inside the recipeEmilia Ciobanu17 months
emac/meta-web-kioskCleanupEmilia Ciobanu22 months
emac/package_regexes_filepackage_regex.inc: Changes in regexesEmilia Ciobanu17 months
emac/prsAdded no_upgrade_reason to statistics.Emilia Ciobanu20 months
emac/pv_fixesdocbook-sgml-dtd-4.5-native.bb: Add real PV inside the recipeEmilia Ciobanu16 months
emac/typo_fixeszip: rename recipeEmilia Ciobanu17 months
esben/master/powerpcMerge branch 'master' of git://git.pokylinux.org/poky into esben/master/powerpcEsben Haabendal5 years
fwymore/authenticationbitbake: toaster: authentication and permissionFarrell Wymore6 months
fwymore/bitbake-refactor-6605bitbake: toaster: create extension point in bitbakeFarrell Wymore4 months
fwymore/build-dashboardbitbake: toaster: add Image detail and multiple targets to dashboardFarrell Wymore9 months
fwymore/covered-taskbitbake: toaster: added covered task listFarrell Wymore8 months
fwymore/empty-imagebitbake: toaster: display message if no images are generatedFarrell Wymore6 months
fwymore/fstypesbitbake: toaster: added file types to the Outputs column in the build pageFarrell Wymore9 months
fwymore/layerdetail-6591bitbake: toaster: layer detail pageFarrell Wymore8 weeks
fwymore/layerdetail1-6591bitbake: toaster: layer detailFarrell Wymore4 weeks
fwymore/license-targetbitbake: toaster: correct the target of the license manifest linkFarrell Wymore8 months
fwymore/package-countbitbake: toaster: correct package countFarrell Wymore8 months
fwymore/sortcol-5919bitbake: toaster: sort columns properly after edit columnsFarrell Wymore7 months
fwymore/target-refactorbitbake; toaster: refactor the target display to accommodate 2 different callersFarrell Wymore6 months
gcc_search_build_dir_firstlygcc: make compiler to search build directory before standard system include d...Roy.Li21 months
gportay/mastertcmode-default: Update PREFERRED_PROVIDERSRichard Purdie7 months
hao/mastermpc8315e-rdb: add the example about booting from jffs2 rootKevin Hao6 months
hongxu/audit-dependaudit-optional-dependencies: add a script to audit optional dependenciesHongxu Jia15 months
hongxu/bind-useraddbind: refer ubuntu/redhat to add bind user/groupHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/bitbakebitbake: runqueue/cooker: catch hashvalidate error in RunQueueExecuteScenequeueHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/compress-docclasses/compress_doc.bbclass: compress man/info pagesHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/filesextrapathsinsane: add checking to standardize how .bbappend files do FILESEXTRAPATHSHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-attempt-installpackage_manager.py: ignore failed smart install with --attemptHongxu Jia2 months
hongxu/fix-busybox-ice-mipsbusybox : fix do_compile failed on qemumips when DEBUG_BUILD (ICE)Hongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-curlppcurlpp: fix do_compile failed since gcc upgrade to 4.9Hongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-db-nativedefault-versions.inc: match version of db and db-native while "AGPL-3.0" in $...Hongxu Jia6 weeks
hongxu/fix-doccompress_doc.bbclass: improve manual file detectionHongxu Jia3 weeks
hongxu/fix-doc-2compress_doc.bbclass: support update-alternativesHongxu Jia3 weeks
hongxu/fix-dora-makemake: fix invoking makeinfo failed at do_install timeHongxu Jia7 months
hongxu/fix-eglibc-tzselecteglibc: rewritten tzselect as posix sh and move it to tzcode packageHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-gccgcc-4.9: fix the compile failure of 'defaults.h' not foundHongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/fix-guile-iceguile: workaround ice ssa corruption while DEBUG_BUILDHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-infotexinfo: fix info not workHongxu Jia7 weeks
hongxu/fix-lib32-meta-toolchainmultilib.bbclass/package_manager.py: fix <multilib>-meta-toolchain build failureHongxu Jia6 weeks
hongxu/fix-lttng-toolslttng-tools: add PACKAGECONFIG to support --enable-python-bindings and lttng-ustHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/fix-man-pagesrootfs.py: tweak inner warn message catchingHongxu Jia4 weeks
hongxu/fix-mariadbmariadb:fix do_compile failed: No rule to make target /path/to/sysroots/x86-k...Hongxu Jia3 weeks
hongxu/fix-meta-oelibbonobo.inc: add libbonobo-bin packageHongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/fix-mete-networkingssmping: add do_install to ssmpingHongxu Jia3 weeks
hongxu/fix-mlclasses/image: remove obsolete MULTILIB_VENDORSHongxu Jia6 weeks
hongxu/fix-ml-rfcmultilib.bbclass: fix incorrect TARGET_VENDOR in multilib imageHongxu Jia6 weeks
hongxu/fix-nativesdk-filefile: add wrapper to nativesdk-fileHongxu Jia7 weeks
hongxu/fix-nonexist-pkgpostinst-intercept: rename recipe for nativesdk onlyHongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/fix-opkgopkg: fix remove pkg with --force-removal-of-dependent-packages failedHongxu Jia7 weeks
hongxu/fix-package_managerpackage_manager.py: check the result of create_indexHongxu Jia7 days
hongxu/fix-perl-rdepperl-rdepends: Add perl as perl-misc/${PN}-pod runtime depHongxu Jia5 months
hongxu/fix-perl-rebuildperl: fix rebuid failed while ${CC} changedHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-proftpdproftpd: fix integer overflow CVE-2013-4359Hongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/fix-puzzlespuzzles: fix do_compile failed when DEBUG_BUILDHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-rootfspackage_manager.py: fix rpm based do_rootfs failed while IMAGE_INSTALL_append...Hongxu Jia4 weeks
hongxu/fix-sdksdk.py: fix write target sdk manifest failed based on ipkHongxu Jia7 weeks
hongxu/fix-syslog-ngsyslog-ng: fix do_compi1e of qemuarm while DEBUG_BUILDHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/fix-systemdsystemd: move libgudev back to $rootlibdirHongxu Jia6 weeks
hongxu/fix-systemd-networksystemd: add network config while networkd supportedHongxu Jia4 weeks
hongxu/fix-systemtapsystemtap: fix do_compile failed on fedora21Hongxu Jia3 days
hongxu/fix-testimagetargetcontrol.py: test sudo available while invoking runqemuHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/fix-wic-syslinuxwic/bootimg-pcbios.py: checking the existance of syslinuxHongxu Jia7 weeks
hongxu/freescaleopenssl_1.0.1g.bbappend: add missing colon for FILESEXTRAPATHSHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/locked-sstatesstatesig: fix to support unincremental locked signature dumpHongxu Jia2 months
