BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dizzypoky.conf: Bump version for 1.7.3 dizzy releaseRichard Purdie2 years
fidoconf/local.conf.sample: comment out ASSUME_PROVIDED=libsdl-nativeRoss Burton17 months
jethropoky.conf: Bump version for 2.0.3 jethro releaseRobert Yang10 months
krogothpoky: Update version to 2.1.3Richard Purdie4 months
masterpoky: add debian-9 to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROSMartin Kelly9 days
master-nextbeaglebone: Find /boot partition on mmcblk0Drew Moseley8 days
master-next2selftest: Migrate systemd_boot test case to the new frameworkAníbal Limón4 months
mortylinux-yotoc/4.1: update to 4.1.43 plus CVE-2017-1000251Armin Kuster8 days
pyrolinux-yocto/4.1: generix86* bsp fix perf issue with gcc >=7Armin Kuster4 weeks
rockopoky: add debian-9 to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROSMartin Kelly9 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  yocto-2.1.tar.gz  yocto-2.1.tar.bz2  Tracy Graydon18 months  krogoth-15.0.0.tar.gz  krogoth-15.0.0.tar.bz2  Tracy Graydon18 months  yocto-1.6.3.tar.gz  yocto-1.6.3.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan2 years  daisy-11.0.3.tar.gz  daisy-11.0.3.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan2 years  yocto-1.7.2.tar.gz  yocto-1.7.2.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan2 years  yocto-1.8.tar.gz  yocto-1.8.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-05-25README.hardware: update installation instructions for beagleboardbernardDarren Hart1-16/+28
2011-05-07README.hardware: automate boot process for router station proDarren Hart1-0/+22
2011-05-07README.hardware: remove u-boot flashing instructions for mpc8315e-rdbPaul Eggleton1-26/+3
2011-05-05netbase: automatically bring up usb0 on BeagleBoard xMPaul Eggleton2-0/+30
2011-03-25README.hardware: add Freescale MPC8315E-RDB; other minor tweaksPaul Eggleton1-1/+69
2011-03-18README.hardware: update for 1.0 releasePaul Eggleton1-403/+170
2011-02-26Merge branch 'bernard' of ssh:// into bernard-1.0Beth Flanagan0-0/+0
2011-02-15README.hardware: update the beagleboard serial port documentationDarren Hart1-4/+12
2011-02-15Merge branch 'srifenbark/docs' of ssh:// Purdie0-0/+0
2011-02-09Merge branch 'jzhang/i686' of ssh:// Purdie0-0/+0