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-This README file contains information on building and booting
-meta-intel BSP layers. Please see the corresponding sections below
-for details.
-Yocto Project Compatible
-The BSPs contained in this layer are compatible with the Yocto Project
-as per the requirements listed here:
- https://www.yoctoproject.org/webform/yocto-project-compatible-registration
-This layer depends on:
- URI: git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake
- branch: 1.34
- URI: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core
- layers: meta
- branch: rocko
-Guidelines for submitting patches
-Please submit any patches against meta-dpdk to the meta-intel
-mailing list (meta-intel@yoctoproject.org). Also, if your patches are
-available via a public git repository, please also include a URL to
-the repo and branch containing your patches as that makes it easier
-for maintainers to grab and test your patches.
-There are patch submission scripts available that will, among other
-things, automatically include the repo URL and branch as mentioned.
-Please see the Yocto Project Development Manual sections entitled
-'Using Scripts to Push a Change Upstream and Request a Pull' and
-'Using Email to Submit a Patch' for details.
-Regardless of how you submit a patch or patchset, the patches should
-at minimum follow the suggestions outlined in the 'Submitting a Change
-to the Yocto Project' section in the Yocto Project Development Manual.
-Specifically, they should:
- - Include a 'Signed-off-by:' line. A commit can't legally be pulled
- in without this.
- - Provide a single-line, short summary of the change. This short
- description should be prefixed by the BSP or recipe name, as
- appropriate, followed by a colon. Capitalize the first character
- of the summary (following the colon).
- - For the body of the commit message, provide detailed information
- that describes what you changed, why you made the change, and the
- approach you used.
- - If the change addresses a specific bug or issue that is associated
- with a bug-tracking ID, include a reference to that ID in your
- detailed description in the following format: [YOCTO #<bug-id>].
- - Pay attention to line length - please don't allow any particular
- line in the commit message to stretch past 72 characters.
- - For any non-trivial patch, provide information about how you
- tested the patch, and for any non-trivial or non-obvious testing
- setup, provide details of that setup.
-Doing a quick 'git log' in meta-intel will provide you with many
-examples of good example commits if you have questions about any
-aspect of the preferred format.
-The meta-intel maintainers will do their best to review and/or pull in
-a patch or patchset within 24 hours of the time it was posted. For
-larger and/or more involved patches and patchsets, the review process
-may take longer.
-Please see the meta-intel/MAINTAINERS file for the list of maintainers
-and their specific areas; it's also a good idea to cc: the specific
-maintainer, if applicable.