hongxu/mariadb-groupmariadb: change the group of /var/lib/mysql from 'nogroup' to 'mysql'.Hongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/readonly-sstatecachebbclass/sstate_readonly: only allowed sstate-cache objects to be built (read-...Hongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/sign-sstatebbclass/sstate_signature: support signing and verifying sstate-cache items at...Hongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/socatsocat: fix supporting cross compilingHongxu Jia6 months
hongxu/sstate-addhooksstate: Add extra intercept functions SSTATEPOSTCREATEFUNCSHongxu Jia3 months
hongxu/support-xmltoxserver-xorg.inc: add missing dep for xmltoHongxu Jia4 months
hongxu/upgradeupstream_tracking: update lsb version checkHongxu Jia6 months
hongxu/upgrade-20140617maintainers: Update directfb/ghostscript/libnewt/qmmp ownershipHongxu Jia5 months
hongxu/upgrade-aprapr: upgrade to 1.5.1Hongxu Jia6 months
hongxu/upgrade-cracklibcracklib: upgrade to 2.9.2Hongxu Jia3 days
hongxu/upgrade-elfutilselfutils: upgrade to 0.160Hongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/upgrade-ghostscriptghostscript: upgrade to 9.15Hongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/upgrade-libnewtlibnewt/libnewt-python: upgrade to 0.52.18Hongxu Jia3 days
hongxu/upgrade-partedparted: upgrade to 3.2Hongxu Jia2 weeks
hongxu/upgrade-perllibxml-parser-perl: fix do_compile failed with unrecognized option '-Wl,-O1'Hongxu Jia5 months
hongxu/workaround-icelibgcrypt: workaround ICE failure on mips with '-O -g'Hongxu Jia6 months
hsalejandro/5571fetcher: re-validate checksumsAlejandro Hernandez5 weeks
hsalejandro/6644_croniecronie: Added default crontabAlejandro Hernandez9 days
hsalejandro/croniecronie: Upgrade to 1.4.12Alejandro Hernandez2 weeks
hsalejandro/updatesgsettings-desktop-schemas: Update to version 3.14.1Alejandro Hernandez14 days
igrigorx/cdt_8_2_URIFix autoreconf getting called twiceIoana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/common-remote-refactorValidate project name to check for invalid charactersIoana Grigoropol18 months
igrigorx/common-remote-refactor2Fix project description missing exceptionIoana Grigoropol17 months
igrigorx/common-remote1Remove all plugin dependencies to RSE APi from remote tools pluginIoana Grigoropol19 months
igrigorx/common-remote2Separate remote logic from GUI login in TerminalHandler implementationIoana Grigoropol19 months
igrigorx/crosstap-terminalRunning crosstap script under Terminal connectionIoana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/eclipse-automation[test-automation stub]Initial commitIoana Grigoropol22 months
igrigorx/ptp_7_0_customSystemRemoteFolderDialog should return a path when selecting 'My Home' or 'Root'Ioana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/remote-buildFix Remote Build ActionIoana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/remote-build2Fix Remote Build ActionIoana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/remote-templatesSource environment before running scriptIoana Grigoropol16 months
igrigorx/remote-yp-preferencesAdapt Invoke Action to use URI instead of IPathIoana Grigoropol17 months
igrigorx/remote_cdt_uriChange AutotoolsNewMakeFileGenerator to use URI instead of IPathIoana Grigoropol17 months
igrigorx/tm-upstream-patchProvide access to readers in host shellIoana Grigoropol17 months
intel-tune-ng-v3generixx86: Use require instead of includeDarren Hart10 months
ionut/workuseradd.bbclass: fix traceback when inheriting useradd but not setting USERAD...Ionut Radu16 months
ionutx/fenrus_latestFixed log creation directoryIonut Radu17 months
ionutx/fenrus_patchesAdded get_compression_type function to find the compression type of a tar arc...Ionut Radu16 months
ionutx/fenrus_patches_cleanedMake yum use optionalIonut Radu17 months
ionutx/fenrus_patches_newAdded get_compression_type function to find the compression type of a tar arc...Ionut Radu17 months
ionutx/workgdk-pixbuf: upgrade to 2.28.2Ionut Radu16 months
ipatru/checkpkg-fetchertests/fetch.py: Add test cases for versions with "99"Irina Patru9 months
ipatru/hob-bugAdd parsing after changing layer configurationIrina Patru10 months
ipatru/upgradeslibsoup-2.4: upgrade to 2.45.3Irina Patru11 months
jhuang0/d_acl_0715_1acl: fix the acl self contained test cases issueJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/d_acl_0715_2acl: fix the acl self contained test cases issueJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/d_autogen_1109_0autogen-native: remove the unnecessary RDEPENDSJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_bootimg_0828_0syslinux.bbclass: pull files from correct places for multilibJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_bpn_0315_0libatomics-ops: fix PN -> BPN in do_install for multilibsJackie Huang20 months
jhuang0/d_bpn_0315_1libatomics-ops: fix PN -> BPN in do_install for multilibsJackie Huang20 months
jhuang0/d_busybox-sed_1031_0busybox: fix sed auto insert newline and clusternewline failureJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_busybox-sed_1031_1busybox: fix sed auto insert newline testcaseJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_findutils_0917_0findutils_4.2.31: backport fixes for doc build errorsJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_findutils_0917_1findutils_4.2.31: backport fixes for doc build errorsJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_findutils_0917_2findutils_4.2.31: backport fixes for doc build errorsJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_gplv3_0801_1multilib.bbclass: Expand the WHITELISTs with multilib prefixJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/d_gplv3_0801_2multilib.bbclass: Expand the WHITELISTs with multilib prefixJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1107_0grub-efi-native: fix build failure on 32bit hostJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1107_1grub-efi-native: fix build failure on 32bit hostJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1107_2grub-efi-native: fix build failure on 32bit hostJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1109_0grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1119_0grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_1122_0grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_v5_1122_0grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_v5_1122_1grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_v5_1122_2grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub-efi_v5_1122_3grub-efi: allow compilation without large model supportJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub097_0604_0grub-0.97: fix the objcopy error in configureJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_grub097_0604_1grub-0.97: fix the objcopy error in configureJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_grub_1119_0grub: add explicit dependency on bison-nativeJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_grub_1119_1grub: add explicit dependency on bison-nativeJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_guile-libunstring_0916_0libunistring: remove the test to convert euc-jp in configureJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_guile-libunstring_0916_1libunistring: remove the test to convert euc-jp in configureJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_guile-libunstring_0916_2libunistring: remove the test to convert euc-jp in configureJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_guile-native_1121_0gettext-minimal-native/iconv.m4: remove the test to convert euc-jpJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_guile-native_1121_1gettext-minimal-native/iconv.m4: remove the test to convert euc-jpJackie Huang12 months
