BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
akuster/jethro-nextqemu: Security fix for CVE-2016-4037Armin Kuster28 hours
alimon/debug_times2busybox-syslog.default: When systemd is enabled don't use circular bufferAníbal Limón106 min.
hsalejandro/initramfs-udevinitramfs-live-boot: Make sure we kill udev before switching root when live b...Alejandro Hernandez23 hours
jhuang0/r_uprev-libssh_160727_0libssh2: upgrade to 1.7.0Jackie Huang11 hours
kangkai/attrattr: make ptest pass when selinux enabledKai Kang12 hours
maxin/upgradescmake: upgrade to 3.6.1Maxin B. John7 hours
sujith/add-import-of-layers-pointing-dir-9911toaster: collect details for local dir imported from uiSujith H13 hours
timo/krogoth-checkuri-10005at: use snapshot.debian.org for SRC_URITim Orling56 min.
timo/tcf-agent_1.4_neontcf-agent: update to 1.4_neon_bugfix branchTim Orling3 hours
zedd/kernellinux-yocto/4.4: mousedev and printk configuation streamliningBruce Ashfield2 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
35 hoursuclibc: remove meta-yocto-bsp appendHEADmasterRoss Burton3-139/+0
35 hoursdpkg: use snapshot.debian.org for SRC_URIRoss Burton2-15/+14
35 hoursbabeltrace: remove unnecessary SRCREVNathan Lynch1-2/+0
35 hoursrt-tests: rationalise compiler flagsRoss Burton2-6/+1
35 hoursrecipetool: record unknown license filesPaul Eggleton1-0/+10
35 hourslib/oe/recipeutils: fix patch_recipe*() with empty inputPaul Eggleton1-1/+1
35 hoursclasses/buildhistory: ensure eSDK sstate lists sorted secondarily by namePaul Eggleton1-2/+2
35 hoursclasses/buildhistory: add additional variables for eSDKPaul Eggleton1-1/+1
35 hoursclasses/populate_sdk_ext: add gdb to full extensible SDKPaul Eggleton1-1/+1
35 hoursclasses/populate_sdk_ext: filter sstate within the extensible SDKPaul Eggleton3-10/+106