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documentation.conf: remove obsolete variablemaxin/upgrades
PRINC is no longer used and removed from documentation: commit 7baadd86ee1386756e3bc3ef7fd02d5d1367068f Author: Scott Rifenbark <> Date: Mon May 18 09:25:51 2015 -0600 ref-manual: Removed PRINC entry from the glossary Signed-off-by: Maxin B. John <>
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diff --git a/meta/conf/documentation.conf b/meta/conf/documentation.conf
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--- a/meta/conf/documentation.conf
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@@ -334,7 +334,6 @@ PR[doc] = "The revision of the recipe. The default value for this variable is 'r
PREFERRED_PROVIDER[doc] = "If multiple recipes provide an item, this variable determines which recipe should be given preference."
PREFERRED_VERSION[doc] = "If there are multiple versions of recipes available, this variable determines which recipe should be given preference."
PREMIRRORS[doc] = "Specifies additional paths from which the OpenEmbedded build system gets source code."
-PRINC[doc] = "Causes the PR variable of .bbappend files to dynamically increment. This increment minimizes the impact of layer ordering. This variable defaults to '0'."
PRIORITY[doc] = "Indicates the importance of a package. The default value is 'optional'. Other standard values are 'required', 'standard' and 'extra'."
PROVIDES[doc] = "A list of aliases that a recipe also provides. These aliases are useful for satisfying dependencies of other recipes during the build as specified by DEPENDS."
PRSERV_HOST[doc] = "The network based PR service host and port."