jhuang0/d_lrzsz_0529_0lrzsz: check locale.h in configureJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_lrzsz_0529_1lrzsz: check locale.h in configureJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_lrzsz_0529_2lrzsz: check locale.h in configureJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_midori_1022_0midori: exclude from self-hosted for mips64Jackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_missing_xz_0926_0packagegroup-self-hosted: add xz to enable bootstrapJackie Huang14 months
jhuang0/d_modphp_lamp_0409_0modphp: enable mysql option in PACKAGECONFIGJackie Huang20 months
jhuang0/d_multilib_image_0529_0sstate.bbclass: fixup extra hardcoded pathsJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_multilib_image_0529_1sstate.bbclass: fixup extra hardcoded pathsJackie Huang18 months
jhuang0/d_qt4-webkit_0qt4: disable webkit for mips64 n32 temporarilyJackie Huang5 hours
jhuang0/d_remove_protocol_0830_0remove the unnecessary protocol parametersJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_remove_protocol_0902_0remove the unnecessary protocol parametersJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_syslog_1109_0packagegroup-core-basic: define VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_syslogJackie Huang13 months
jhuang0/d_texinfo_mpatrol_0816_0texinfo: handle correctly @enumerate specification greater than 10Jackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_texinfo_mpatrol_0816_1texinfo: handle correctly @enumerate specification greater than 10Jackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_texinfo_mpatrol_0816_2texinfo: handle correctly @enumerate specification greater than 10Jackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_texinfo_mpatrol_0820_0texinfo: handle correctly @enumerate specification greater than 10Jackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/d_texinfo_mpatrol_0821_0texinfo: handle correctly @enumerate specification greater than 10Jackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/fp-subversion_141022-0subversion: Security Advisory - subversion - CVE-2014-3528Yue Tao5 weeks
jhuang0/r_add-layerdepends-0meta-xfce: Add LAYERVERSION and LAYERDEPENDSJackie Huang3 days
jhuang0/r_bbappend_consolekit_dbus_0620_0dbus: move libdbus-1.so* to base_libdirJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_consolekit_dbus_0620_1dbus: move libdbus-1.so* to base_libdirJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_consolekit_dbus_0620_2consolekit: move libck-connector to base_libdirJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_consolekit_dbus_0621_0consolekit: move libck-connector to base_libdirJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_dbus_0722_0dbus: add -o option into start-stop-daemon argumentsJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_dbus_0723_0dbus: add -o option into start-stop-daemon argumentsJackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_glib_0708_1glib-2.0: add -march=i486 into CFLAGS automatically when needed.Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_glib_0708_2glib-2.0: add -march=i486 into CFLAGS automatically when needed.Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_glib_0708_3glib-2.0: inherit pythonnativeJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_glib_0708_4glib: fix the python script munging for cross compileJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_glib_0708_5nativesdk-glib-2.0: cannot build on hosts without libffi.so.5Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_init-ifupdown_0702_1init-ifupdown: set kernel parameters firstlyJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_kbd-rework_0712_1Limit the kbdrate application to x86, mips and sparcJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_kbd-rework_0712_2kbd: Limit the kbdrate application to x86, mips and sparcJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_kbd_0621_1Limit the kbdrate application to x86, mips and sparc.Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_kbd_0621_2Limit the kbdrate application to x86, mips and sparc.Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_libxml_0620_2Add Upstream-Status for libxml2-CVE-2012-2871.patchJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_udev-extraconf_0703_1udev-extraconf: blacklist /dev/dm-*Jackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_udev-initscripts_0704initscripts: overwrite default hostname.shJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_udev-initscripts_dmesg_0704_1initscripts: add dmesg file to /var/logJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_bbappend_udev_0708_1udev: add runtime dependency on blkidJackie Huang17 months
jhuang0/r_collectd_0collectd: explicitly disable libsensors supportMing Liu8 months
jhuang0/r_collectd_1collectd: explicitly enable/disable libsensors supportMing Liu8 months
jhuang0/r_depend_140724_0gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: add missing dependency on libcapJackie Huang4 months
jhuang0/r_eject_0eject: Fix wrong return valueJackie Huang8 months
jhuang0/r_eject_1eject: Fix wrong return valueJackie Huang8 months
jhuang0/r_lmbench_140818-0lmbench: fix doc install failureJackie Huang3 months
jhuang0/r_lmbench_140818-1lmbench: fix doc install failureJackie Huang3 months
jhuang0/r_lmbench_140818-2lmbench: fix doc install failureJackie Huang3 months
jhuang0/r_lmbench_140818-3lmbench: fix doc install failureJackie Huang3 months
jhuang0/r_msmtp_0715_1msmtp: add GPLv2 compatiable version 1.4.12Jackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/r_msmtp_0715_2msmtp: add GPLv2 compatiable version 1.4.12Jackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/r_msmtp_0715_3msmtp: add GPLv2 compatiable version 1.4.12Jackie Huang16 months
jhuang0/r_port60_gnupg_140326-1gnupg: CVE-2013-4576Yong Zhang8 months
jhuang0/r_port60_openssl_140326-1Security Advisory - openssl - CVE-2013-6449Yue Tao8 months
jhuang0/r_rsyslog_noptest-0rsyslog: add DEPENDS on bison-native and flex-nativeJackie Huang7 months
jhuang0/r_rsyslog_noptest-1rsyslog: add DEPENDS on bison-native and flex-nativeJackie Huang7 months
jhuang0/r_rsyslog_noptest-2rsyslog: add DEPENDS on bison-native and flex-nativeJackie Huang7 months
jhuang0/r_status_for_daemons_0820_0at: add init.d/atd status command for LSB complianceJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/r_status_for_daemons_0821_0openssh: add init.d/sshd status command for LSB complianceJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/r_status_for_daemons_0822_0openssh: add init.d/sshd status command for LSB complianceJackie Huang15 months
jhuang0/r_uprev-syslog-ng_140717_0syslog-ng: uprev to Huang4 months
jhuang0/t_gd_140415-0gd: fix the subdir-objects errorRobert Yang7 months
jhuang0/t_gd_140415-1gd: fix the subdir-objects errorRobert Yang7 months
jhuang0/uprev-postfix_140710-0postfix: add new recipeJackie Huang5 months
jhuang0/uprev-postfix_140710-1postfix: add new recipeJackie Huang5 months
jmcruzal/masterbuild-appliance-image: Update to dizzy head revisionRichard Purdie7 weeks
joaohf/daisybitbake: codeparser: Fix to better catch all getVar referencesRichard Purdie5 months
joaohf/daisy-libxml-parser-perl-rpathlibxml-parser-perl: wip remove rpathJoão Henrique Ferreira de Freitas4 months
joaohf/masteru-boot-fw-utils: install config fileMaxin B. John5 months
jzhang/cdt-remotemodify to use locationURIJessica Zhang18 months
jzhang/cdt_8_2_URIUpdate URI based location against CDT keplerJessica Zhang17 months
jzhang/remote-YPideChange to use URI based locationJessica Zhang18 months
jzhang/remote_cdt_uriChange AutotoolsNewMakeFileGenerator to use URI instead of IPathIoana Grigoropol17 months
kangkai/CVEsgnupg_1.4.7: add package config libusbKai Kang6 weeks
kangkai/iptablesiptables: update init script and bb fileKai Kang5 months
kangkai/qemuarm64poky.conf: Add support for aarch64 to QEMUMark Hatle2 weeks
kangkai/qemuarm64-rebasedqemu: add signle step support for aarch64Kai Kang5 weeks
kangkai/volatileinitscripts: update populate-volatile.shKai Kang5 months
lerner/imageinfobitbake: toaster: image information viewsDave Lerner8 months
lerner/package-detail-viewsbitbake: toaster: Implementation of package detail viewsDave Lerner10 months
lerner/package-detail-views-v2bitbake: toaster: Fixes applied per reviewDave Lerner10 months
lpalcu/automationoeqa: add xautomation framework and some testsLaurentiu Palcu15 months
lpalcu/b6293_adt_installer_issueadt_installer: run autoreconf before configuring opkgLaurentiu Palcu7 months
lpalcu/rootfs_refactoringVersion 0.4.1Laurentiu Palcu12 months
lpalcu/upgradesfontconfig: upgrade to 2.11.1Laurentiu Palcu7 months
masternativesdk-cmake: Adjust toolchain paths dynamicallyOtavio Salvador5 weeks
mattsm/dannyglib: disable selinux for native buildsMatthew McClintock22 months
mattsm/masterbitbake: bitbake-layers: fix duplicated help infoRobert Yang21 months
mattsm/master-nextlibpfm3_3.10.bb: add libpfm3 recipe for oprofile for ppc on older kernelsMatthew McClintock22 months
mavram/PRSFix cronjob.sh variablesMarius Avram7 months
mavram/PRS-paralleladded parallel tasks for update_prs.pyMarius Avram12 months
mavram/PRS-rebaseviews.py: remove error when no reports existsMarius Avram3 months
mavram/YB6126toaster: fix some code spacing issuesMarius Avram3 months
mavram/YB6492Fix USB not mounted in file managerMarius Avram3 months
mavram/auh_featuresKill suprocesses when pressing ctrl+cMarius Avram3 months
mavram/fetcher2tests/fetch.py: unittest for wget method latest_versionstringIrina Patru3 months
mavram/upgradespcmanfm: Upgrade to 1.2.1Marius Avram3 months
meliaser/bootchart2bootchart2: create recipe for bootchart2Max Eliaser4 months
meliaser/bootchart2-attempt2ubootchart: delete ubootchart recipeMax Eliaser4 months
meliaser/bootchart2-attempt3ubootchart: delete ubootchart recipeMax Eliaser4 months
meliaser/bootchart2-in-progress-do-not-pullbootchart2: initial commit so saul can look at itMax Eliaser4 months
meliaser/fix-texinfo-dummy-capital-Etexinfo-dummy-native: Fix dummy scripts failing when paths contain capital EsMax Eliaser6 months
meliaser/mark-texinfoAdd texinfo.bbclass; recipes that use texinfo utils at build-time inherit it.Max Eliaser7 months
meliaser/poky-ubootchart-removalmeta-yocto: delete references to ubootchart recipeMax Eliaser4 months
meliaser/qemu-x-driversqemux86-64: support X11 when QEMU is emulating a different GPU than vmwareMax Eliaser3 months
meliaser/texinfo-buildnative/cross recipes use texinfo-dummy-native; target arch use host's Texinfo.Max Eliaser6 months
meliaser/texinfo-build-2texinfo.bbclass: native/cross uses dummy texinfo; target uses host's Texinfo.Max Eliaser6 months
mhatle/aarch64glibc-package: aarch64 enable symlink for ABI complianceMark Hatle5 weeks
mhatle/debugfsimage.bbclass: Add a method for creating a companion debug filesystemMark Hatle8 weeks
mhatle/dizzy/aarch64poky.conf: Add support for aarch64 to QEMUMark Hatle4 weeks
mhatle/dora-CVEicu: CVE-2013-2924Yue Tao12 months
mhatle/dora-miscbind: use volatiles for managing /var/ subdirsMing Liu12 months
mhatle/master-CVEicu: CVE-2013-2924Yue Tao12 months
mhatle/master/aarch64poky.conf: Add support for aarch64 to QEMUMark Hatle4 weeks
mhatle/meta-mingwmachine-sdk/*-mingw32.conf: Disable SDKTAROPTSMark Hatle5 months
mhatle/meta-selinux-doraRevert "glib-2.0: upgrade from version 2.36.4 to 2.38.0"Mark Hatle12 months
mhatle/meta-selinux-masterlibselinux / libsemanage: work around FD_CLOEXEC and SOCK_CLOEXEC absenceJoe MacDonald12 months
mhatle/misc1package_rpm: Allow translation of requirement to package nameMark Hatle12 months
mhatle/oe-coregcc: Fix intermittent failures during configureMark Hatle3 weeks
mhatle/rpmrpm_5.4+cvs: Add RPM community tree for future developmentMark Hatle5 months
mhatle/spdxspdx.bbclass: Breakup do_spdxMark Hatle14 months
mhatle/spdx-20131008spdx.bbclass: Breakup do_spdxMark Hatle14 months
mhatle/spdx-20131014spdx.bbclass: Breakup do_spdxMark Hatle14 months
mhatle/tcsanity.bbclass: Add ability to verify toolchain flagsMark Hatle4 months
mhatle/uidgiduseradd{-static}: Ignore useradds on nativesdkMark Hatle8 months
michaelw/bootstrapjsversionbitbake: toaster: Replace bootstrap js with the correct versionMichael Wood3 weeks
michaelw/toaster/import-layersbitbake: toaster: Add Import Layer featureMichael Wood18 hours
michaelw/toaster/masterbitbake: toaster: Replace bootstrap js with the correct versionMichael Wood3 weeks
michaelw/toaster/new-build-button-v3bitbake: toaster: Tiny refinements to the new build button dialogBelen Barros Pena10 days
mihaip/automationlib/oeqa/utils: Changed target buildir from /tmp to /home/rootMihai Prica15 months
mihaip/meta-trustedOpenAttestation: Updated recipeMihai Prica20 months
mulhern-snort2Expect the file format to be the format that Snort uses.mulhern17 months
mulhern/buck-securitySome more changes to go with first commit.mulhern15 months
mulhern/buck-security-dependenciesAllow buck-security as an IMAGE_FEATURE and run it as a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_CO...mulhern15 months
mulhern/buck-security-finalmeta-security: Bump buck-security to new version and remove patch file.mulhern13 months
mulhern/cvechecker-finalCvechecker: Initial recipe.mulhern15 months
mulhern/cvechecker-final2Updates cvechecker recipe file to current release, 3.5.mulhern14 months
ning/bug4558yocto_kernel: modify the msg when adding duplicate itemsNing Zhang18 months
ning/znbug4558yocto_kernel: check current items before add a new oneNing Zhang18 months
nitin/fix1QA_check: special case kernel modules for x32 targetsNitin A Kamble9 months
nitin/imageconfiguratorimageconfigurator: a new recipe for image configurationNitin A Kamble3 months
nitin/imageconfigurator.repoSample nuc machine config filesNitin A Kamble3 months
nitin/lttng-modulesasoc.h: fix build with v3.17 kernelNitin A Kamble2 months
nitin/misckernel.bbclass: enable a link for external module buildingNitin A Kamble8 weeks
nitin/zaurusdpsplash: adjust the initrc priorityNitin A Kamble4 months
pabigot/bluez5bluez5: support experimental through PACKAGECONFIGPeter A. Bigot41 hours
pabigot/rfc-v2/bluez5connman: depend on distro provider of bluezPeter A. Bigot40 hours
pabigot/wip/virtual-bluezbluez5: add a package for tools left in the build areaPeter A. Bigot2 weeks
paule/auh-fixesREADME: clarify warningPaul Eggleton3 months
paule/bb-errorsutils: avoid printing traceback on ExpansionError during parsingPaul Eggleton6 months
paule/bb-fixtrackingtinfoil: add a means of enabling variable history trackingPaul Eggleton3 months
paule/devtoolscripts/devtool: Support deploy/undeploy functionJunchun Guan3 days
paule/devtool-bbfetch2: add means of disabling SRC_URI checksumsPaul Eggleton3 days
paule/distroidlib/oe/lsb.py: fall back to /etc/os-release for host distro IDPaul Eggleton17 months
paule/fixtrackingtinfoil: add a means of enabling variable history trackingPaul Eggleton3 months
paule/lockedsigssstatesig: Only call dump_sigtask for unlocked tasksRichard Purdie3 months
paule/newsdkFix missing import of subprocessPaul Eggleton7 weeks
paule/newsdk2recipetool: use proper loggingPaul Eggleton4 days
paule/poky-tiny-blacklistpoky-tiny.conf: remove inherit of blacklistPaul Eggleton4 weeks
paule/python276-wippython: upgrade to 2.7.6Paul Eggleton8 months
paule/shell-loggingFirst stab at shell loggingPaul Eggleton9 months
petmab/bug/4497eglibc: remove usage of FILESPATHPetter Mabäcker7 months
petmab/bug/4497_v2eglibc: remove usage of FILESPATHPetter Mabäcker7 months
petmab/bug/4497_v3eglibc: remove usage of FILESPATHPetter Mabäcker7 months
petmab/fix_xloadx-load: remove usage of FILESPATHPetter Mabäcker7 months
petmab/remove_xloadx-load: remove recipePetter Mabacker7 months
pkj/bb-matrix_improvementsbb-matrix: Make sure local.conf does not interferePeter Kjellerstedt15 months
pkj/bitbake-dumpsigbitbake-diffsigs: Add debug supportPeter Kjellerstedt10 months
pkj/kernel-headerskernel-headers.bbclass: Add a bbclass to generate sanitized kernel headersPeter Kjellerstedt10 months
pkj/kernel-headers-backwards-compatiblekernel-headers.bbclass: Add a bbclass to generate sanitized kernel headersPeter Kjellerstedt10 months
pkj/multiprocess_execpackage: Correct two typos in a commentPeter Kjellerstedt3 months
pkj/no_pseudo_for_gitbitbake: Disable pseudo in runfetchcmd()Peter Kjellerstedt9 months
qt4-check-neon-against-tune-featuresQT4: use '-no-neon' if cpu does not support neonRoy.Li22 months
ravi/all-tasks-featurebitbake: toaster: Removed unused 'disabled' css class in Filter dialogRavi Chintakunta10 months
ravi/bug-5748bitbake: toaster: Display task descriptionRavi Chintakunta8 months
ravi/bug-fixesbitbake: toaster: Add counters to filtersRavi Chintakunta9 months
ravi/task-details-featurebitbake: toaster: Removed reading stack trace from local fileRavi Chintakunta9 months
rbt/dlfetch2/__init__.py: remove broken symlinkRobert Yang3 months
rbt/image_pkgimage.bbclass: create binary pkg for image recipeRobert Yang5 months
rbt/maintainmaintainers.inc: update maintainersRobert Yang2 days
rbt/rpm_elflocal.conf.sample.extended: update for RPM_PREFER_ELF_ARCHRobert Yang6 weeks
rbt/sighupbitbake-worker: exit normally when SIGHUPRobert Yang11 days
remote-wizardChange fields to protected & remove static modifier for updateDataIoana Grigoropol18 months
remote-wizard-ideInital commit for remote ui projectIoana Grigoropol18 months
rewitt/newsdk-wiptoolchain-shar-template.sh: Make relocation optional.Randy Witt7 weeks
rewitt/paule-newsdkmeta-newsdk.bb: Don't relocate the sdk after installing.Randy Witt4 weeks
rewitt/paule-newsdk2meta-newsdk: Make sure devtool location is in PATH.Randy Witt8 days
rmoisan/oeqa-runtimeQemuRunner: Make launch blocking until bootRadu Moisan18 months
robert/dora-nextyocto-bsp: Update qemu inclusion listsRichard Purdie8 days
robert/fetch2fetch2/__init__.py: let try_mirror_url return correct valueRobert Yang11 months
robert/fetch_stampbitbake: fetcher2: git.py: clean(): remove the .tar.gz.doneRobert Yang11 months
robert/hostspoky: Add Fedora-20 to supported distros listRobert Yang10 months
ross/autotoolsautotools: correct file exists text for aclocalRoss Burton3 days
ross/avahiavahi: enable dns-sd compatRoss Burton3 days
ross/avahi-gtkavahi: use PACKAGECONFIG to turn on/off GTK+ supportRoss Burton3 days
ross/bisonwebkit-gtk: ANGLE doesn't build with bison 3Chong Lu3 days
ross/bluezbluez4: optionally install systemd unit filesRoss Burton3 days
ross/checksumfetch2: return a boolean from verify_checksumRoss Burton3 days
ross/clearpython-pygobject: add homepageRoss Burton3 days
ross/combocombo-tool: simply branch/commit validation logicRoss Burton3 days
ross/darwinzlib: hack fix linkRoss Burton4 weeks
ross/dbus-verbosedbus: hack in verboseRoss Burton7 months
ross/debugpackage.bbclass: set FILES_PN-dbg automaticallyRoss Burton3 days
ross/defaultvalscripts: don't skip defaultval, it's internal nowRoss Burton3 days
ross/doxydoxygen: add API documentation generation toolRoss Burton3 days
ross/feedsimage.bbclass: fix legacy feed generationRoss Burton3 days
ross/gawkgawk: remove dgawk and pgawk packages, merge gawk-common into gawkRoss Burton6 months
ross/gconfgconf: split libgconf into a separate packageRoss Burton3 days
ross/gtk3gitgtk+3: add git recipe, pointing at 3.9.2Ross Burton3 days
ross/i18nTODORoss Burton6 months
ross/i18n2lrzsz: WIP ARGHRoss Burton3 days
ross/largefilelibcgroup: disable largefile, fts conflictsRoss Burton3 days
ross/libexeccwautomacros: clean is broken to mark as suchRoss Burton45 hours
ross/logcheckoeqa/parselogs: allow regular expressions in the error white/blacklistsRoss Burton8 days
ross/mastergdk-pixbuf: use ptest-gnomeRoss Burton3 days
ross/mbwmmatchbox-wm: fix NumLock handling when grabbing (WIP)Ross Burton3 days
ross/mutlibpam: avoid overwritting editable files during package updatingJian Liu3 days
ross/neardneard: don't munge libexecdirRoss Burton3 days
ross/nocalibratecalibrateproto: removeRoss Burton3 days
ross/opkgopkg: Upgrade to v0.2.3Paul Barker8 days
ross/packageconfigbase: add RRECOMMENDS to PACKAGECONFIGRoss Burton3 days
ross/pamxdgpam-xdg-support: addRoss Burton3 days
ross/piglitpiglit: hack hack hack remove depsRoss Burton3 months
ross/pixbufWIPRoss Burton3 days
ross/ptestfixup! json-glib: enable ptestRoss Burton3 days
ross/ptestgnomeptest: use PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN (WIP breaks python)Ross Burton3 days
ross/qaWIPRoss Burton3 days
ross/qemuarm64poky.conf: Add support for aarch64 to QEMUMark Hatle3 days
ross/shukufix panel versionRoss Burton7 months
ross/splitfetcher: use os.path.splitext() instead of string.split()Ross Burton5 weeks
ross/unfreezepackagegroup-core-sdk: add libsanitize to core SDKDan McGregor4 weeks
ross/usersessionfixup user-session-unitsRoss Burton3 days
ross/utilutil-macros: inherit allarch as this is pure dataRoss Burton7 months
roxana/YB6217bitbake.conf: move BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE to bitbake.confRoxana Ciobanu4 months
roxana/YB6467python3: fix builtins importsRoxana5 months
roxana/YB6473 gawk: fix optional dependency mpfrRoxana Ciobanu5 months
roxana/YB6491 elfutils/elfutils-native: Fix patching generated filesRoxana Ciobanu5 months
roxana/YB6498latencytop: fix mount errorRoxana Ciobanu5 months
roxana/YB6502image.bbclass/rootfs.py: add variables to rootfs[vardeps]Roxana Ciobanu4 months
roxana/YB6537error-report-tool: apply changes to the landing pageRoxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/YB6538error-report: add top 'Show rows' menuRoxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/YB6539error-report-web: Sorting error tablesRoxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/YB6540error-report-web: Enhancements to the error pagerRoxana Ciobanu2 months
roxana/YB6542error-report-web: add filtering capabilitiesRoxana Ciobanu2 months
roxana/YB6562SRC_URI parameter: "subdir" does not work for local filesRoxana Ciobanu4 months
roxana/YB6576scripts/send-error-report: fetch /Errors/ instead of /.Roxana Ciobanu4 months
roxana/ethtoolethtool: upgrade to 3.15Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/gdbgdb: Upgrade gdb 7.7.1 -> 7.8Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/hicolor-icon-themehicolor-icon-theme: Upgrade to 0.13Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/licenselicense.bbclass: fix indentation in python functionRoxana Ciobanu4 months
roxana/masteru-boot-fw-utils: install config fileMaxin B. John5 months
roxana/pixmanpixman: upgrade to 0.32.6 Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/xf86-input-mousexf86-input-mouse: upgrade to 1.9.1Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roxana/xf86-input-synapticsxf86-input-synaptics: upgrade to 1.8.0Ciobanu Roxana3 months
roxana/xkeyboard-configxkeyboard-config: upgrade to 2.12Roxana Ciobanu3 months
roy/audit-two-fixaudit: fix the permission of configuration fileRoy Li9 months
roy/btrfsbtrfs-tools: Add dependency on lzo acl e2fsprogRoy.Li15 months
roy/ffmpeg-1Security Advisory - ffmpeg - CVE-2013-0849Yue Tao6 months
roy/ffmpeg-2gst-ffmpeg: fix for Security Advisory CVE-2013-0849Yue Tao6 months
roy/ffmpeg-3gst-ffmpeg: fix for Security Advisory CVE-2013-0849Yue Tao6 months
roy/ffmpeg-7-21gst-ffmpeg: Security Advisory - ffmpeg - CVE-2012-6617Yue Tao4 months
roy/gst-ffgst-ffmpeg: Security Advisory - ffmpeg - CVE-2012-6617Yue Tao4 months
roy/meta-selinux_ftpwhorefpolicy: fix ftpwho install dirRoy Li10 months
roy/nssnss: CVE-2013-1740Li Wang6 months
roy/ptestptest-runner: trivial fixes and refineRoy Li15 months
roy/ptest-1ptest-runner: trivial fixes and refineRoy Li15 months
roy/refpolicy-backport-dhclient-hostnamerefpolicy: backport two patches to fix dhclient, hostname and ifconfigRoy Li10 months
roy/refpolicy-dhclientrefpolicy: allow dhclient to bind unreserved_port_t socket.Roy Li10 months
roy/refpolicy-proftpdrefpolicy: make proftpd be able to workRoy Li10 months
roy/rpcbindrefpolicy: allow sysadm to run rpcbindRoy Li9 months
roy/screenscreen: fix for Security Advisory CVE-2009-1215Yue Tao6 months
roy/selinux_ftpxmlsec1/ptest: fix the result output formatJackie Huang10 months
roy/selinux_proftpdrefpolicy: refine ftpd policyRoy Li10 months
roy/subversion-1subversion: fix for Security Advisory CVE-2013-4277Yue Tao6 months
roy/systemdsystemd: ignore qemu output, and check its return codeRoy.Li16 months
roy/systemd-1systemd: link runlevel from systemctlRoy.Li15 months
roy/xf86-video-intelxf86-video-intel: backport a patch to fix a compile failureRoy.Li17 months
roy/xinetd-enable-tcp-wrap3xinetd: enable tcp-wrappers supportRoy.Li22 months
rpurdie/bbperfcooker: Avoid duplication for taskdata creationAlexandru DAMIAN14 months
rpurdie/datasocksocket based worker dataQing He4 years
rpurdie/dummydummy testRichard Purdie9 months
rpurdie/mariusbitbake: build/data: Write out more complete python run filesRichard Purdie3 months
rpurdie/master-nextpoky.conf: WIP *TMP* set -dev KernelSaul Wold8 months
rpurdie/meta-oefixesRichard Purdie5 months
rpurdie/metaintelgl approach #2Richard Purdie14 months
rpurdie/metaoesyslog-ng: Various fixesRichard Purdie4 months
rpurdie/newsdkbeginnings of new sdkPaul Eggleton3 months
rpurdie/nfsrootnfsroot: script for automatic nfs/tftp preparationQing He5 years
rpurdie/python3bitbake py3 fixesRichard Purdie19 months
rpurdie/pythonsdkfixesfixesRichard Purdie3 years
rpurdie/t1cooker: updateCache should rause exceptions, not sys.exitRichard Purdie14 months
rpurdie/t2fixupRichard Purdie8 months
rpurdie/t2-aAdd wget codeRichard Purdie9 months
rpurdie/t22Revert "bitbake-worker: Extra profiling data dump"Richard Purdie8 months
rpurdie/t222qemu: Add missing wacom HID descriptorRichard Purdie22 hours
rpurdie/t223Add %manifest support for spec generation.Ronan Le Martret3 months
rpurdie/t224qemu: fix wacomRichard Purdie38 hours
rpurdie/t3gettext: No examplesRichard Purdie12 months
rpurdie/t67Revert "gcc-cross-initial fixup"Richard Purdie7 months
rpurdie/testuser-manual-hello: Building out the helloworld example.Bill Traynor10 months
rpurdie/timinglib/oe/path: Fixup . prefixRichard Purdie13 months
rpurdie/timing2First stab at shell loggingPaul Eggleton13 months
rpurdie/tizenAdd metatizen.bbclassRichard Purdie3 months
rpurdie/uclibc-multilibgcc: Handle uclibc linker relocation for multilib supportRichard Purdie7 months
rpurdie/wip2Revert "autotools: Crazy stage 3"Richard Purdie12 months
rpurdie/wipqueuebitbake/data_smart: Drop COW usage as it no longer buys us muchRichard Purdie15 months
rpurdie/wipqueue2runqueue.py: Example memory analysisRichard Purdie15 months
rpurdie/wipqueue3devshell: Add interactive python shellRichard Purdie15 months
seebs/armv7attune-cortexa*.inc: use armv7at by defaultPeter Seebach3 months
seebs/binutils-alternativesbinutils: Drop binutils-symlinksPeter Seebach13 months
seebs/binutils-alternatives-v3binutils: Drop binutils-symlinksPeter Seebach13 months
seebs/debiannameslibc-common.bbclass: rename ALL the packagesPeter Seebach21 months
seebs/glibcoptionseglibc-use-option-groups.patch: Several fixupsPeter Seebach3 weeks
seebs/gnun32More n32 fixupsPeter Seebach21 months
seebs/insanity_continuedcooker.py and friends: Convert to using Sanity Check events.Peter Seebach12 months
seebs/insanity_revisitedsanity.bbclass: Failure might be an option.Peter Seebach12 months
seebs/ldsoconfdAdd support for ld.so.conf.dPeter Seebach4 months
seebs/mkdirhierutils.py: default mode for mkdirhierPeter Seebach6 months
seebs/multilib_global_variantsmultilib.conf: set MULTILIB_GLOBAL_VARIANTS conditionallyPeter Seebach5 weeks
seebs/no32libsAlways try to build 32-bit libpseudo when NO32LIBS is set to 0Peter Seebach16 months
seebs/nonfatal_insanitysanity.bbclass: Don't fatal() when trying to dump environment.Peter Seebach12 months
seebs/optiongroups2eglibc-use-option-groups.patch: Minor fixups.Peter Seebach2 weeks
seebs/preferred_mlmultilib_global.bbclass: PREFERRED_PROVIDERS for multilibsPeter Seebach3 months
seebs/pseudo-161pseudo: uprev to 1.6.1Peter Seebach4 months
seebs/pseudo-fchmodatpseudo: handle fchmodat better, mask out unwanted write bitsPeter Seebach6 months
seebs/pseudo-fchmodat2pseudo: handle fchmodat better, mask out unwanted write bitsPeter Seebach6 months
seebs/pseudo143pseudo.inc: Fix sqlite libdir again, pseudo 1.4.3Peter Seebach22 months
seebs/pseudo144pseudo_git.bb: Bump to pseudo 1.4.4.Peter Seebach21 months
seebs/pseudo145pseudo_1.4.5.bb: Finish fixing linkat()Peter Seebach21 months
seebs/pseudo151Update pseudo to 1.5.1Peter Seebach21 months
seebs/pseudo16pseudo_1.6.0.bb: uprev to pseudo 1.6Peter Seebach4 months
seebs/pseudo162pseudo*.bb: update to pseudo 1.6.2Peter Seebach8 weeks
seebs/pseudo_15pseudo.inc: pseudo 1.5 uprev, support extra config flagsPeter Seebach21 months
seebs/qemumips32r2qemumips.conf: Default to (and support) mips32r2Peter Seebach3 months
seebs/renamelibclibc-common.bbclass: rename ALL the packagesPeter Seebach3 months
seebs/semanage-python-dependspolicycoreutils.inc: Add missing dependencies for semanagePeter Seebach8 months
seebs/skip_filedepspackage.bbclass: Allow per-package SKIP_FILEDEPSPeter Seebach22 months
seebs/tmuxfixhandle two-word commands with tmuxPeter Seebach18 months
seebs/umaskpseudo: Honor umask againPeter Seebach6 months
seebs/unpackagedpackage.bbclass: Consistency between packaging and unpackaged checkPeter Seebach22 months
seebs/warning_helperdata_smart.py: Add isTracking() to datasmartPeter Seebach12 months
sees/pseudo-fchmodatpseudo: handle fchmodat better, mask out unwanted write bitsPeter Seebach6 months
sgarman/denzil-nextbitbake: command: Fix getCmdLineAction bugsRichard Purdie22 months
sgarman/meta-heads-up-demoheads-up-demo layer: initial commitScott Garman7 months
sgarman/runqemu-skiptap-oerunqemu: add ability to skip using an existing tap deviceScott Garman9 months
sgw/cvelibconfig: import from meta-oeSaul Wold15 months
sgw/cvecheckerUpdates cvechecker recipe file to current release, 3.5.mulhern13 months
sgw/daisybuild-appliance: Update SRCREV for 1.6.2 releaseSaul Wold4 weeks
sgw/dlnareduce dependenciesSaul Wold2 years
sgw/fetch-distropackage_regex: reorderSaul Wold6 months
sgw/fetcher_changesfetch/__init__.py: Add wrapper for _latest_versionstring()Irina Patru5 months
sgw/filespathFILESPATH: clean up usage where not neededSaul Wold11 months
sgw/genericgenericx86*: Remove genericx86* as they are now included in oe-coreSaul Wold12 months
sgw/meta-tlkpsplash: Add TLK info to psplash imageSaul Wold2 years
sgw/one-configxorg-config: move xorg.conf files into conf-files as bbappendSaul Wold6 months
sgw/passwdWIP - PasswdSaul Wold10 months
sgw/pendingresolvconf: add fixes for busybox and make it workSaul Wold8 days
sgw/psplashAdding support for systemd and its service filesSujith H4 months
sgw/rpmrpm: Add RPMSENSE_MISSINGOK to python moduleSaul Wold3 months
sgw/rpm4rootfs_rpm: remove hard depends on rpmresolve - WIPSaul Wold8 weeks
sgw/savetargets-list-image: add ad-hoc image created from recipes used on command lineMartin Jansa3 months
sgw/stage_newlibxkbcommon: Add missing dependency on xkeyboard-configMikhail Durnev3 months
sgw/stage_oldpackage_rpm: Add builddir macro to define source directoryRichard Purdie3 months
sgw/testdhcp-client: Fix Providers (WIP)Saul Wold4 months
sgw/updatesboost: Upgrade to 1.57Saul Wold3 weeks
sgw/worldtargets-list-image: add ad-hoc image created from recipes used on command lineMartin Jansa8 months
spdxSplit into do_spdx_prepare and do_spdx. Got back to a functional state.Jake Cloyd13 months
srifenbark/bb-manualbitbake-user-manual-metadata.xml: Added [eventmask] flag information.Scott Rifenbark3 months
stage/daisy_under_testeglibc: CVE-2014-5119 fixArmin Kuster2 months
stage/daisy_under_test2eglibc: CVE-2014-5119 fixArmin Kuster2 months
stage/master_under_testgcc: backport patch for gcc bug 61144Saul Wold7 weeks
stap-thread-accessFix the issue introduced by code refactoring since DialogHandler inherit IHan...Jessica Zhang19 months
stefans/controllerslib/oeqa: allow a layer to provide it's own TEST_TARGET classStefan Stanacar10 months
stefans/poky-perfcron wrapper script used to run perf testsStefan Stanacar7 months
stefans/run-ptest1oeqa/runtime: add a test which runs ptest-runner on targetStefan Stanacar14 months
stefans/testimage-nextoeqa/controllers: add BeagleboneTargetStefan Stanacar7 months
stefans/testimage-next2meta-yocto-bsp: oeqa/controllers: add BeagleboneTargetStefan Stanacar7 months
stefans/wipoeqa/utils: sshcontrol: realtime logging of outputStefan Stanacar7 months
strassek/archiverarchiver: fix srpm archiving build errorsKevin Strasser20 months
strassek/archiver_copyleft_filterarchvier.bbclass: fix copyleft filter behaviorKevin Strasser22 months
strassek/archiver_filterarchiver.bbclass: check if package contains a copyleft licenseKevin Strasser18 months
strassek/create_diff_gzarchiver: remove create_diff_gzKevin Strasser22 months
strassek/docsref-manual/ref-classes: update source archiver entryKevin Strasser20 months
strassek/docs_updatesdev-manual: clarify what source is being archivedKevin Strasser22 months
szhang/alsaalsa-lib: check if wordexp is supported in libcJesse Zhang17 months
szhang/bugslibatomics-ops: backport patch to fix x86 buildJesse Zhang16 months
szhang/docdev-manual: fix instructions for enabling ptestJesse Zhang18 months
szhang/glibsanity.bbclass: make sure python is a full installJesse Zhang18 months
szhang/libavgst-ffmpeg: fix libav config error for ppcJesse Zhang17 months
szhang/ltpltp: update to new releaseJesse Zhang17 months
szhang/whitelocal.conf.sample: use ?= to assign BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE variablesJesse Zhang18 months
toaster-extension-6586bitbake: toaster: create extension point in toasterFarrell Wymore4 months
toaster/fixes_1712WIP: fixes for builds table, new configuration pageAlexandru DAMIAN11 months
toaster/install_testtoaster: improvements for admin pagesAlexandru DAMIAN7 weeks
toaster/masterbitbake: toaster: remove the word 'project' from layers and machineBelen Barros Pena19 hours
toaster/nextbitbake: toaster: change package storage modelAlexandru DAMIAN12 months
tzanussi/dev-manual-wic-updatesdev-manual: Various minor fixes for 'Creating Partitioned Images' sectionTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/directdisk-testcore-image-minimal-directdisk: test recipeTom Zanussi13 months
tzanussi/dizzy-nextwic: Update bootimg-partition to use bootimg_dirTom Zanussi7 days
tzanussi/tiny-busybox-defconfig-fixbusybox.bbappend: add override for poky-tiny defconfigTom Zanussi13 months
tzanussi/wic-bugfixes-v1wic: Update bootimg-partition to use bootimg_dirTom Zanussi4 weeks
tzanussi/wic-diet-phase1-v0wic: Update 'Background and Motivation' help sectionTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-diet-v1wic: Bump the version to 2.0Tom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-fixeswic: Remove fstype from mkefidisk canned wksTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-fixes-daisywic: Remove fstype from mkefidisk canned wksTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-gummiboot-v1wic: Add mkgummidisk kickstart fileTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-help-updateswic: Various typo/grammar fixes to wic help textTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/wic-plugin-updateswic: Add general 'plugins' help topicTom Zanussi5 months
tzanussi/wic-urlgrabber-fixes-2wic: Completely remove all urlgrabber referencesTom Zanussi3 months
tzanussi/wic-vfat-updateswic: Error on zero-sized partitionsTom Zanussi4 months
tzanussi/yocto-bsp-3.17yocto-bsp: Add mips64 supportTom Zanussi7 weeks
tzanussi/yocto-bsp-3.17-dizzy-updatesyocto-bsp: Add mips64 supportTom Zanussi6 days
tzanussi/yocto-bsp-3.17-master-updatesyocto-bsp: Add mips64 supportTom Zanussi42 hours
tzanussi/yocto-bsp-3.17-updateyocto-bsp: Update templates to 3.17 kernelTom Zanussi7 weeks
vanilla/masteryoctoABConfig: LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST appendElizabeth Flanagan2 years
vpopa/init_fixadditional changes after mount dir changedValentin Popa7 months
vpopa/mesaeglinfo: updated to compile with mesa10+Valentin Popa6 months
vpopa/mesa_10mesa: upgrade to 10.0.4Valentin Popa8 months
vpopa/user_sessionsRevert "cogl: update to 1.18.0"Valentin Popa5 months
vpopa/webkit-gtk-1.10.2webkit-gtk: upgrade to 1.10.2Valentin Popa8 months
webhob-poky/allpatches-092013bitbake: cooker: clear up state on stateShutdown commandAlexandru DAMIAN14 months
webhob-poky/masterbitbake: webhob: display covering tasks in Simple UIAlexandru DAMIAN14 months
webhob-poky/master-patchsplitbitbake: dsi: add build package dependency recordingAlexandru DAMIAN15 months
webhob-poky/metachanges-2409package: fire an event with file sizesAlexandru DAMIAN14 months
wenzong/clean-hostpathtcl: clean host path in tclConfig.shWenzong Fan5 weeks
wenzong/clean-pathtcl: clean host path in tclConfig.shShiqun Lin2 weeks
wenzong/coreutils-nativecoreutils-native: don't install groupsWenzong Fan4 hours
wenzong/cve-krb5krb5: fix CVE-2014-5351Wenzong Fan2 weeks
wenzong/cve-pythonpython: Fix CVE-2014-7185Wenzong Fan2 weeks
wenzong/dizzyserf: uprev to 1.3.7 for fixing CVE-2014-3504Wenzong Fan7 days
wenzong/fix-dropbeardropbear: add pam modules dependenciesWenzong Fan3 months
wenzong/fix-pangopango / ptest: clean CFLAGS for host binaryWenzong Fan3 months
wenzong/fix-rsnapshotrsnapshot: fix rsnapshot.conf.defaultWenzong Fan6 weeks
wenzong/fix-sstatesstate.bbclass: specify func dirs for sstate_hardcode_pathWenzong Fan6 weeks
wenzong/fix-talloctalloc: fixes for sstate cache reuseRobert Yang2 months
wenzong/gst-plugins-badgstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: disable libssh2Wenzong Fan2 months
wenzong/imagemagickimagemagick: do not install magick-baseconfig.h repeatedlyWenzong Fan2 months
wenzong/libpam-bashlibpam / xtests: remove bash dependencyWenzong Fan2 months
wenzong/lsoflsof: fix LSOF_CCV in version.hWenzong Fan5 weeks
wenzong/ntpntp: fix path to driftfileWenzong Fan7 weeks
wenzong/ntp-fixntp: fix path to drift fileWenzong Fan7 weeks
wenzong/ntpd-statusntp: add status for initscriptWenzong Fan6 weeks
wenzong/rsnapshotrsnapshot: add new packageWenzong Fan8 weeks
wenzong/serfserf: 1.3.6 -> 1.3.8Wenzong Fan10 days
wenzong/shadow-pamshadow: fix pam configs for chpasswd, newusersHu2 weeks
wenzong/systemtapsystemtap: disable libvirtWenzong Fan2 months
wenzong/talloc-swigtalloc: fix swig dependenciesWenzong Fan3 months
wip-adminenableWIP: enabling the admin interfaceAlexandru DAMIAN5 months
xouyang/mastermtools: add glibc-gconv-* to RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDSXin Ouyang2 years
yshi/kernel_altimgkernel: Deploy KERNEL_ALT_IMAGETYPE and check it for uImageYang Shi4 months
yshi/kernel_altimg_v2oe-core/kernel: Deploy KERNEL_ALT_IMAGETYPE and check it for uImageYang Shi4 months
zedd/kern-toolskern-tools: fix do_patch errorsBruce Ashfield3 years
zedd/kernelkernel-yocto: fix branch validation for AUTOREV, non machine_meta kernelsBruce Ashfield7 weeks
zedd/kernel-aufslinux-yocto/3.8: qemumips graphical bootBruce Ashfield20 months
zedd/kernel-cleanuplinux-yocto: remove KBRANCH_DEFAULTBruce Ashfield8 months
zedd/kernel-devlinux-yocto/dev: introduce a development tracking recipeBruce Ashfield22 months
zedd/kernel-yoctometa-yocto: make 3.17 the preferred qemu kernel versionBruce Ashfield8 weeks
zedd/kerntools-dannykern-tools: refresh and make dash compliantBruce Ashfield19 months
zedd/kerntools-dylankern-tools: refresh and make dash compliantBruce Ashfield19 months
zedd/yocto-1.4-finalkern-tools: fix non-local patch/config locationBruce Ashfield20 months
zedd/yocto-1.4-fixeskern-tools: fix conditional configuration itemsBruce Ashfield20 months